10 Best Video Editing Apps for Windows 11

Best Video Editing Apps for Windows 11

You might be looking for the best video editing apps for windows 11 to bring your video editing ideas out.

In 2023, bringing your ideas to reality does not require you to be an experienced video editor.

Surprisingly, ninety percent of business owners and marketers continue to believe that video editing is an extremely complicated field.

Either they outsource the process, which will increase their costs by a factor of four, or they abandon the concept of generating videos altogether, which will cause them to miss out on a powerful promotional tool.

To our good fortune, there are always more choices. This post provides a rundown of the best video editing apps for windows 11 from which you can select.

Software and browser-based video editors are what you can find in the Windows 11 operating system. Examine the following material and choose which video editor for Windows 11 to use.

Best Video Editing Apps for Windows 11

1. Adobe Premiere Pro

When discussing the best video editing apps for windows 11, it is imperative to mention Adobe Premiere Pro, an extensive and professional-grade digital video editing package.

Adobe Premiere Pro provides the tools necessary to do even the most fundamental video editing tasks.

The issue is that one can need help learning how to use this software. You can face challenges when figuring out how to use all of its features and functions.

The powerful features of Adobe Premiere Pro are the program’s strongest selling point. Adobe Premiere Pro’s more advanced tools, like Multicam editing and 3D editing, lend themselves well to producing high-quality animations.

In addition, the functionality of this application can be expanded using third-party plug-ins, which you can download from the application’s website.

2. Lightworks

Do you have the need to create videos with a cinematic feel? Then you should choose Lightworks!

It has been assisting creators, ranging from Oscar-winning Hollywood legends to regular people on YouTube, in producing various videos for the past 30 years.

It is free to use for the first week, but after that, you will need to pay to upgrade to the paid edition of the application to access all of its features.

After downloading the settings and setting them up, you will notice the four steps above: Log, Edit, VFX, and Audio, respectively.

You are required to upload any media resources on the Log page. You can now upload resources from various cloud storage services, including Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, and more.

The ability to cut, trim and alter the layer of the resources in the Edit area. You’ll find special effects like filters and color correction in the VFX and audio sections. The entire process of editing is streamlined and straightforward.

Another useful feature of Lightworks is its Automated Quality Control, which you can access right from the editor. This is a really convenient feature.

You can raise the quality of your video with only a few clicks. The people who make movies and broadcasts benefit quite a bit from this.

Nevertheless, while you are exporting, you might find it strange to discover that even the pro edition only permits you to export video in 1080P resolution. There is currently no support for 4K videos.

3. Kdenlive

Kdenlive is among the best video editing apps for windows 11 video editor available for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.

It provides users with the tools necessary to make films that range from the most basic to the most advanced levels on YouTube.

Kdenlive’s capabilities include multi-track editing, audio volume adjustment, video snap, marker editing, editing of captions, audio mixer, color analyzer, keyframes, and many more.

In general, there are no excessively complex tools; starting out may take you many hours to find out how to use the application.

However, it is possible to learn it independently by providing distinct workspaces for each section.

Its track number can be considered its most significant deficiency. When editing, you are only allowed to add two video tracks and two audio tracks in total.

When dealing with effects, this software may occasionally freeze for no apparent reason. Additionally, this program uses a lot of CPU resources, which causes the computer to run slowly and get hot.

4. Windows 11 Video Editor

Suppose you’re using a computer running Windows 11. In that case, you don’t need to look elsewhere for the best video editing apps for windows 11 because Microsoft has already included one on your computer.

It contains a set of editing tools that are built into the operating system, and its clutter-free and simplistic user interface are the primary factors that contribute to it holding such a high position on our list.

There is a title card option, dynamic text styles, a decently substantial soundtrack library, and basic video effects that are all included in the package.

These elements are precisely what a newbie would require in their toolkit. Suppose you want to stitch together a few photographs or clips and feel overwhelmed by the UI of more heavy-duty editing platforms.

In that case, Windows 11 may be the best video editing for PC that you will find. If this describes you, continue reading.

5. Clipchamp

One of the video editors in Windows 11 is also the popular, Clipchamp, which can be accessed through.

There is some truth to the rumor that Microsoft has acquired Clipchamp and plans to integrate it into Windows 10.

Clipchamp is an online video editor for Windows 11 that, in contrast to other online video editors that may restrict users’ access to sophisticated capabilities, enables anyone to utilize all of its editing features while restricting access to its stock library and template collection.

There is an explanation for why this behavior is occurring. Clipchamp is limited to simply offering extremely fundamental functions such as clipping and adding text.

The consequences aren’t all that significant. There are more than thirty filters that consumers can choose from. The graphic overlays need to go farther into the text.

The funny thing is that free users only get access to 11 of the available background music soundtracks. At the same time, business-level subscribers have access to 21 more.

The slow rate of exporting is something else that we will discuss. When compared to its main competition, Clipchamp’s export time for any job is significantly longer.

Clipchamp is different than the tool to use if you want to create a lengthy video.

6. Kapwing

Kapwing is a web-based content creation platform and video editor that enables users of varying degrees of expertise to share their stories through the medium of video. Millions of content creators currently utilize Kapwing to produce their films every month.

The most important aspects of Kapwing are its editing capabilities, which include functions like chopping, rotating, changing the size of the clips, breaking them up, looping, and special effects such as transitions, filters, and auto subtitles.

The social sharing function is one of the most useful features that people consider among the best video editing apps for windows 11.

After you have finished creating your video, you are free to upload it directly to any of your social media platforms.

The majority of individuals adore the auto-subtitle option as well. It is possible to make subtitles in any language and embed them in the video using this tool.

However, please keep in mind the potential for Kapwing to come with bugs. Failure to load screen records, inability to sync music and other similar issues are common types of defects.

7. VSDC Video Editor

Free, non-linear video editing software for Windows that goes by the name of VSDC video editor. It is easy for novices and more experienced users on a tight budget.

People adore VSDC not just because it is free but also because of its powerful tools. You must know that we are discussing really powerful technologies, such as motion tracking, limitless video tracks, chroma key, color wheel, and VR, and that you are getting all these features for free.

It is readily apparent that VSDC has some limitations. The user interface could use some refinement. When you first run VSDC after downloading it, you could get the impression that this is an old video editing software.

In point of fact, the VSDC team modifies it regularly. Additionally, no video preview fills the entire screen, nor is there any background music.

8. OpenShot

OpenShot is a free video editing software packed with functionality yet user-friendly enough for beginners to grasp. It is one of the finest video editing software for PC.

It remains one of the best video editing apps for windows 11 overall. Because it is also open source, OpenShot is an extremely user-friendly piece of video editing software.

The user interface is quite straightforward and uncluttered, and it extensively uses icons. As you advance farther along the path of video editing, it provides you with various options and tools that come in helpful at certain points.

Suppose you are working on a project that does not require extremely complex changes or a large number of visual effects. In that case, this may be a wonderful alternative for you to consider.

9. Shotcut

One of the free video editing apps available is Shotcut; it works with both Windows and Mac computers. It is a video editor that is open-source and works across platforms, and it supports native editing.

Consider features such as support for 4K resolution, an easy-to-use interface with objects you can drag and drop, and multi-format timelines that let you combine different resolutions and frame rates within a single project.

It offers a wide variety of video wipe transitions and a great color wheel that makes it possible to make color adjustments professionally.

10. Pinnacle Studio

Pinnacle Studio is yet another one of the best video editing apps for windows 11. It is a video editor designed for professionals.

It includes features such as video masking, editing with multiple cameras, color grading, screen recording, controls for keyframes, smart object tracking, motion tracking, 360-degree video editing, blend modes, alpha channel, and many more.

This robust video editor has many editing capabilities that make it possible for you to modify various aspects of your movie, including its speed, size, effect, and so on.

When it comes to creating a video that appears to have been produced by a professional, you have access to more than a hundred different transitions, filters, special effects, presets, and 3D titles.

Pinnacle Studio is not a free program, but it does come in three different versions: Standard, Plus, and Ultimate.


And with that, we conclude by compilating the best video editing apps for windows 11. Whether you are new to editing or have been doing it for years, these options provide you with a great deal of leeway in terms of the functionality and build of your editor.

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