10 Best VPN Chrome Extensions

Best VPN Chrome Extensions

There are many advantages to having a VPN extension added to your Chrome browser.

You can explore the internet anonymously, which means third parties cannot intercept your data.

VPN extensions provide safer browsing and allow you to encrypt internet connections. 

Also, if you love streaming and hate the restrictions on your favorite streaming sites, you’ll need a VPN Chrome extension.

In addition to avoiding ads, malware, and a detour on web restrictions, you have your privacy when browsing. You can hide your IP address so no one can see your activities online. 

We’ve streamlined this list of best VPN Chrome extensions to include only the safest, most reliable, and most secure VPNs.

Also, we’ve put together only those that have google chrome extensions. So, here are some of the best VPN Chrome extensions that can make your browsing experience safer and better. 

1. Winsdscribe 

Windscribe is first on the list of our best VPN Chrome extensions that allow multiple connections at the same time.

It also offers a clear privacy policy and a free 10GB option. Moreover, it can work use on your computer without installing a VPN client. 

Furthermore, some of its features include a time zone, blocking features, malware notifications, masking ads, cookie controls, and lots more.

Another amazing feature is the VPNs ability to grant you access to geo-restricted areas, no more web restrictions! You can get free access to servers in over ten countries and more if you upgrade to a premium plan.  

However, you might discover that the interface seems overcrowded, plus the 10Gb data plan might not be enough for you. The premium plan fixes this problem. So when you get an upgrade, you can access more data for browsing.

2. NordVPN

NordVPN is one of the safest and fastest VPNs with extensions that block WebRTC communication protocols that use javascript.

Having these extensions as a backup is advisable because WebRTC communication protocols can leak your IP address. Also, you can add websites to the bypass list that operates as split browser tunneling.  

However, the websites added to the bypass list will be removed when surfing the internet. The best part is that NordVPN uses a Cyber sec toggle feature that blocks phishing sites and protects against malware.

Finally, as one of the best VPN chrome extensions, it gives you access to geo-restricted sites.  

Also, it unblocks streaming sites like HBO, Netflix, etc. Finally, let’s look at some other amazing features of the NordVPN chrome extension.

  • You get discounts for longer subscriptions.
  • You can make anonymous payments if you like
  • Web filter and fast speed for a great browsing experience
  • Access to a wide range of server locations.
  • Strong security encrypts browser identity with a feature called Transport Layer Security protocol.
  • Unlimited access to geo-restricted sites and unblocking of streaming sites.

Signup for this VPN extension requires an email address, and your personal information is safe. NordVPN is one of the best VPN chrome extensions. It won’t hurt to have a browser extension for added security if you’re using a VPN client.

3. IvacyVPN

If you’re scared that some of these VPNs might hold on to your browsing history, IvacyVPN takes that away. This is made possible due to its strict no- logs privacy that ensures your total online privacy.

In addition, Ivacyvpn offers good security, excellent streaming, and much more, hi making it an ideal VPN to improve your browser experience. 

Furthermore, the VPN extension has over 5700 servers in 68 countries, giving you unlimited access to online streaming facilities.

It also has safe download features and protects against malware with excellent security. IvacyVPN is one of the best VPN chrome extensions with live chat features and innate chrome extensions. 

Besides, its subscription plans are affordable at $1.19 monthly, just a token for safety, security, online privacy, and streaming functionality.

This VPN extension is one of the best VPN chrome extensions, with amazing features and an affordable subscription plan. 

4. VeePN

 This VPN is free and lets you assign a new IP address so you can browse anonymously. In addition, it protects you from hackers and keeps your data safe.

With 2500 servers, you can access blocked websites with secure protection in any location. 

Moreover, it has a strict no-logs policy, blocks ads, and protects against malware. Let’s take a look at some other features of the VeePN.

  • It’s available for MAC, Windows, IOS, and android apps
  • Time and browser language features
  • Fast speed and spoof location features
  • Bypass list and user-agent switcher
  • Quality customer service and live chat
  • Ads blocking and protection of trackers and malware
  • Access to blocked websites and geo-restricted sites
  • Top-notch security features and privacy protection
  • The VPN is easy to set up with automatic configuration.
  • Simultaneous connections from different devices

Furthermore, once you add the VeePN extension to your browser, the service simply sets itself up automatically.

So now you can enjoy online browsing without restrictions and with top-notch encryption features. VeePN is among the best VPN chrome extensions with features that take you from good to the best browsing experience.

5. Surf Shark

This is one of the best VPN chrome extensions that support operating systems and devices. The VPN has a clear web feature that protects against malware and phishing sites.

In addition to its great web filters and simultaneous connections, it unblocks streaming sites and Netflix. 

Also, this means no more restrictions on your favorite tv series and shows. Its subscriptions are affordable, plus the extension is easy to use, so you can access any servers you like.

6. Private Internet Access

PIA is one of the best VPN chrome extensions that’s easy to use and has excellent tools for privacy. In addition, it has amazing security features like WebRTC communication leak protocols, credit card auto-filling, and cookies.

Unfortunately, it does not have a live chat but has many features with an affordable price option. Besides, you can also hide your IP address and access sites like Netflix.

7. ExpressVPN

This VPN is the strongest chrome VPN that controls any app installed on your device from chrome. The best part is that it’s a full VPN extension, unlike others that offer proxies. It has great features and reliable customer support. 

In addition, it offers a large network of servers you can connect to anywhere. However, it requires an app for the extension; that’s why you get a desktop app available in your browser. This VPN chrome extension protects the entire device, not just your browsing activities. 

Although you may have to install the client, you don’t have to launch the desktop app to use the extension. Express VPN’s fantastic features include fast speeds and excellent privacy features. Also, it has WebRTC leak protection and customer support services to help with hassles. 

Furthermore, like other extensions, it unblocks blocked streaming sites and allows access to geo-restricted sites. ExpressVPN is one of the best VPN chrome extensions with the most amazing features.


This is one of the best VPN chrome extensions that offers excellent security alongside other amazing features. It has a chrome proxy extension you can use if you don’t want to download the app.

VyprVPN allows simultaneous connections on various devices, although you might need a subscription for $8.33 monthly. Also, the VPN extension gives you access to blocked streaming platforms with great connection speeds.

It has a support feature for WireGuard and split tunneling and site blocking. The only downside is that it doesn’t support a wide range of IOS applications and Linux.


9. Cyber Ghost

This VPN is one of the best VPN chrome extensions that works without installing a desktop client. You can access unlimited free data and blocked streaming sites alongside free servers with great connection speeds.

However, most of its amazing features are embedded in a paid subscription plan. Furthermore, some features include good torrenting, excellent customer service, and a desktop app.

It also provides access to over 7000 servers with fast connection speeds. You can use its free services if you’d like, but there’s more to enjoy when you pay for an upgrade. 


10. Hotspot Shield

This is one of the best VPN chrome extensions that give you a free trial option. However, its subscription plans are not cheap.

Moreover, the free version is limited because it has only four locations and doesn’t have great connection speeds. However, it connects you immediately to the closest server in your location with connection speeds.

The only downside is that some information that can identify you is stored; this feature might not suit some users. If you’re looking for a fast and simple VPN extension for chrome, try hotspot shield.

Does Chrome Have an in-built VPN?

Chrome doesn’t have inbuilt VPNs. Thankfully, there are a lot of browser VPN extensions with a simple interface that is easy to use. In addition, chrome-rich features allow these best VPN chrome extensions to work perfectly without much hassle. Luckily, using any of these best VPN chrome extensions is easy.


Choosing the best VPN chrome extensions can be tricky since it’s like walking through uncharted waters. Understanding each one and its features is advisable before making any choices. Each has features, but not all offer top-notch security and online privacy.  

We’ve considered many features and put together the best VPN chrome extension listings. Hopefully, these suggestions will help you make choices you feel would be helpful.

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