10 Best Voice Chat Apps for Gamers

Best Voice Chat Apps for Gamers

This post will go through the best voice chat apps for gamers that meet the needs of online gamers.

You might come upon a few unexpected ideas you hadn’t explored before.

Online games such as Fortnite, PUBG, and World of Warcraft require real-time communication between players.

A dependable voice chat software with the appropriate capabilities can enhance your game experience.

It’s easier to cooperate with teammates and more enjoyable to talk informally when loading screens.

There are a plethora of apps to pick from!

Best Voice Chat Apps for Gamers

1. Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is a phone call platform developed for sophisticated commercial video conferences.

Although this is the most common application of Google Hangouts, many gamers use it to talk while playing together because of the good speech quality.

Many people already have a Google account, which is all a person needs. You can launch the conversation from your email page or browser.

You can use Google Hangouts to create high-quality video calls with up to ten other users.

It is unnecessary to use push to talk or to silence your microphone. Google will detect the primary speaker at the time and prioritize that user.

You can share your screen with Google Hangouts while the audio conference continues uninterrupted.

You can broadcast your gaming via a Google+ profile or a YouTube link.

All live meetings will be on record as YouTube videos, which you may share with your friends and audience or retain for personal use.

2. Skype

Old gamers will recall using Skype to communicate with their buddies while playing games. Skype has since fallen out of favor with the gaming community.

However, it is still possible, particularly if you can make audio and video calls, share files and your screen, and collaborate on projects with the other team members.

The encouraging news is that a significant number of the people with whom you would be of interest in communicating already have Skype.

You should not utilize this chat program if your pals are new to gaming but are familiar with it.

You can create a group chat with your pals, but remember that Skype only permits up to ten individuals in one group session.

With these features, people consider it the best voice chat app for gamers.

3. Element

Among the best voice chat apps for gamers is Element. The use of Element is gaining more and more popularity, especially among gamers.

In the end, everything boils down to the truth that this is a free audio and video conferencing tool, its source code is open source, and its design is cutting edge.

All calls and chats conducted through this program will have end-to-end encryption applied to them, thereby protecting the confidentiality of your conversations and the files you share.

Matrix is a communication protocol that adheres to open industry standards, and a person can use Element’s development.

This protocol allows Element to interface with a wide range of Matrix services, including Facebook, WhatsApp, and bots.

Element simplifies the process of file sharing. This system provides you with several different file management solutions, which will assist you in maintaining an orderly environment.

There is even an alert system that you can customize to remind you of the things most significant to you and the gaming team you are a part of.

4. NuovoTeam

NuovoTeam is a good alternative for professional or dedicated gamers who need messaging software.

It was designed for firms needing to track their freelancing workers. The program communicates, tracks productivity, and manages the work process.

NuovoTeam provides the experience of a Walkie Talkie with its special Push Talk (PTT) solution. NuovoTeam has also created a smartphone PTT app.

The PTT option allows you to create groups for you and your friends to join based on the games you play.

You can also use a business model to create groups based on tasks, geography, or departments.

NuovoTeam, one of the best voice chat apps for gamers, will enable you to connect with other gamers and take on the role of a leader.

You may keep track of your playmate’s actions, location, and chores completed. NuovoTeam is a paid platform.

A business plan costs roughly $5 per team member every month.

However, the price is reasonable considering all the benefits, including private chat channels, unlimited text messages, location, task tracking, VoIP calls, encryption, and much more.

5. Ventrilo

Ventrilo is an old piece of VoIP software. It is a convenient, low-latency, and free chat tool that will allow you to communicate quickly with your gamer buddies.

It’s a small program that runs in the background and does not affect your gaming.

Ventrilo is designed on a client-server architecture, which means you can rent or run it independently. Many gaming systems will provide you with a Ventrilo server to use.

6. Discord

Because it was built especially as a chat tool for the gaming community, Discord is the most popular cross-platform Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) program among gamers.

It provides its subscriber’s voice chat, video calls, and text group chats. Discord has DDoS and IP protection, making your discussions safe.

It also enables the use of several voice changers, which allow you to hide your voice.

Discord is a free app, but paying Discord Nitro for $9.99/month or $99.99/year unlocks new features.

These features include unlimited file size sharing, screen sharing, streaming, and creating emojis from scratch.

You won’t need to download the program onto your computer to use Discord because you can access the platform through a web browser.

However, Windows, Linux, and macOS users can also access this audio chat service by downloading the corresponding software.

If you choose to use your smartphone, this software is also available for Android and iOS.

Because of this diversity, Discord has grown in popularity outside the gaming industry.

It is now utilized by schools, corporations, and other professionals and non-professionals, considering it among the best voice chat apps for gamers.

As a Discord member, you can host a server or join any of the hundreds of other already available servers.

As the server’s owner, you can control who can join, who can read or send messages, and who can broadcast information about the server to other people.

You have the ability to give certain persons different access levels and member roles, and you may allocate those roles to specific individuals.

7. Mumble

Mumble is another VoIP program accessible on several operating systems and platforms.

This open-source platform is regarded as among the most effective voice chat applications designed for gamers.

This app employs end-to-end encryption to safeguard data across all servers. It can support over 100 voice participants simultaneously and be for low-latency communication.

This voice chat program will allow you to play positional audio across many games. Administrators can handle numerous elements, such as hosting and who can utilize the server.

However, utilizing Mumble on a mobile device can be difficult, and most users prefer third-party programs like Plumble or Mumblefy.

Mumble is a good option for gamers. While it is free as client software, If you want to host your server, you will need to purchase a server version, which will cost you $7.50 per month.

It is mostly a voice chat platform but accepts text messages.

8. TeamSpeak 3

TeamSpeak 3 is one of the most well-known and highly regarded voice chat applications for video game players.

The Opus Codec provides high-quality Voice over IP and AES encryption to protect the data further.

But there are other reasons this software is so popular.

Most players favor it because it is designed to give users powerful administrative control over their servers, granting them the authority to rule them according to their standards.

The maximum number of users you can host on a single TeamSpeak server is 32, although, with a non-commercial license, this number can be increased to 512.

It also allows for rapid file transfers, various sound packages, and game overlay.

Although the design is a little old, TeamSpeak 3 offers a very simple and user-friendly layout.

Unfortunately, no video chat alternatives exist because they primarily focus on offering great sound quality.

But that is precisely why this software has a devoted following.

9. Blizzard Voice Chat

Blizzard has its voice chat, swiftly gaining popularity among players due to its extremely steady and high-quality connection.

You can use the app on your Windows or Mac OC if you have the Battle.net app installed.

There are no limits on the number of users, and the Blizzard software allows you to apply various effects to audio chats.

As a result of the fact that this is a unified voice chat system, connecting with your online pals and coordinating the game is quite simple.

It’s simple to switch between Blizzard games while keeping the same voice chat, and in this case, it is one of the best voice chat apps for gamers.

The disadvantage of Blizzard Voice Chat is that it is exclusively for Blizzard games, and you can only join one game chat channel at a time.

But if you enjoy games like Overwatch or World of Warcraft and need to communicate with your in-game colleagues, this shouldn’t be a problem.

10. SteamChat

The majority of PC gamers already have a Steam account and have the Steam client installed and running in the background; they prefer to use the built-in text and voice chat system that Steam provides for its users.

SteamChat connects you with your friends using shared URLs that you can click to join the group conversation.

Chat administrators provide duties to group members, grant or deny new member invitations, administer group information, and govern content distribution.

Other media, like GIFs and audio snippets, can be sent using SteamChat in addition to text.

SteamChat and the Steam platform have worldwide coverage, with servers you can find worldwide.

Communication with distant pals is crystal clear, and connectivity is excellent.

SteamChat is also available in a browser and as a mobile phone app.

It is completely free and one of the best voice chat apps for gamers that enables you to create chat groups for your friends based on the games they play together.


These are the best voice chat apps for gamers above. Your tastes and the required features and tools determine which one is best for you.

Most gaming voice chat apps are free to use, while some need payment to access additional features and perks.

The free options will generally provide everything you require.

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