12 Best Voice Chat Apps for Android

Best Voice Chat Apps for Android

Voice chat apps promise to break down obstacles to communication in any business. The best voice chat apps for Android transform communication.  

Whether you use them for playing with friends, conducting business, or communicating across long distances with family, these apps will give you the best performance.  

Online gaming and remote communication have reached entirely new heights with the advent of features like real-time text and voice chat.

If you’re a player, you can presume that you understand the significance of teamwork in achieving gaming success. 

Even while the majority of multiplayer games these days allow for audio communication between players, most need to be revised and need the newest features, such as noise cancellation. 

If you’re a player, you can presume that you understand the significance of teamwork in achieving gaming success.

Even while the majority of multiplayer games these days allow for audio communication between players, most need to be revised and need the newest features, such as noise cancellation. 

Depending on your preferences, you can use voice chat apps to communicate with your friends via audio, video, and even conference calls. You may transfer files with many voice chat services. 

The best voice chat app for gaming enables users to view and converse via voice and video chat while playing.

As an extra feature, the gaming voice chat lets you speak by text, voice, or video chat and offers games (PUBG, Fortnite, and Call of Duty) as the primary function. 

If you’re looking for the best voice chat apps for Android, this article is for you.  

1. Discord 

For gamers, Discord is one of the best voice chat apps for Android.

The app facilitates voice and text communication between users and other Discord group members. 

Gamers have the option to set up a server and invite friends. Players can download the app or use the service straight on the web.

As it can be accessed over the web, players may easily connect to servers and start chatting. 

Discord has many features. Discord can be used as an in-game overlay, and users can design their hotkeys. 

The overlay feature is quite helpful since it enables users to seamlessly communicate with all of the Discord users they are speaking with in addition to the game they are now playing

Additionally, you can add bots to add other functionalities. 

It’s simple to turn up the volume for those you wish to listen to and down for others because the service lets users customize unique volume levels for other users. 

Discord is the winner when you combine that with its minimal resource and bandwidth use.

In addition, Discord protects your server against IP and DDoS attacks, so you don’t have to worry about that. 

2. Mumble 

Mumble is one of the best voice chat apps for Android and is a strong rival to Discord.

It guarantees reduced latency and delivers superb sound quality to customers. 

Additionally, these two characteristics work well together to satisfy their clients.

Users on Mumble may locate and join servers based on their interests, and all communication is continuously encrypted. 

Its robust client-server design and support for up to 100 users simultaneously make it an excellent choice for group audio chat apps for companies with global personnel distribution or for a distributed gaming team. 

Because of the Mumble voice API, the app has strong data security measures.

The app’s simple interconnection makes it a great option for businesses looking to expand their virtual channels. 

This is an excellent voice chat tool for gamers and small businesses because servers may be hosted or rented based on needs. 

3. TeamSpeak 3 

Opus codec video game groups are the target audience for TeamSpeak 3.

Because its robust administrative control permission system allows you to choose the required level of control and manage your servers, it is the best voice chat app available. 

Groups are used to group permissions. One user can control the channel, and another can control the server.

This makes community management easier by enabling high-quality audio or chat messages. 

The server’s 32-user restriction can be raised to 512 users with a non-commercial license.

For server-level AES encryption, specialized chats, or communication synchronization, TeamSpeak 3 provides a quick file transfer system. 

You can pay for hosting, join any server, or set up TeamSpeak independently. Numerous settings pertain to the design, themes, sound packages, and peripheral overlays. 

Add to this the ability to use the program offline or on a local network and the fully customizable user interface. 

4. Element 

With its sleek appearance, Element attracts attention right away.

Using the program, you can chat with friends indefinitely for free via audio and video conferences. 

Thus, you can devise plans with your friends using your favorite chat app and then carry them out to destroy competitors in intense cooperative games. 

Using the fairly simple file-sharing tool, you can exchange essential data with your friends.

You can maintain organization because several useful file management solutions are readily available. 

The app provides timely reminders about important items so you pay attention to everything.

In addition, Element is a cross-platform, open-source application. 

You can use this voice chat program to freely connect with friends on any platform, including Windows, iOS, and Android.

Thanks to end-to-end encryption, your messages are protected from prying eyes. 

5. Steam Chat 

Steam Chat is next on our list of the best voice chat apps for Android.

The Steam Chat app is a feature of the video play distribution service Steam that lets users talk to friends and peers. 

The voice chat software, primarily created for PCs, is simple to use after users log into the Steam website.

Moreover, Steam is now a serious rival of Discord because of recent changes to the voice chat API. 

Following the release of mobile apps in 2018, users voted it the top voice chat app available for iOS and Android.

Steam has been working to keep its chat app’s features plentiful and user-friendly while enhancing its architecture and style. 

The highest data encryption standards are used to encrypt calls completely.

Users can utilize audio chat with just a browser without any installation required. 

The interface and the voice call capability are simple to use and explore, and it’s a top group audio chat program mostly made for gamers. 

6. Skype 

One of the most established free audio chat alternatives to GoToMeeting provides a wide range of platforms.

The likelihood is high that the individual you are attempting to contact has already installed Skype and is acquainted with it. 

When using Skype during gaming, users can drag pals into a group or team chat and make calls while the program runs.

You can make free audio or video calls to any other user using Skype’s basic capabilities. 

After paying for this, you can purchase Skype credits to make inexpensive international calls. Skype is always enhancing its products with new features. 

7. Rune 

One of the best voice chat apps for Android is Rune. Indeed, Rune is a potent voice chat program made specifically for gamers and is also available for Android users. 

With your smartphone, you may play any Android game, create teams, communicate with them, plan your attack, and do much more.

Along with supporting stickers and other awesome features, it also allows text chatting. 

If, for some reason, the well-known service isn’t functioning for you, this is among the greatest Discord substitutes that you can utilize. 

The best aspect is that you can find partners that speak the same language as you and build different teams depending on your style of play. 

Not to add, iPhone users can join the voice chat and play games alongside the voice chat in the background since Rune is also accessible for iOS.

Overall, Rune is a great option if you’re looking for an Android app for voice chat while playing games. 

8. NuovoTeam 

Businesses utilize voice and video calling apps called NuovoTeam to connect and track their field-based workers for project-related concerns. 

NuovoTeam, marketed as a “push” to talk option, is a cross-platform application that functions similarly to a conventional walkie-talkie on smartphones and tablets but lacks a voice call SDK or voice API. 

It is also an excellent audio chat app for Android and Windows devices, and it works best with iOS devices and specially designed robust products. 

NuovoTeam facilitates file transfers, encrypts communications, and enhances team member cooperation.

With a single button click, users can engage with a single person or group thanks to its straightforward layout. 

Completely compatible with a large number of mobile and WiFi networks. NuovoTeam, which can track an employee’s location, is used by employees to clock in. 

9. Google Hangouts 

Another of the best voice chat apps for Android is Google Hangouts. Many people, particularly tech-savvy gamers, already have Google accounts. 

Although Google Hangouts is commonly considered an advanced video conferencing tool, it can also be used for conference calls and gaming while wearing headphones. 

This group voice chat tool lets you make free video calls to other video meeting users.

Additionally, video conferences can be held with a maximum of ten people. 

After identifying them, Google Hangouts automatically transitions to the individual currently the primary speaker. 

Users can continue the audio discussion while sharing only their desktop or window.

Any video meeting can be streamed to an infinite number of people using a YouTube link or your Google+ profile. 

10. Ventrilo 

Ventrilo is number ten on our list of the best voice chat apps for Android. One of the best free audio chat apps with minimal latency is Ventrilo

It is designed with gamers in mind, is extremely light, and operates in the background.

Ventrilo can be rented or run on your connection using a client-server architecture. A lot of game hosting companies also provide Ventrilo servers. 

The app’s primary use is VoIP communication, but it also has an integrated text chat feature.

When a user doesn’t want to speak or doesn’t have a microphone around, this is an excellent alternative. 

11. Viber 

The cross-platform VoIP and instant messaging program Viber supports voice, video, and text messaging. 

Viber is the most demanding participant in the market, with over a billion users. It provides Viber users with a free group video call and chat feature. 

However, there is a little cost if you wish to call other Viber users’ phone numbers. It offers several fantastic features, such as emoticons and hidden messages. 

Never request a username and password to register. Within the Viber family, there are limitless free text, phone, and video calls. It permits the sending of images and GPS coordinates. 

12. Overtone 

Overtone is the last on our list of the best voice chat apps for Android.

This app is a hosted solution that is simple to integrate and operate and is compatible with all game engines and platforms

One of the greatest integrated audio chat systems, Vivox, is its foundation. Popular video games like League of Legends, PUB G, and Fortnite use overtones. 

This platform offers two distinct communication channels and considers pushing social features for its customers. 

Teams can consist of any number of members, while voice chat groups can have up to 64 participants.

This free program has all the necessary functionality, including voice and text chat. 


These apps are some of the best voice chat apps for Android users.

Whether you’re looking for a free app to join your gaming group or an app to make conference calls with friends, these apps will help you stay in touch. 

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