10 Best Video Player for Windows 11

Best Video Player for Windows 11

From working to getting entertained, you will always come across different videos with distinctive file formats.

It’s sometimes so annoying not to be able to play the video because the file format shows constant errors or when the video player can’t play it smoothly. Not every video player can offer a smooth and seamless experience. 

This is when we come into the picture; in this article, we have gathered the top 10 best video player for windows 11. Let’s dive in to find out what they are!

Top Video Player for Windows 11

1. VLC Media Player

  • Founder: Jean Baptiste-Kempf
  • What makes it stand out: Ad-free platform and supports all file formats

The VLC Media Player is known to be a combination of both open-source and cross-platform multimedia players.

On top of that, it supports the compression of videos. As a user, you can play any files from the discs and webcams and even stream easily on the video player. 

The platform is quite famous and supports all file formats, including WMV, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, and H.264.

The owner profusely ignored a million euros just so the application could remain ad-free for users. Additionally, you also get a video filtration feature that helps you decode videos without any trouble. 

2. 5K Player

  • Founder: DearMob Inc. 
  • What makes it stand out: Supports AirPlay and DLNA Wireless

Another best video player for windows 11 is the 5K Player, which is quite famous for its default codec library.

The player is quite powerful and has GPU acceleration. Not just this, but the software also has an HD and 4K Video player for excellent streaming for users. 

5K Player supports multiple formats, such as MPEG, WMV, FLV, WEBM, and MP4. The best part is all of it free to use.

Using the application, you can conveniently stream all the media files as it supports AirPlay and DLNA Wireless. Now play ultra-definition clips easily without worrying about the pixels getting ruined. 

3. KM Player

  • Founder: Kang Yong-Huee
  • What makes it stand out: Plays your damaged and corrupted video files

KM Player was first created by Kang Yong-Huee and later taken over by Pandora TV. The media player is basic but offers the comfort of easy usage.

The web player will impress you as it supports mainstream video and audio formats. According to your preference, you can also add external codecs. 

It also has a video capture feature that allows users to take screenshots while watching videos and save them as a JPG file.

It also enables you to play even damaged and corrupted video files without difficulty. You can also play DVDs and Blu-Ray Discs on it quite easily. 

4. PotPlayer

  • Founder: Kang Yong-Huee
  • What makes it stand out: Plays 3D and 360-degree videos

Are you searching for a video player that allows you to watch all your favorite 3D movies and 360-degree videos? The PotPlayer is a media player that was developed by a South Korean Internet Company.

Since the media players support 3D players, it also supports various 3D glasses for the ultimate experience. 

The added features include Direct3D9Ex Flip Mode and Overlay Support. This player is compatible with not only your Windows 11 but also your TV, HDTV, and DVD.

The PotPlayer and other features also support many subtitle formats such as SRT, SMI, DVD, and Blu-Ray. 

5. GOM Player

  • Founder: GOM and Company 
  • What makes it stand out: Offers impressive features

GOM Player is another best video player for Windows 11. It offers features such as screen capture, speed control, video/audio effects, A-B repeat, and more. This video player is a practical codec finder with a simple user interface. 

It supports 360-degree video views and is very minimal but comes with unlimited features. It also supports file formats such as AVI, MKV, MOV, MPG, and MP4. 

6. QuickLook

  • Founder: Ben Ferns
  • What makes it stand out: Quick preview of videos, photos, and music

The name describes all that the name suggests and more. It allows quick and easy previews of the files anywhere on your computer and is available on both macOS and Windows 11.

The application runs in the background and provides a quick preview; you just have to highlight the file and press the spacebar. This will launch the video on your screens. 

It supports all the mainstream video formats. Quicklook is perfect for not only videos, but you can also preview your images and music and even document your essential files. The user interface is exceptionally clean and very easy to use. 

7. PowerDVD

  • Founder: CyberLink by Jau Huang
  • What makes it stand out: Offers 8K Resolution and cloud storage

It is media-playing software compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows. You can watch videos with up to 8K Resolution media content, ensuring users get excellent cinematic audio and video experience. It also allows users to download videos to use offline. 

With PowerDVD, you can share media through the software quite quickly, and it also has a cloud storage option that can save 40 HD movies. So if you are a movie enthusiast, this software is for you.

The video formats must include HEVC, AVC, and XAVC-S, all of which are high-definition videos and offer impressive playback. Now manage your library, including music, DVD movies, audio, and videos. 

8. MediaMonkey

  • Founder: Ventis Media Inc.
  • What makes it stand out: Manages and allows playback of 100,000+ files 

The MediaMonkey is another premium quality best video player for Windows 11. It will enable all users to download, record, and listen to movies and podcasts.

Users get an advantage with the plug-ins. It can also be used on mobile OS: Android and iOS devices. Now play premium experience with high-quality video and audio on your Home stereo, TV, and other devices. 

MediaMonkey also allows you to manage 100,000+ media and audio files. You can organize the media on your devices easily.

Now get a chance to share files between your Android, Apple, and Windows devices. You can also change the audio and video formats according to consumer demand. 

9. KODI Player

  • Founder: XBMC Foundation
  • What makes it stand out: Open source software for home theater 

Kodi Player is undoubtedly the best video player for windows 11. The software is free to use and also allows the streaming of sports. It is a very compatible tool and also efficient in its work.

Additionally, it has software that is open source and can be used for your home theaters too. The Kodi Players support various file formats, including MIDI, WavPack, and AAC, for audio, MP4, and real-time videos.

It is a multi-purpose software used for video playing, playing games, and recording live TV, and you can also use it for browsing. 

10. MPV Player

  • Founder: Vincent Lang 
  • What makes it stand out: Allows scripting and supports various media types

MPV is another high-quality, newly launched best video player for Windows 11. The platform is open-source and free, and it is famous because it supports various media types, including the VAAPI and DXVA2. The interface is average, but users still get the basic video controlling options. 

The best thing about using MPV is its very simple and effective use, and it does not consume ample space in your devices. Furthermore, it also supports scripting like Lua Script and JavaScript. 


We have listed multiple options. Now, you can pick the best video player for Windows 11 according to your preferences.

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