15 Best Video Editing Apps for iPhone

Best Video Editing Apps for iPhone

iPhones are capable of doing extremely demanding tasks as their power continuously increases.

We’ve compiled a list of the best video editing apps for iPhone. We can now even record 4K videos using the cameras on these devices.

With all of these features, iPhones are very competent in managing both recording and editing videos.

The A16 Bionic CPU utilized in the newest iPhone 14 Pro rivals the performance of the Intel and AMD chips found in modern computers.

In addition to recording videos, your iPhone can also edit and publish them. In light of this, we’ve compiled a list of the top 15 iPhone video editing apps for 2022, so you can create your polished content. 

We have chosen several video editing apps for iOS, considering various interests. Others are set up to streamline the entire video-editing process by utilizing many eye-catching filters and real-time effects.

At the same time, some are more focused on providing expertly-crafted tools for pro-level video editing.

Therefore, even if filmmaking isn’t your thing, you can still make captivating films that garner plenty of TikTok likes or generate discussion on your Instagram page. 

Thanks to the continued development and advancement of the mobile APP function, operations that were previously only possible on the computer side—such as video segmentation, picture-in-picture video production, and video cropping—can now be completed quickly on the mobile terminal. 

Whatever type of video you intend to make, edit, and generate, there is a solution to suit your requirements and financial constraints.

Which of these best video editing apps for iPhone appeals to your creative side is the only query. 

1. Inshot Video Editor 

One of the top iPhone video editing and slideshow apps is called InShot. Powerful, simple to use, and free!

The basic video editing program has been improved, and InShot offers features like cut, canvas, filter, audio, stickers, speed, background, text, rotation, and flip, among others.

Even for software beginners, Inshot’s robust video photo editing tools make it simple. Inshot also offers music add-on tools to enhance your movies’ richness and vibrancy.

Additionally, the Inshot software now includes text subtitles and emoticons, making creating your video picture effects simple. 

Your videos can be uploaded to social networking apps and exported in HD formats of 1080p and 720p. Even though using it is free, you must spend $2.99 to remove ads and watermarks. 

2. Lumafashion 

Regarding video editing, LumaFusion’s feature set is unsurpassed by any other iPhone software. This list’s only app is exclusively paid for. Every dollar is used carefully.

The software is used by YouTubers, mobile journalists, and professional video producers who want to avoid traveling with a heavy camera and editing gear. 

One of LumaFusion’s unique selling points is the UI. The software has a professional appearance and is free of annoying pop-ups and advertisements.

The ability to edit videos in portrait and landscape orientations is the aspect of LumaFusion that I love the best.

It is also easy and trouble-free to move between the two modes. It is helpful that the program supports a variety of video aspect ratios, including landscape, portrait, square, cinematic, and more. 

LumaFusion offers up to six audio and video tracks for narration, music, and sound effects and an additional six for images, videos, audio, titles, and graphics.

Additionally, a magnetic timeline is included, which makes editing imported video relatively straightforward.

It is possible to stack a variety of transitions and effects. Not to mention, it offers a selection of free sound effects and music.

If you need an excellent iPhone video editing tool, LumaFusion is a must-have. 

3. iMovie 

Next on our list of best video editing apps for iPhone is iMovie. Each iPhone comes with a vast number of pre-installed apps.

One Apple program that is frequently used is the video editor iMovie. The prevalence of this app is partly because it is present on almost all Apple devices. 

But iMovie has managed to maintain a following by offering straightforward editing capabilities and a user-friendly interface.

iMovie could be a breath of fresh air if you’ve suffered in the past with too complicated editing software. 

Every brand-new Apple gadget comes with this video editor for free. It has no in-app purchases, which may provide users some peace of mind when using it. And even better, iMovie gives you access to many cool tools and effects. 

This program is simple to use and master, thanks to its user-friendly design. It is frequently as easy as tapping the + icon and selecting an audio file from your list of saved audio files to add an audio track to your movie. 

You merely need to touch and drag to change the placements of your songs. iMovie is undoubtedly the most affordable and functional video editing program for iPhone and iPad owners. But there are other choices available. 

4. Videoshop 

Videoshop is a very useful video editing program that lets users quickly and easily modify their videos. Different video effects, filters, and music are supported.

Additionally, it can alter playback speed. After it is complete, one button can advance production. Additionally, many social applications can be shared.

5. Adobe Premier Rush 

Adobe Premier Rush is one of the best video editing apps for iPhone. It is one of the major participants in the video editing industry.

Users were, therefore, pleased when Adobe created the Premiere Rush mobile app for video editing.

You can add animations, music, and editing features to Premiere Rush to make your video more unique. 

To assist you in effectively editing films, Premiere Rush’s timeline view features a split view and picture-in-picture mode for those who desire the freedom to handle numerous video tracks. 

With this program, you can quickly change the video thumbnail and resize films to different aspect ratios.

In addition, Premier Rush is cross-platform, so in addition to iOS, you can use it on Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. 

6. KineMaster 

KineMaster’s simplicity is one of its most enticing features. There are only a few editing tools and settings, but the icons are big and easy to see.

Some people could find this simplistic style constrictive, while others would find it liberating. KineMaster can be an excellent place to start if you’re new to video editing.

However, you will have to deal with unexpected adverts. Additionally, this software allows for in-app purchases, which may irritate some users. 

With this program, you may combine many tracks and effects. Want to add a sticker to your friend’s video? It is possible with KineMaster. 

However, because there aren’t many options for layering effects, filters, and tracks, this tool isn’t the ideal choice for professional-level video editors. In conclusion, KineMaster is a good entry point into film editing. 

However, you might discover that you finish it in weeks or months. Several excellent video editing tools are available for people of various ability levels, so don’t worry! 

7. Magisto Video Editor 

One of the best video editing apps for iPhone now on the market is Magisto’s most recent iteration.

You may stitch your movies and photographs together to create a stunning movie even if you don’t have any video clips. This application can make any boring video more fascinating. 

With the music of your choice, cool visuals, and amazing effects, Magisto video editing and authoring tools transform your video clips and photographs into highly customizable movies in only a few minutes. Most importantly, the tool is free to download. 

8. Splice 

GoPro, the manufacturer of some of the best action cameras in the world, also makes Splice, a video editor. To edit your movies and photographs into a movie, you can import them into the program.

The software’s operation is straightforward: you import the films you wish to modify and highlight the highlights, or highlights, as the app refers to them.

After adding music, the software automatically clips the entire video based on your notable highlights. 

The video can then be cropped and enhanced with text and effects. Altering the transitions between two Highlights is another option.

The movie can even be saved to your camera roll. Try the software on your iPhone if you want a straightforward yet effective video editor. 

9. VideoProc Vlogger 

VideoProc Vlogger is also one of the best video editing apps for iPhone. Getting the hang of a new free video editor can take some time.

However, if you have a practical step-by-step manual, you can get ahead of the learning curve. 

Although using VideoProc Vlogger has several advantages, we must commend the user-friendly guide for beginners.  

Digiarty Software has perfected customer service over more than ten years in business, and it shows. The pinnacle of a video editing program is VideoProc Vlogger.

Need to edit HD/4K, 60fps, HDR, or HEVC videos from an iPhone? No issue! That is where VideoProc Vlogger can help. 

Even better, users may upload and edit HD films much more quickly than ever before, thanks to the innovative design of the VideoProc program. Why take hours to edit a 30-minute video when you can finish it quickly? 

 10. FilmMaker Pro 

A capable mobile phone video editing program called Filmmaker Pro allows users to remove watermarks and runs completely watermark-free.

It is quite thorough and professional. This is a full-featured, professional video editing and recording application with a camera.

It is from the producer’s ProCam 4 app, which has won numerous accolades. Utilize the sophisticated yet user-friendly camera settings in Filmmaker Pro to take the ideal movie.

You can then enhance your work by adding transitions, filters, audio tracks, narration, text overlays, and more. 

11. Filmora Go 

Next on our list of best video editing apps for iPhone is Filmora Go. Undoubtedly, FilmoraGo is among the greatest watermark-free free video editors for iPhones. It has an intuitive user interface and is accessible for both iPhones and Android devices.

The finest iPhone video editor for beginners is FilmoraGo, which provides themed filters and effects to give your videos flair with little work. 

FilmoraGo offers several distinctive features, such as templates you can use for your videos and visual effects the program refers to as “Materials.”

However, remember that FilmoraGo Pro is the only way to access Materials. Other than that, this place has all the standard features. 

You can add titles, stickers, and filters to your movies, as well as background music. In picture-in-picture mode, there is also the ability to add another clip, which is helpful.

I suggest FilmoraGo to anyone searching for a robust video editor that is simple for novices. 

12. Quik 

You might wish to utilize Quik to edit if most of your film was shot with a GoPro camera. Although you may use it to edit videos on your iPhone or Android device, it is made to work with GoPro footage. 

Although some in-app purchases and a premium subscription service are available, this app is free.

Nevertheless, the free edition has all the essential editing tools required, including more than 20 filters and almost 12 themes. 

You must upgrade to the premium options if you want to include background music or more audio tracks. The same is valid for several more advanced capabilities, such as slow-motion effects. 

Because of this, we advise Quik to novice editors. However, you may benefit from unlimited editing and entertaining effects if you are okay with paying for the GoPro Quik app. 

However, Quik’s editing interface is relatively easy to use, even with the premium edition. Filmmakers looking to create videos of a professional caliber may choose a software editor that supports track stacking and other cutting-edge effects. 

13. Enlight Videoleap 

Next on our list of best video editing apps for iPhone is Enlight Videoleap. Enlight from Lightricks has long been a standout iOS video editor, undoubtedly one of my faves.

I won’t pass up this opportunity, then. The ability to create different types of videos distinguishes this video editor from the competition.

So whether you want to create a humorous film with lots of silly components or a dramatic video with Hollywood-style twists, chances are it will fit inside your billing. 

Enlight’s collection of effects is really good for individuals who enjoy instant effects because they come in a variety.

Additionally, it performs fairly well in the filters category, which could be important for getting a video a lot of attention on social media.

In addition to filters, the program allows you to edit layers using masking, transformation, and even blending modes to create a polished movie. 

14. VSCO 

You may remember VSCO as a fantastic photo editor, but in 2017, the business introduced video editing features to the main VSCO app.

With VSCO, you have the photo editor presets and technical controls for changing the white balance, saturation, and other factors. 

Nevertheless, it is important to remember that the video editing software from VSCO is not cost-free. To utilize the app’s video editor, you must purchase a VSCO Membership, which costs $1.67/month or $19.99/year. 

15. Apple Clips 

Last on our list of best video editing apps for iPhone is Apple Clips. Users who want to create amusing clips for their friends and family should use Apple Clips.

Apple Clips is the greatest iPhone video editing software if you’re seeking a tool that will enable you to quickly and effortlessly make films with animated text, effects, and more. 

Your films can also include music, emoticons, stickers, and other things. It’s a great software for making silly short videos or sending video messages.

Because it lacks complex features like multi-track video editing, chroma key, LUT filters, and other features found in software like Premiere Rush and Kinemaster Pro, it is obvious that this is not a professional tool. 

The App Store has many options if you’re searching for a simple way to make entertaining films. You must be able to choose the best one.

If you’re new to video editing, choose a free option. If you already have some experience, try the paid options instead. 

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