10 Best WordPress Plugins for Image Gallery

Best WordPress Plugins for Image Gallery

The thing about the best WordPress plugins for image gallery is that there are so many plugins available.

You might find it difficult to get one that works perfectly since so many options exist. Some of these plugins’ issues are slow speeds and difficult user interfaces.

Besides, many of the plugins available will either slow down your website or won’t be easy to use.

In simple terms, WordPress plugins for image galleries let you create custom-designed galleries for your WordPress website.

You can find tools on WordPress that will help you create a simple gallery using the WordPress block editor.

However, you will soon find out that the WordPress block editor is limited in terms of features. Hence the need for very good WordPress plugins for image galleries cannot be over-emphasized.

Using the best WordPress plugin for image gallery will give you access to tons of features. 

For example, you’ll find image navigation, lightboxes, multiple albums, and gallery options if you use the best WordPress plugin for image galleries.

We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of the best WordPress plugins for image galleries. We chose them based on their features, speed, user interface, and all other amazing functions. 

Hence, try these suggestions if you want a custom-designed WordPress plugin for image gallery with excellent speed and exciting features!

Using the best WordPress plugins for image gallery we’ve suggested will give you the edge you need.

1. Envira Gallery

Envira gallery ranks as the fastest WordPress plugin for image gallery, with a page load time of 340 ms.

The best part about this WordPress plugin is that it’s user-friendly. Users can create images or video galleries from their WordPress admin area.

However, the first thing you’ll need to do is to install and activate the plugin. When that’s done, you can proceed to create your plugin gallery on the plugin options panel.

Another feature is that the Envira gallery allows you to choose how your gallery will be displayed. So this means you can customize your gallery.

You can follow the steps in the settings menu below the upload section to help you with the process. Some features you have access to include the Gutenberg block.

Furthermore, the Gutenberg block allows you to add image galleries directly to your WordPress pages.  In addition, you can store your galleries as custom types in the WordPress database for reference.

Finally, you can access your previous galleries on Envira if you have a backup file on the WordPress site. 

Also, users can move or import their custom galleries from one WordPress site to another. Envira gives you an option on how best to work around moving your WordPress site during the migration. So you have nothing to worry about; your image gallery is secure! 

Moreover, you can also set the margins and lightbox and activate lazy loading. If you need website speed, Envira gallery is the best WordPress plugin for image gallery you should consider.

2. Foogallery 

This best WordPress plugin for image gallery is known for excellent speed, just like Envira gallery. You can create excellent image galleries as quickly as you snap your fingers.

In addition, Foogallery has customization features that add loading icons, control thumbnail sizes, and supports lazy loading for fast website loading speeds. 

Furthermore, you can upgrade your image SEO by using SEO plugins that Foogallery integrates to get more search engine engagement.

Also, foogallery comes with a template library that can help you with ideas on creating your image galleries.  Foo gallery also allows you to have a full data backup of your gallery. 

However, you’ll need to run a backup on your WordPress website to get a backup for your gallery. You can also keep your galleries as post types in the WordPress database if you need them for later.

The only downside is that you can’t export individual galleries; you can import other galleries. Besides, it’s a WordPress plugin for image gallery that will give you excellent website speeds and performance. So it’s an option worth trying!

3. Modula 

Modula is the best WordPress plugin for image gallery with tons of exciting features. Users can subscribe to a premium or free version with cool features.

You can add unique fast-loading galleries to your WordPress pages or posts with the Modula lite and pro. 

Moreover, Modula is user-friendly and allows you to access lightbox features and build masonry grids directly from the WordPress dashboard.

Let’s take a look at some of the features of the Modula lite( free) and pro (premium)versions. The free version has many gallery features to help create your custom image galleries.

We will only mention some of the important ones in this article.

  • Create custom image galleries
  • Gutenberg block feature that allows you to add images directly to your WordPress posts or pages
  • Social integration features for image sharing, e.g., Facebook, Twitter,WhatsApp, etc
  • Modula lite adds URLs to images.
  • Access to the custom grid, masonry, and creative gallery types.
  • Lightbox features
  • Export/Import gallery feature
  • Access to website builders, e.g., elementor 
  • Gallery and image settings
  • CSS personalization

The Modula pro offers a few extra features that the free version does not. Let’s talk about a few of these features.

  • Users can use album extensions to create albums, choose hover effects, select grid types, add galleries, and more.
  • Extra security features using a password protect extension from limiting access to only password holders.
  • Lightbox extension feature for converting gallery lightbox view to slideshow display.
  • A preset feature that allows creating new galleries without altering gallery settings.
  • Create indexable URL using SEO deep link
  • In-built image hover and image loading effects
  • Customized watermarks to show the originality of your images
  • Image optimization feature
  • Gallery organization based on date creation, modification, etc
  • Full-screen mode feature; allows users to open images in a lightbox using full-screen mode

There are so many reasons why you should consider using Modula. Although not all features were mentioned, you’ll get to know more with the help of the helper grid.

The helper grid will help you preview your image gallery and help you know where to place your images.

4. NextGen Gallery

The nextGen gallery, which Imagely developed, comes with many features that provide different kinds of galleries. Each of them comes with different layouts and custom designs. With the NextGen gallery, no two galleries are alike. 

However, this WordPress plugin for image gallery offers two major versions: free and pro versions. You only have two gallery and album features in the free version, while the pro version has a wider variety of gallery styles. For the free gallery-style version, you have options: the slideshow and thumbnail gallery. 

Furthermore, the album style for the free version gives you two options: the compact and extended album styles.

Each feature in the free version offers the basic things the best WordPress plugin for image gallery can do. These features include lightbox effects, transition controls, image size control, etc.

Also, the premium version provides a wider array of features like watermark features for image protection, e-commerce markets for the sale of images, etc.

You can share images on social media, choose to allow comments on your image posts and get a lightroom plugin for editing.

If you’d like to use the eCommerce feature and sell your images, payment is easy using either PayPal or stripe. 

In addition, you can liaise with printers to help you print out quality images to avoid costs and stress. Finally, if you can afford to use the NextGen gallery, you should try it out. It is the best WordPress plugin for image gallery.

5. Photo Gallery

Photo gallery is the best WordPress plugin for image gallery that allows you to add videos and images in a single gallery.

To create stunning galleries and albums that you can add to your WordPress website, try this WordPress plugin.

It’s easy to use and has amazing features that help you easily create even the most complex galleries.  

Moreover, this plugin can create engaging galleries that drive traffic to your WordPress page or posts. You can also improve views on your page.

Users can also boost image SEO by adding tags that will drive traffic to your posts via image searches. 

Besides, a Photo gallery creates beautiful and well-arranged galleries that give your WordPress website the professional touch it needs.

The best part is access to excellent customization tools that give you total control over what your gallery looks like.

Now let’s take a look at some of the outstanding features of the photo gallery by 10web

  • Customization options; you can access tools such as masonry, slideshows, thumbnails, mosaic, and much more.
  • Lightbox feature with lightbox autoplay,15 slideshows displays, social media sharing, and many features
  • Image protection includes watermarks and right-click protection.
  • Customized theme features 
  • You can add images and videos in the same gallery
  • You can easily import/export your galleries from one WordPress website to another.
  •  Social media integrations that allow sharing of images on social media, e.g., Facebook, Twitter, etc

The photo gallery has many amazing features that will make your WordPress gallery creation easier and more enjoyable. The good part is it’s user-friendly and creates organized galleries.

This feature makes it the best WordPress plugin for image gallery that helps navigate through your gallery without hassles.

6. Gmedia Photo Gallery

Gmedia photo gallery is the best WordPress plugin for image gallery with feature-rich functionality. These features provide what you need to customize your WordPress galleries.

In addition, Gmedia photo allows users to choose either the premium or the free version. However, both versions will give you access to basic features of WordPress plugins for image galleries.

These amazing features include the Gutenberg blocks, excellent display features, gallery posts option, and comment features. It also has a vast library of images that will serve as a foundation for your gallery.

Furthermore, it has many album display options alongside image tools to get creative with your gallery creation.

This best WordPress plugin for image gallery also offers services on a mobile app that provides all of these features. It also includes a widget to help you easily use it for your gallery creation. 

Let’s look at some of the features of the premium and free versions. 

Free version

  • Create stunning galleries 
  • Add as many images as you’d like to the gallery
  • Music feature that allows you to play audio files in the gallery
  • Create multiple albums and galleries 
  • Use customized titles/tags to manage multiple albums and galleries

Premium version

  • Mobile app feature
  • Gmedia cloud tool
  • Geolocation feature using google map
  • Image protection and the comment feature
  • Multiple gallery and album options
  • Music player that allows you to play audio files.

The only downside to this plugin is learning how to use it, which can be a bit tasking. Also, you can’t sell your images on a Gmedia photo gallery like NextGen gallery. But, despite these few perks, it is the best WordPress plugin for image gallery worth trying. 

7. Flagallery Photo Portfolio

This plugin is the best WordPress plugin for image gallery, with features for the free and premium versions.

You can get amazing basic display options alongside image management features such as batch upload. The plugin is easy to use and user-friendly, with multiple gallery and album options. 

However, the free and premium versions have features, some common to both, and others are not. 

Free version

  • Album navigator feature that helps in gallery and album creation
  • Gallery display options; There aren’t a wide variety of gallery display options in the free version.
  • Pagination tools

Premium version

  • Full-screen mode feature
  • Multiple albums and gallery display options
  • Video player and audio player
  • Woow and Nivo slider.

Flagallery is worth mentioning on our list of best WordPress plugins for image galleries that you should consider.

The only downside is the issue of bugs you might experience while trying to use the gallery. However, asides from this drawback, the flat gallery has amazing tools to offer its users.

8. Robo Gallery

Robo gallery is the best WordPress plugin for image gallery. It also includes customization options and album and gallery styling options.

It also utilizes Gutenberg blocks to create stunning galleries. Robo gallery also allows users to choose either free or premium versions.

Each version has its unique tools to help you create your gallery. Let’s take a look at the features both versions have to offer.

Free version

  • Image effects and hover effects tools
  • Three galleries and album options
  • Auto resizing tool 
  • Social media integrations
  • Lazy loading and responsive design feature

Premium version

  •  Multiple gallery options
  • Customizable effects feature
  • Image and category sorting
  • Lightbox features
  • Support features

The only downside to this best WordPress plugin for image gallery is the need for basic CSS skills for customization. You need to have CSS skills to use the customization tools available.

However, many styling options exist if you don’t have CSS skills. Plus, getting used to the many features might take some time.

9. Photo Gallery by Supsystic

This best WordPress plugin for image gallery is easy to use and comes with many features too! You can access multiple gallery layouts, import and export tools for moving images, image protection, and CDN utilization.

It also has social media features that facilitate sharing of images and customization tools. This best WordPress plugin for image gallery also has free and premium versions.

Let’s take a look at some of the features of both versions.

Free version

  •  Attractive galleries
  • Full-Screen mode option
  • Social media tools
  • Animated and shadow effects

Premium version

  • Image protection
  • Social media tools
  • Video gallery support
  • Image linking 
  • Multiple custom layouts and buttons

10. Meow Gallery

This best WordPress plugin for image gallery is super easy to use and has excellent speeds. It is also great in terms of website performance. It offers customization tools and filter effects and creates a gallery within seconds. 

However, the meow gallery has free and premium versions with amazing features. Let’s take a look at some of their features.

Free version

  • Gutenberg editor
  • Lightbox effects
  • Add audio to the image feature
  • Lightroom tools
  • Five gallery options

Premium version

  • Map layouts
  • Animated effects
  • Lazy loading
  • Carousel slider

The only downside to using this best WordPress plugin for image gallery is you might not enjoy tons of features. Also, the premium version doesn’t offer enough gallery options as it should. However, the meow gallery is easy to use and loads pages quickly.


Choosing the best WordPress plugin for image gallery that will be effective can be difficult. This is because there are so many to choose from that might not have great features.

However, there are a few things you should look out for when making your choice. These include lightbox viewing and image sharing linking options,eCommerce support, animation effects, different gallery options, and more.

We’ve written this list of the best WordPress plugins for image gallery based on speed and features that make good plugins. We hope that these suggestions will help you make the right choice!  

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