9 Best WordPress Plugin for Image Compression

best WordPress plugin for image compression

Using the best WordPress plugin for image compression can take your brand to a higher level, improve the user experience on your website, and create additional materials you can use for advertising.

However, using manageable images might cause page load times to increase, which negatively influences search engine optimization and can be frustrating for site visitors.

A user who is compressing the photos on his website by utilizing the best WordPress plugin for image compression for your photographs can reduce the impact of these problems and make use of the many benefits that images provide.

You can accomplish this by decreasing the images’ size and improving how your website handles the loading of images.

When done by hand, the process can be tedious and time-consuming; however, WordPress users can use image optimizer WordPress plugins to streamline their efforts and save time.

Best WordPress Plugin for Image Compression

1. Compress JPEG & PNG Images

Automatically optimize your JPEGs and PNGs with Compress JPEG & PNG Images, which comes with the image compression services TinyJPG and TinyPNG.

This best WordPress plugin for image compression examines the images’ subject matter to determine the most appropriate compression method.

Metadata, distracting artifacts, and redundant data are all removed or much reduced throughout this compression process.

Images presently on your site and those you upload in the future will optimize automatically by Compress JPEG & PNG Images.

In addition to a CMYK to RGB converter and unlimited file size, there are plugin options to preserve metadata such as copyright and geolocation in your photographs.

However, free storage space for photographs is only approximately 100 per month. Then you’ll have to upgrade to a paying membership.

2. Imsanity

Try Imsanity if you need a plugin that optimizes images without reducing their quality by compressing them beforehand.

While uploading to your WordPress site, this free plugin will automatically adjust the image’s proportions to fit your needs.

It’s one of a kind because you can set a maximum width, height, and quality level and have it automatically recognize and resize images that are too large for the specified dimensions and quality. This is especially useful for websites with laxer image restrictions overall.

In addition to resizing your previously uploaded photographs at once, Imsanity can convert your images from less efficient file types (BMPs and PNGs) to the more compact JPG format.

In general, blogs and other content-heavy sites that ask their authors to provide their photos will benefit the most from this plugin.

If you want to avoid asking your contributors to resize their photographs manually, Imsanity can do it for you.

To reiterate, Imsanity does not add any more compression than what is already in WordPress. You can use image compression plugins with Imsanity to reduce resized images’ file sizes.

3. Imagify

Imagify, like a few other choices above, can compress newly uploaded photos and those already in your WordPress media folder.

You’ll spend less time on administrative tasks because they’re all taken care of mechanically.

Imagify has three distinct optimization modes that you can select from the plugin’s options.

For the shortest file sizes at the expense of image quality, choose between lossless compression, lossy compression, and heavy lossy compression. You may adjust the quality and save space in greater detail this way.

With support for WooCommerce, NextGen Gallery, and many more plugins, Imagify is the best WordPress plugin for image compression for sites that use a lot of photos that a user needs to compress.

You can go back to the original and start over, thanks to Imagify’s backup feature.

4. reSmush.it

It compresses images by using one of several different algorithms based on the type of image you’re uploading.

With only two clicks, you can optimize your photographs in a batch and reduce their size by up to 5 MB.

The reSmush function is crucial. Before compressing it, it copies the source image, so you never have to worry about corrupting the original. The compression level can be adjusted thanks to the optimization slider precisely.

5. Kraken Image Optimizer

This extension integrates with Kraken.io, an image optimizer API that allows for lossless and lossy compression.

In addition to its other capabilities, like a Page Cruncher and Dropbox integration, Kraken also provides image optimization.

Kraken’s infrastructure optimizes, and the results are added to your WordPress library. The best WordPress plugin for image compression compresses photos.

It resizes them upon upload based on the maximum dimensions you specify. It has a bulk action menu so that you can process numerous images simultaneously.

Additionally notable is the file size limit, which is a whopping 32 MB. The free plan, however, has a monthly data cap of 100 MB for photos.

Five premium options are available for those needing more storage space, with prices ranging from $5 per month for 500 MB to $79 for 60 GB of photos.

6. EWWW Image Optimizer

When it comes to the best WordPress plugin for image compression, EWWW Image Optimizer is your best bet.

It’s simple to use and instantly enhances any uploaded photographs. Your previously submitted photographs can also be optimized and compressed in bulk.

Even though your photographs are being compressed, the quality difference between the compressed and uncompressed versions will be negligible.

In addition, the whole procedure of compressing and optimizing is done mechanically. Features such as responsive picture resizing, image laziness, and conversion to the future-proof WebP image format are all a part of this.

Furthermore, it can optimize photos created by other WordPress plugins but saved elsewhere than your media library directories.

Images in JPEG, PNG, GIF, and PDF formats can all be of upgrade with the help of this plugin.

The plugin also comes in a free version that doesn’t require a purchase, allowing you to execute image optimizations locally on your server. Owners of WordPress websites who value privacy may appreciate this.

Paid plan subscribers gain access to an image-optimizing content delivery network (CDN), which automatically compresses and converts images as the user views them. This is especially useful for image-heavy or highly visited websites.

In addition, EWWW Image Optimizer is cheap. Price points begin at $7 monthly, and all plans allow an unlimited number of pictures to be uploaded. You will need a more expensive package if you have multiple sites.

To make your site load even quicker, we’ve included a caching engine, CSS/JS optimization, and Google Font optimization.

7. Smush

Regarding WordPress plugins for reducing the size of picture files, Smush is by far the most often used option.

Lossless compression (where no information is lost in the conversion) is used to shrink your images by up to 5 MB, either singly or in bulk. Lazy loading and dynamic resizing are only additional techniques to speed up page load times.

For those just starting, Smush is an excellent option. It’s as simple as going into the plugin’s settings after installation, even on an already-running site, to activate the feature.

The program will then enhance all of your current pictures. As long as the plugin is active, any new photos you submit will also scale up automatically.

For most people who use WordPress and want to compress their photos but don’t want to compress each image individually, the free edition of Smush and its paid partner, Smush Pro, are good all-around alternatives.

Smush Pro, which costs $6 per month, can shrink files even more than the free version, and it has no size restrictions (the free version restricts you to images under 1 MB).

8. Optimole

If you’re looking for the best WordPress plugin for image compression in WordPress, Optimole is a great alternative.

A user must first sign up for an account and set up an API key in order to use this plugin. Once installed, it’s easy to use and provides many customization options for image improvement.

If you use Optimole, your photos will load rapidly no matter where your visitors are coming from because an image CDN powers it.

Using a content delivery network (CDN), your images will always load quickly and in the best quality for your site users.

All of your optimized photographs will be displayed in one location, making it simple to adjust particular compression parameters.

You can modify settings like compression quality, image resizing for huge files, sluggish loading, and more.

One special option adds a watermark to your photos automatically. A solution like this is fantastic for photographers concerned about the safety of their work.

Your monthly visitor count will determine your price. You can get up to 5,000 monthly visits with the free plugin.

Premium plans start at $19.08/mo when paid annually and can handle up to 25,000 unique visitors each month.

9. ShortPixel

Another best WordPress plugin for image compression is ShortPixel Image Optimizer. Full of high-end options, including multiple compression formats.

Once you activate the plugin immediately compresses your photographs and saves the originals to a different location.

You’ll need to input your email address to receive an API key when you use the free plugin. You can only reduce the size of 100 photos monthly with the free plan, but you can increase the number with a premium subscription.

By clicking a button, you can easily transform your images from PNG to JPEG and vice versa. It works with the translation plugins WooCommerce, NextGEN Gallery, and WPML.

WordPress users who also use Cloudflare as their CDN can sync their sites’ pictures with the latest version of Cloudflare.

The price of ShortPixel is likewise quite low. Pricing begins at $4.99 monthly for up to 5,000 pictures and scales up from there.

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