9 Best WordPress Plugin for Social Media Buttons

Best WordPress Plugin for Social Media Button

Searching for the best WordPress plugin for social media buttons that you want to install on your website using WordPress? If that’s the case, your search is over right now!

Using attractive symbols to connect your website’s visitors with your various social media profiles is simple using social media icons.

You can simultaneously attract several new followers to your social media accounts while concurrently increasing site engagement through social networking.

Nevertheless, we are aware that looking for reliable WordPress plugins for social media link widgets can be a challenging task.

Therefore, in this article, we will provide you with a list of the best WordPress plugin for social media buttons that you can use on your website.

Best WordPress Plugins for Social Media Button

1. Social Media Share Buttons & Social Sharing Icons 

You may add share icons for more than 200 different social media networks by using a tool called Social Media Share Buttons & Social Sharing Icons.

This best WordPress plugin for social media buttons gives you 16 different design options to choose from and allows you to upload custom share icons.

You may also make your social networking icons sticky or floating. You can add counts to the buttons that represent your social media accounts.

In addition, it enables you to add animations to your icons, such as mouse hover effects.

Therefore, it has the potential to play a significant part in attracting visitors to your site, thereby increasing the likelihood that they will visit your site profiles and either follow or share your blog.

2. WP Socializer

WP Socializer is another useful social links widget you can find on our list of WordPress plugins. Due to its extensive flexibility, this plugin is among the finest social media sharing plugins.

It provides icons for social sharing, a mobile share bar, and many features. You may also effortlessly add selected text share popups to your website because they are available.

The lightning-fast performance of this widget plugin is, next to its user-friendliness, the finest thing about it. It works like a miracle on your device and most major social media networks.

As a result, you don’t need to be concerned that the performance of your website will be negatively impacted by using this best WordPress plugin for social media buttons.

3. Easy Social Icons

As its name suggests, Easy Social Icons is a WordPress plugin that makes it simple to display social links on a website.

After all, even novices who aren’t familiar with coding may learn how to use it, and in a short time, they can make gorgeous follow icons.

All that is required of you is to add the links to your accounts, choose the icon style that best matches them, and publish them.

In addition, it is a significant benefit because Easy Social Icons is compatible with 18 different social networks.

In conjunction with this, it is simple for you to adjust how icons are styled, should you so desire.

Therefore, taking everything into consideration, the best WordPress plugin for social media buttons is an excellent option.

4. Social Media Icons – Social Icons Widget

You can use Social Media Icon – Social Icon Widget to bypass all the complicated processes involved in linking your social profiles on your website.

This social connections widget for WordPress comprises a list of social icons that are a bare minimum in their design. As a result, the appearance of the icons on your website can be customized relatively easily.

In addition, because it has such a simple design, it does not need to be optimized in any way.

An Awesome Font icon can also conveniently represent your social media icon. You can utilize the transform effect to give anything a more distinctive look.

You have the ability to change not only the colors of icons but also their backgrounds, transformations, and a great deal more.

5. Social Icons Widget and Block

The WPZOOM Social Icons Widget and the block come first on our list of recommended plugins.

You can add many icon sets for linking each social media platform you wish to advertise with the help of this plugin.

This is because it allows you to use the widgets for something other than merely linking your profiles.

This best WordPress plugin for social media buttons offers support for various social networking platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, as well as Skype, Viber, and more.

Meanwhile, it offers compatibility for over 100 websites and social networks, five different icon sets, and more than 400 individual icons.

In addition, you have the ability to search for the available icons by simply typing the keywords and inserting them into the field of your choice on your website.

6. Simple Social Icons

The best WordPress plugin for social media buttons that makes it simple to display icons for your numerous social profiles is Simple Social Icons, and it’s one of the easiest to use.

You have the option of selecting which profiles to link, as well as customizing the color of the icon to suit your needs.

In addition, it provides you unrestricted control over the size of the icons. You can align the icons to the left, the right, or the center.

In addition, all of the configurations can be done directly within the widget, eliminating the need for a separate settings page.

7. Gutenverse

You must be curious about the purpose of including a Gutenberg blocks page builder plugin for WordPress Full Site Editing on this list.

This is because Gutenverse possesses one of the most sophisticated icon selections available on any website.

You’ll be able to select the icon most suited for your website by using Gutenverse. The plugin provides one hundred different icon choices for one to select from.

In addition to that, it is an exceptionally helpful page builder plugin for your website!

8. Meks Smart Social Widget 

Meks Smart Social Widget is open-source software that allows social links to be added to WordPress posts and pages.

In more specific terms, it denotes that the plugin’s source code is freely accessible, meaning that anybody can download it, use it, or adapt it to meet their needs.

In addition to that, it offers hundreds of social icons and many layout options. The Meks Smart Social Widget provides a variety of icon sizes and forms from which the user can select.

Using this best WordPress plugin for social media buttons, you can modify icons to be compatible with your template and specify their specific size.

9. Socials Ignited

A social icons plugin, Socials Ignited, allows you to display and link icons for more than 50 different social platforms on your website. Simply dragging the widgets around on your site is all required to display the icons.

Additionally, you have the ability to construct individualized icon sets via the widget. Additionally, the plugin is compatible with all of the free FontAwesome 5. x icons.

This indicates that you can access hundreds of symbol alternatives to represent your social media platforms.

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