16 Best WordPress Contact Form Plugins for Your Site

Best WordPress Contact Form Plugins

Suppose you’ve had an idea for a WordPress plugin or wanted more control over your website’s contact forms.

In that case, you know how difficult it can be to learn about WordPress development and design—especially if you don’t already have experience with these WordPress plugins for contact forms. 

WordPress has become the dominant content management system on the web, powering over one-fourth of the Internet’s websites.

What’s so special about WordPress? It’s free, open-source software tailored specifically to make it easy to create websites and blogs of all kinds, including your own personal or professional blog.

Best of all, WordPress can be customized even further with plugins like contact form plugins. 

Plugins are the best way to add functionality to WordPress websites, and contact form plugins are no exception.

The best WordPress contact form plugins can help you create a simple yet professional-looking form to capture information from your website visitors.

It is an essential tool for any website owner who needs to collect information from their visitors and potential customers. 

The best contact form plugins are easy-to-use, customizable, and have a user-friendly interface that will impress your clients.

Here are 16 of the best WordPress contact form plugins to consider.

1. WPForms

If you want a contact form that looks great and is easy to customize, WPForms is the best choice. It’s the most popular plugin for creating contact forms in WordPress, with over 1 million downloads and excellent reviews.

With WPForms, you can create unlimited forms with unlimited questions. You can also choose from 14 designs to match your site’s style.

In addition, the pro version of WPForms allows you to add conditional logic, so if the user meets certain criteria, they’ll see a specific form. And if they don’t meet those criteria, they’ll see another form.

Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms is one of the best contact form plugins on the market. It’s easy to use, has many great features, and looks nice.

In addition, gravity Forms integrates seamlessly with popular tools such as Mailchimp, Salesforce, and Zapier.

 Gravity Forms offers premium payment options for advanced users if you need that extra push. Overall, it’s a great choice for starting a business website. To read more about Gravity Forms, click here. 

3. Jetpack

Jetpack is a must-have plugin for all WordPress sites. This plugin allows you to create contact forms without coding knowledge, allowing you to customize your forms and email templates.

Jetpack also provides integrations with many other popular plugins, including Yoast SEO and Google Analytics by MonsterInsights. The best part about Jetpack is that it’s free!

4. Quform

Quform is a great option if you want to use a contact form that’s easy to customize and has many features. Quform will allow you to create a contact form in minutes, and many features are available for you to use.

One of the features includes being able to preview your form before submitting it, being able to customize the look and feel with CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), having an AJAX-powered submission process, using Google reCAPTCHA, using different email sending services such as Mailgun or Mandrill, adding an I’m not human checkbox for spam protection, and more!

Quform is a great plugin if you’re looking for something simple but still want many customization options.

5. 123FormBuilder

123FormBuilder is a fully-functional contact form plugin with everything you need to set up in minutes. It includes 60+ form templates and unlimited custom fields to create your unique forms easily.

In addition, its intuitive drag-and-drop interface lets you customize your form without coding skills or HTML knowledge. 

123FormBuilder also includes lead capture and conversion tools perfect for marketers looking to maximize website conversions.

123FormBuilder is an all-inclusive solution for creating beautiful contact forms that allow you to easily customize the fields and add live validation, which prevents invalid entries from being submitted.

The intuitive drag-and-drop interface means no coding skills or HTML knowledge are necessary to design a tailored form for your needs.

6. Caldera Forms

We’ve all been there – we’re scrolling down a blog or website and seeing that dreaded Contact Us section. We take in the form fields with trepidation and think, Ugh, I don’t want to do this.

Never fear! Caldera Forms is here to make your life easier. Regarding contact forms on the web, Caldera Forms is one of the best WordPress contact form plugins.

It’s intuitively designed for people new to contact forms and gives you a variety of beautiful templates for styling your form. Best of all, Caldera Forms is responsive, so it’ll look great on mobile devices too!

7. Ninja Forms

Ninja Forms is one of the best contact form plugins for WordPress. It has a drag-and-drop form builder, which makes it super easy to build forms.

In addition, the plugin includes all the features you will need to create any form, including checkboxes, radio buttons, and text fields. 

Ninja Forms also integrates with Zapier and MailChimp, so you can automatically send data from your forms to these third-party services.

The plugin also has a ton of pre-made templates that you can import into your site in just a few clicks.

8. Formidable Forms

The next best thing in this category is Formidable Forms. Its creators believe their plugin is easier to use than many others on the market, and they’ve even gone so far as to make their templates for those who are less technical-savvy.

In addition, they offer mobile-friendly forms that look sharp on any device you’re using. Formidable Forms is one of the best WordPress contact form plugins because it is simple yet robust.

This plugin lets you make beautiful forms that are responsive and mobile-friendly, along with being able to create multiple types of forms for different purposes. 

Best of all, it’s completely free to use! So if you’re looking for a reliable, flexible option in the best WordPress contact form plugins, look no further than Formidable Forms.

9. Weforms

WeForms is a powerful and easy-to-use form builder plugin for WordPress. It is designed to be the most versatile and user-friendly contact form solution globally.

WeForms makes sending emails, creating surveys, or offering feedback through your website easier. 

We have an answer if you’re looking for a simple way to create forms on your website! With our best WordPress contact form plugins, you can easily build any form and design it to match your site’s design. Check out some of our favorites below!

10. WP Fluent Forms

WP Fluent Forms is a contact form plugin that allows you to create forms in minutes and display them beautifully on your website.

It’s perfect for setting up an online store, collecting feedback from visitors, or even creating signup forms for your email list. 

WP Fluent Forms also integrates with WooCommerce and Gravity Forms – so it’s easy to set up a website where customers can buy products or subscribe to your email newsletter.

Plus, if you’re using WP Fluent Forms as an opt-in form, it’ll automatically send new subscribers the welcome email they signed up for.

11. Everest Forms

Everest Forms is one of the best WordPress contact form plugins because it has a drag-and-drop interface that makes building forms quick and simple.

It also includes a variety of fields to choose from, as well as social media integration and an analytics dashboard.

In addition, the plugin integrates with Zapier, MailChimp, or AWeber if you need to use these services.

The plugin also supports Google Maps, so you can add a map marker of your office or location to include in your form.

It also offers a QR code generator that lets you generate custom QR codes for any field on the form, which is great if you’re using QR codes for lead generation.

12. Smart Forms

Smart Forms is one of the most popular contact form plugins for WordPress. It’s easy to use, customizable, and has several pre-built templates.

Additionally, your contact form can be placed on any post or page by simply adding a shortcode. 

The only downside is that it doesn’t come with many email notifications, and its free version doesn’t allow you to save replies.

However, if you’re looking for an affordable option to build custom forms and send responses via email, this plugin will work well.

13. HubSpot All-In-One Marketing – Forms

HubSpot All-In-One Marketing – Forms is one of the best plugins on the market. It’s beautifully designed and allows you to create forms that work seamlessly with any site or blog.

The plugin also has many customization features, so you can design your forms to suit your needs. Plus, it’s really easy to install and set up. 

I recommend this plugin to anyone who wants to add a contact form to their website easily. But if you’re looking for something more customized, check out these 16 best WordPress contact form plugins.

14. JotForm

JotForm is a popular form builder for contact forms, surveys, and polls. The software can be easily installed on your website and includes many pre-built templates that you can customize to suit your needs. 

JotForm also offers mobile apps so you can receive notifications on the go and keep track of submissions.

The basic version of this service starts at $9 per month and includes unlimited submissions, unlimited forms, up to 100 Mb storage space per month, email notifications, and much more.

15. Typeform

Typeform is one of the best WordPress contact form plugins because it lets you create beautifully designed forms on your site and share them easily.

In addition to being fast and easy to use, Typeform has all the features you need in a contact form plugin, including conditional logic, social media integration, surveys, and more. Plus, there are over 30 languages available for users around the world!

16. Wufoo

Wufoo is a contact form plugin that allows you to create forms, collect and organize data, and export results.

It’s one of the best WordPress contact form plugins because it includes an easy drag-and-drop builder that allows you to create any contact form with no programming knowledge required quickly. 

The collected data can be organized into different reports for insights about what your contacts are saying.

In addition, Wufoo integrates with many popular services, such as MailChimp, AWeber, and GetResponse, so you don’t have to manually export your data or send it to your email provider.


Regarding contact forms, you want to ensure that you’re using a user-friendly and robust plugin. For example, some plugins offer shortcodes that allow you to embed the form anywhere on your site or blog post; others are more flexible with their styling options so you can match them with your branding. Finally, others are designed for collecting leads for marketing purposes.

We hope this list of the best WordPress contact form plugins has given you a better understanding of which plugin to use.

If you want to improve your website traffic and conversion rates, start by investing in your email marketing campaigns. 

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