9 Best VR Apps for Android

Best VR Apps for Android

Virtual reality (VR) is no longer a distant concept. The impossible has become possible thanks to technology. This article contains the best VR apps for Android.  

It’s no longer futuristic to use virtual reality. Although VR apps are still in their early years, the market is thriving.

Google, Facebook, and Samsung are all working on their platforms for PC and mobile. Because of this, Android is a powerful platform for virtual reality. 

You may quickly enter a different world with a VR headset covering your head and eyes. A world filled with dynamic people, exhilarating adventures, and fun and excitement. 

Furthermore, there are countless things you can do with a VR experience.

While lounging on your couch or a chair, you can participate in live bike or vehicle races, soar through the air like a free bird, or even eat surrounded by nature! 

Here, virtual reality technology can undoubtedly surpass your wildest expectations. You may imagine it and feel it as if it were real.

Technology has advanced further and puts this experience in your hand for you. 

It’s now accessible in the form of an app, with everyone these days getting intensely infatuated with VR and wanting to try it just once. Additionally, you may download this to any device and any platform. 

We’ve compiled a list of the best VR apps for Android, one of the most widely used platforms right now, and they’re all free to download. 

1. Google Cardboard 

The most downloaded Android VR app at the moment is Google Cardboard.

Additionally, it’s one of the two official VR apps that Google offers for the Android operating system. 

This software was created for Android users to help them understand how to set up their VR headsets and use Google Cardboard’s fundamental VR capabilities.

You must have this app on your phone to use the other Android apps that support Cardboard VR. 

2. Youtube VR 

This program doesn’t need an introduction because you already know what YouTube does.

With VR playback, it elevates the experience with its VR add-on for Android. 

You continue to use the usual YouTube app, but adding YouTube VR enables you to switch to “watch in VR” mode and watch your favorite YouTube videos in a cinematic fashion.

Although it was made with the Cardboard and Google Daydream headsets in mind, it is designed to operate with all major Android-supported VR headsets. 

3. FullDrive VR 

Next on our list of the best VR apps for Android is FullDrive VR. For owners of Cardboard and similar VR headsets, FullDive VR functions as a social platform. It offers speedy access to a huge amount of video information. 

A VR video player, YouTube integration, a VR web browser, a camera, a VR gallery, and even a VR marketplace to find other VR apps are some of the features. 

That makes it a vital hub for Google Cardboard fans, especially since the device isn’t the hottest thing around and finding fresh content is challenging. $0.99 for the complete version is reasonable. 

4. InCell VR 

This educational game for kids aims to teach them some basic concepts about the human body and its cells through a fun medium.

In Incell VR, which takes place in the year 2100, you would be expected to assume the role of a human defender. 

Your goal is to traverse the entire human body while fending off the flu virus after being miniaturized to fit within the body. As you participate, you also get to learn a lot about human biology. 

The player assumes the character of a 2100s-era human defender who has been reduced in size to fit within a human body.

Your task is to go around the body, fend off the flu virus, and learn human biology. 

Playing it is enjoyable, and it looks and sounds fantastic. By pressing your finger against the screen, you may switch to non-VR mode to test it without VR. 

5. Titans of Space VR 

This is next on our list of best VR apps for Android. Certain graphics lend themselves more organically to an immersive VR experience. The solar system is one of those illustrations. 

Titans of Space guides you through all eight planets, some of the larger moons, and surrounding stars as it explores our solar system, which is where we call home.

As you fly around, everything is reduced to a millionth of its original size, giving you a sense of scale and perspective. 

The tour’s tempo, level of information, and musical accompaniment are all customizable. 

6. End Space VR 

End Space VR is an arcade-style game that transports you on an exciting adventure while you take control of a space fighter and relentless battle opponents. You can pick from three ships with special tools and skills. 

The game also provides realistic physics, and good graphics, using musical effects to enhance the immersive experience End Space is enjoyable for those seeking a thrilling VR gaming experience. 

7. Minos Starfighter VR 

A futuristic space shooting game with intriguing features available for the Android operating system. You can fight extraterrestrial foes in space as a space fighter pilot. 

The game’s unique selling point is its larger-than-life imagery, stunning graphics, and exceptional sound design, creating an unreal experience. 

A suitable space shoot them up would be necessary for virtual reality technology to be perfect. The solution is Minos Starfighter VR.

It is a visually stunning show that transforms you into a space fighter pilot engaged in combat with alien foes in various space locations. 

One of the greatest immersive VR Cardboard apps available on the Play Store right now is made possible by the graphics and audio alone. 

8. Netflix VR 

Netflix has long promoted virtual reality, and it was among the first Android companies to do so.

Customers may watch content on major VR headsets, including Oculus, Daydream, and Cardboard, by downloading the Netflix VR app for Android. 

This app offers two viewing options. The first delivers a static view of your media content and has a rustic living room experience.

By shifting the content of your TV or movie to correspond with your eye movement, the second or empty experience completely immerses you in it. 

Currently, Netflix has no VR-specific content, but you can still access the entire Netflix library (without the 3D).

Expect Netflix to begin rapidly expanding its VR content library once the technology becomes widely accepted. 

9. VR Thrills: Roller Coaster 360 

Last on our list of best VR apps for Android is VR Thrills: Roller Coaster 360. When you can experience the same pleasures indoors, why go outside?

This game provides the best VR roller coaster experience, as you can guess from the name.

With over 10 million installations, it ranks among the most played VR games on the Play Store. 

Pre-recorded 360 movies or simpler 3D-modeled roller coasters let you experience actual roller coasters.

The game is “optimized” for Google Cardboard headsets, but if you’d like, you can use your phone’s touch controls to play without a headset. 

A completely exhilarating and unforgettable experience. While seated inside, you may simulate riding a roller coaster and feel the adrenaline rush.

More than 360 pre-recorded videos exist of roller coasters created using simple 3D models. Download now to experience the excitement. 

These nine apps are some of the best VR apps for Android. Whether you’re a space explorer, a roller coaster enthusiast, or just someone who wants to relax with some Netflix and chill, there’s something here for everyone.

All left is to grab your Android device and explore the virtual world! 

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