11 Best Watermark Apps for iPhone and iPad

Best Watermark Apps for iPhone and iPad
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Watermarking is a fantastic strategy to prevent your photographs from being copied.

In this article, we will be discussing some of the best watermark apps for iPhone and iPad.  

If you share your photographs online, a watermark app might aid in keeping your pictures secure.

The internet is a fantastic platform for showcasing your work, but it simplifies content theft. 

To guarantee that you are given credit for your photography work, think about incorporating a watermark.

Watermarking your photographs is always necessary whether you’re a novice or a pro. 

It not only aids in staking claim to your image but also gives it a polished appearance. It’s simple to make a watermark and even simpler to add one to your images. 

Only some people carry a laptop wherever they go, and watermarking a document on a smartphone without a specific app is difficult.

You can use one of these best watermark apps for iPhone and iPad if you want to avoid bringing your laptop along or need to know how to watermark photographs in your system. 

1. Watermark X 

The ability to quickly and easily add a watermark to your images sets “Watermark X” apart as one of the best watermark apps for iPhone and iPad. 

There are several expertly made watermarks available for you to select from. Customize the mark to your finest taste to give your shot a personal touch. 

You can create your photo exactly how you want, thanks to the ability to modify color, opacity, and size.

You will always have something interesting to test out because of the frequent addition of new templates. 

2. Watermark Photo 

Installing Watermark Photo is free; you can get it from the App Store. It provides a distinctive method for including watermarks in your photos. 

Both your photo and the watermarks are simple to edit. Working with Watermark Photo is simple and comfortable thanks to its clear interface. 

The app offers a wide range of various watermark samples. You can make your own if none of these appeal to you by experimenting with various designs, colors, and sizes. 

3. iWatermark 

Next on our list of best watermark apps for iPhone and iPad is iWatermark. Watermarks in graphics, QR codes, text, and signatures are available from iWatermark

The app’s simple layout is ideal for both personal and business use. You can make distinctive watermarks with just a few clicks. 

You can import graphics and signatures in addition to customizing your watermarks. 

Around 160 font types are available, along with several predefined templates. You can create your watermark from scratch or use a preset. 

If you post frequently, this watermark tool is a great choice. You can handle numerous pictures at once using the multiple import function. 

Furthermore, direct sharing to your social media networks is permitted. You must pay a one-time price to use this watermark app. 

4. PhotoMarks 

For iPhone and iPad users who want to advertise or protect their pictures, PhotoMarks is a fantastic tool.

The app’s user-friendly interface makes it easy to use, and you may watermark solitary or many photographs with it. 

You may immediately watermark one or several photographs without sacrificing quality with only a few taps. 

When adding photographs directly from your Photos library, you can use portrait and landscape formats and numerous layers with PhotoMarks. 

You can fully customize any of them by including a logo, a date and time stamp, a copyright or trademark phrase, or both. 

This entails that you have complete freedom to modify the font’s location, size, and rotation, as well as its transparency, and apply effects like shadows and strokes. 

With PhotoMarks, you can effortlessly load your current settings into upcoming editing projects to help you streamline your process. 

You can save the recently modified photos can be saved to your collection, emailed, or immediately shared on well-known social media sites. 

5. eZy Watermark Lite 

eZy Watermark Lite is another of the best watermark apps for iPhone and iPad. Use eZy Watermark Lite to protect your pictures. 

Using this app, you may watermark your photographs by applying a QR code, copyright, text, signature, or even a trademark.

There are more than 150 distinct font and color options available. 

Use cartoons, stickers, fun kits, and emoticons to enhance the appearance of your images.

When adding an autograph, you can alter the pen’s thickness and add shadow to the watermark.

The batch process in this program, which allows you to bookmark up to five photographs at once, is its strongest feature.

Once finished, you can export your photos to various platforms and finish the task. 

 6. Marksta 

Marksta was created by photojournalists with sufficient watermarking tools and expertise and had high professionalism. 

The best watermark app is this one since it lets you add text or images directly from an iPad or iPhone and add a copyright notice to an image before adding it to a social media site like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Snapchat, etc. 

 7. My Watermarks 

My Watermarks is next on our list of best watermark apps for iPhone and iPad. You may use the My Watermarks app to use any image as your watermark or logo. 

You can change imported photos, text, and graphics with its editing features. Also, you might import your signature from a piece of paper. 

Once you’ve made your templates, it’s simple to reuse them. Instead of getting them from a server, the app saves them locally. For creating watermarks in bulk, My Watermarks is fantastic. 

My Watermarks is a cost-free app. This makes it a fantastic choice for both formal and informal use.  

8. LogoLicious 

An easy-to-use tool called LogoLicious was created to watermark a picture while you’re on the go instantly.

Upload your logo from your iPhone, drag it over the chosen image, give it your personal touches, and publish it online. 

Of course, logos are only one of many options. You can also use a sentence, a hashtag, or social media handle.

You can overlay a picture with a protective snap-on X-grid at the same time. 

No matter the watermark you select, LogoLicious enables you to make several alterations to it.

In that regard, you can change its opacity, rotate, scale, position, and color and choose from various fonts and colors. 

The program allows you to save your setup as a template and reuse it later to speed up editing. You can save your new image in high or reduced resolution when exporting. 

In addition to watermarking, LogoLicious provides a helpful tool for cropping your images. 

9. Add Watermark- Batch Process 

An app called Add Watermark-Batch Process protects your photos from cyber theft, and it is one of the best watermark apps for iPhone and iPad. 

By creating customizable digital signatures or customizable watermarks, you may protect your images when using the app.

You can select from various symbols, including copyright, trademark, and registered marks. 

This program is as adaptable as possible, meeting all your requirements while allowing you to personalize it further to suit your preferences.

You should use this program if hassle-free watermarking is what you’re after. 

10. Canva 

Canva is a great multipurpose app. You can make watermarks and a dizzying array of materials with Canva. Text, logos, and visuals can all be added and created. 

This program does more than add watermarks. Furthermore, posting to your social networking site is easy.

Additionally, Canva has a web-based application with more functionalities. 

Canva is a great watermark program, whether you’re searching for simple watermark alternatives or more intricate production. 

On mobile devices or the web, all of your designs are saved within the app. Canva is a cost-free app. However, the app offers further features and extra content for sale. 

11. Over: (Design)

Last on our list of best watermark apps for iPhone and iPad is Over.

Over, a multifunctional app that does much more than watermark your photographs is a tool to win over your audience. 

Over is the ideal software to strengthen your brand across social media platforms by allowing you to edit your photos.

It is a terrific software for organizing those photographs, offering a visually appealing overlay and graphic add-ons. 

You can alter your photo for your social media calendar, create a banner out of it, add a watermark to it, or create your logo.

This app adheres to building a strong internet presence rather than only copyright. 

There are some reasons for watermarking your images. Consider watermarking your images for two main reasons: 

First, this can be a useful technique to discourage image stealing.

When you add your watermark to a photo, it becomes obvious that you are the photo’s copyright owner and that no one else is permitted to copy, edit, use, or distribute the image without your consent. 

Secondly, a watermark can assist you in improving your marketing approach in addition to offering image protection.

People can recognize your photography if it has your name, website, signature, or logo. This can also help you get traffic to your portfolio website or blog and attract new clients. 


As you can see, using the right watermark program makes protecting your photos simple.

The simplicity of use, variety of tools, export possibilities, and price are important considerations. There are many different watermark apps out there.

You can find both possibilities in our list, whether you want something straightforward and free or are willing to pay for various features. 

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