15 Best Weather Apps for iPad

Best Weather Apps for iPad

The importance of the best weather apps for iPad cannot be overstated, whether you want to know the likelihood of rain or require access to severe Weather and hurricane notifications. 

With the ever-changing Weather, keeping up with what’s happening in your area cannot be easy.

Thankfully, a few great weather apps are available for iPad users, making tracking the forecast easier and more accurate than ever.  

The best weather apps for iPad typically focus on certain parts of weather forecasts, such as radar imagery, severe weather warnings, air quality, or highly accurate hyper-local forecasts.

Some apps even keep track of the moon’s phases or provide weather forecasts for prospective travel locations. 

It would be best to look at the best weather app options since climate change makes Weather forecasting more difficult.

And even if you believe the built-in app is sufficient for you, they’re still worth checking out. 

The iPad is an extremely useful gadget that can perform almost anything. But for some odd reason, Apple doesn’t provide the standard weather app from the iPhone on the iPad. 

Therefore, you need these best weather apps for your iPad to stay current on weather information and keep track of rain, winds, and everything else.  

1. The Weather Channel 

The weather channel warns you of extreme weather conditions with reliable forecasts so that you can prepare for storms, wildfires, and hurricanes. 

Additionally, you can control personal weather alerts to receive notifications for events that are significant to you.

It enables you to view the two-week weather forecast. The app also offers a dark mode for the best user experience. 

Additionally, you can obtain allergy and flu forecasts that aid in maintaining your health. Subscription options start at $0.99. 

2. CARROT Weather 

This app offers daily, hourly, and seven-day forecasts that are tempered with irony to lighten even the darkest outlook.

With the help of infographics, the relevant information is easily accessible, and as you tap and swipe, more precise meteorological data becomes available. 

Carrot’s humor can even be configured to be friendly, caustic, or deadly, and you can control how political the AI can make jokes. 

Carrot Weather offers various membership packages if you’re unhappy with the free app’s essentials. 

The Premium tier adds weather data sources, notifications, customizability options, and widgets, costing $4.99 monthly.

Other tiers grant access to additional features or permit the addition of numerous users to a Carrot Weather account. 

3. Apple Weather 

Next on our list of best weather apps for iPad is Apple Weather. The iOS stock Weather app was an afterthought. It was really simple, but it accomplished the job. 

However, Apple has tried modernizing the Weather app, making it a real challenger in iOS 15 and beyond.

A new map for geographic Weather is included in iOS 15’s weather app, which also has a simple, minimalist style. 

In-app sections for the UV index, temperature, air quality, and more have been added.

The finest feature of Weather is its tight integration with iOS, and the likelihood is that you already have it on your phone or tablet. 

4. AccuWeather  

Popular weather app AccuWeather offers all the fundamental weather elements you would require.

A main panel displays the current temperature and Weather and forecasts for the coming day and evening. 

Additionally, you can view hourly weather breakdowns that include information on air quality, UV index, wind, cloud cover, humidity, and a lot more.

Additionally, AccuWeather displays a “RealFeel” temperature value, which gives you a better idea of how hot or cold you’ll feel throughout the day. 

A radar display with numerous layers that you may toggle on and off is also provided by AccuWeather.

The app lets you watch radar views for information on temperature, tropical storms, temperature contour, satellite cloud cover, and precipitation. 

By the Way, the app is free. Thus, none of the features have a barrier. Ads are, however, displayed in the UI. These tend to be less overt, but they are still present. 

5. 1Weather 

One of the best weather apps for iPad is 1Weather. It provides features like an air quality meter, 25+ Radar Maps, last-minute forecasts, live weather forecasts, and alerts for severe Weather. 

This weather app is available for download and uses without cost, or you can purchase one of its premium plans, which also provides an entirely ad-free experience. 

Dark mode and a comprehensive forecast are available to free plan customers: hyperlocal severe weather warnings, live radar, and sun and moon tracking. 

The 48-hour hourly forecast, the 10-day daily forecast, the Air Quality Index, the pollen count, the temperature, and the amount of precipitation per minute are additional services available to premium customers. 

6. Emergency: Alerts 

Although you hope you never need it, having Emergency: Alerts from the American Red Cross on your iPad will come in handy when a crisis occurs. 

Emergency: Alert is a useful app to have installed on your phone always, not just during hurricane season, as it monitors everything from hurricanes and floods to extreme heat and winter storms. 

Not only will Emergency keep an eye on your home, but you may also enter significant cities and individuals in your life.

The app has been updated to incorporate 40 types of personalized warnings and step-by-step instructions to ensure you’re ready for any potential weather-related catastrophes to reflect the realities of climate change. 

7. Weather Underground 

Next on our list of best weather apps for iPad is Weather Underground. Weather Underground uses meteorological information from a vast network of 30,000 amateur and home weather stations to provide users with a clear and granular view of the Weather in their area. 

Users can confirm weather reports or upload their own using the app’s level of crowdsourcing, which is not included in other weather apps.

As a result, it might offer some of the most accurate weather data with a straightforward user interface. 

8. Windy.com 

An app called Windy focuses more on specific wind statistics than general weather data.

The program does include weather information, which covers all the essentials, including current temperatures, the likelihood of rain, wind speeds, and more. 

However, most people utilize this app primarily because of the wind information it offers.

You receive an animated map that displays wind direction and speed. Additionally, you can tap anywhere on the map to view the local wind speed. 

The software also provides a ton of visual data. On the map, you may see information about rain, thunderstorms, and fresh snowfall.

You may also see temperature contours, cloud details, visibility, air quality, weather forecast, and more. 

All of this data is presented by Windy largely as map overlays. So, Windy is one of the best weather apps for iPad that you should certainly check out if you’re searching for one that uses radar view and maps to visually present weather conditions. 

9. WeatherBug 

The most user-friendly weather app for iOS is WeatherBug. From pollen counts to storm alerts, it offers forecasts of all stripes.

This app gets its data from the largest global professional weather network. 

It provides the greatest real-time forecasts and the quickest weather notifications for hazardous Weather.

You may find 18 weather maps here, including pressure, warnings, temperature, humidity, wind, and Doppler radar. 

Additionally, it provides current traffic information. This software is free to download for iPad users. Subscriptions are another option for ad-free access. 

10. Clime 

Number 10 on our list of best weather apps for iPad is Clime. This app, now called Clime, was once known as NOAA Radar Pro; it continues to stand out from the competition because of its real-time radar that is supplied directly to your phone and displays the changing weather conditions nearby. 

Widgets for the lock screen are now also available for iOS users. The standard 24-hour and 7-day forecasts are provided, along with severe weather alerts. 

However, Clime’s satellite weather imaging, which provides you with a complete view of precipitation, temperature, and other weather characteristics, is the reason to use it. 

The best features of Clime, such as severe weather alerts for all saved locations, trackers for hurricanes, lightning, and wildfires, and a temperature map, are only accessible with a paid subscription. Ads are also removed for subscribers. 

11. RadarScope 

RadarScope is the most feature-rich and potent weather app available for meteorologists and weather enthusiasts on the App Store.

It offers severe weather alerts, various options for customizing meteorological reports, and accurate data visualization.

Most people won’t need a weather app this thorough, but those who need it will value it. 

12. AirVisual 

Next on our list of best weather apps for iPad is AirVisual. You should look at AirVisual if your main motivation for using weather apps is to keep an eye on the air quality where you are and take appropriate precautions. 

This application focuses on air quality. In addition to receiving information on the local air quality, you also receive a forecast for the day and the remainder of the week. 

It also displays wind direction and speed and provides health advice depending on the AQI in your area.

Ozone, SO2, PM2.5, and PM10 pollutant density are among the pollutants in the air that AirVisual also breaks down. 

13. Weather on the Way 

Do weather-related delays frequently occur for your car trips? Not anymore, now that your iPad or iPhone has Weather on the Way.

It prepares you for road journeys so that you may make advance plans. 

Its forecast follows you throughout the journey and provides an accurate route forecast for the amount of time you will be driving.

You may specify waypoints and stop durations using this app, which also supports CarPlay. 

To know whether to expect rain, snow, or other potentially hazardous circumstances during your trip from Point A to Point B, download Weather on the

Way for free. This app combines navigation capabilities with severe weather notifications. 

The paid edition of Weather on the Way ($4.99 per month or $24.99 annually) is superior to the free version, which performs admirably.

Users that upgrade to pro status gain access to more advanced features like suggested alternate routes, improved road visibility, and additional weather information like precipitation and wind speed. 

In addition, pro users may access Weather on the Way on CarPlay screens, bringing that information inside their cars for risk-free travel. 

14. Yahoo Weather 

The magnificent Yahoo Weather app has a stunning UI that is both educational and eye-catching.

The app shows photos of your area corresponding to the time of day and the Weather. 

You can also examine live radar, heat, satellite maps, and detailed five-day predictions. 

Other applications offer more information and capabilities, but Yahoo Weather’s simple, straightforward layout makes it an exceptionally user-friendly, everyday software.

The only drawback is a very sizable ad that appears as you swipe up to see the detailed prediction. 

15. My Moon Phase Pro 

Last on our list of best weather apps for iPad is My Moon Phase Pro. My Moon Phase Pro is a must-download if you’re interested in the lunar calendar and the top weather apps. 

With a detailed calendar for tracking the moon cycles, the software can help you determine the exact moonrise time and moon phases.

Even notifications for the moon’s impending transition into a specific phase are available. 

Photographers will like My Moon Phase’s user-friendly layout because it offers details about the golden and blue hours when the moon will be in a precise location of the sky best suited for taking particular images. 

Regarding the Weather, you can also see how cloudy it will be, allowing you to determine whether you have a clear view of the moon.  

These are the 15 best weather apps for iPad, so give them a shot. This list includes both free and paid applications, as well as applications with particular specialties.

Thanks to these app’s weather widgets, you can have weather information close at hand on your iPad. 

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