12 Best WordPress Plugin for Staff Directory

Best WordPress Plugin for Staff Directory

With thousands of plugins available, it can be hard to tell the best WordPress plugin for staff directory from the rest.

Many premium themes come with built-in staff directories, but those can cost hundreds of dollars, and you may not need all of their other features, making them an expensive choice.

Each has its benefits and drawbacks, so it’s not enough to find the one that looks the most attractive or has the best reputation. 

A better option would be to consider each one in terms of its unique advantages and disadvantages and then choose the one that will work best for your company’s needs and your personal preferences as an owner or manager.

There are plenty of free plugins, but their quality varies greatly, and it’s hard to tell which ones are worth your time.

 So what’s the best WordPress plugin for the staff directory? To make sure you choose the right one, you’ll want to consider three factors: popularity, performance, and accessibility.

1. ListingPro

A big challenge with WordPress is keeping track of your content and ensuring it’s being organized properly.

In addition to plug-ins that add functionality to your site (such as contact forms or mailing lists), some plug-ins give you more control over how information is displayed.

ListingPro is a great example—this free best WordPress plugin for staff directory allows you to create an easy-to-navigate staff directory within minutes. 

Whether people are looking for job opportunities, press releases, or trying to contact an employee, they can find what they’re looking for easily by using ListingPro.

You can even choose which information gets displayed in each slot! It takes about 10 minutes and a $0 investment to set up. 

This is one of those; why didn’t I think of that?! If you have multiple locations or offices, check out their multi-location version. It might be worth paying for if your company has several offices around town.

2. Sabai Directory

In recent years, WordPress developers have created multiple plugins specifically designed to help solve problems for small businesses and organizations.

For example, Sabai Directory is a plugin that has gotten some attention in forums like WordPress Stack Exchange. 

There are two specific reasons Sabai Directory stands out from all other options in its category: It’s extremely easy to set up and offers incredibly detailed customization options.

If these two features are things that excite you, read on to learn how to get started with Sabai Directory right away. The process is quite simple. You’ll only need to sign up for an account with your preferred web host. 

This best WordPress plugin for staff directory will give you access to a control panel where you can install and configure different applications and manage files on your site through FTP (File Transfer Protocol).

You’ll also be able to use tools within the control panel that makes updating WordPress plugins or uploading content simple tasks anyone can perform without any prior technical knowledge.

3. Web Directory

If you want to create a searchable staff directory that is also optimized, then you should consider using a Web Directory.

This best WordPress plugin for staff directory provides an efficient user search interface and will display detailed information about each employee, including contact details, company history, and other relevant data.

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In addition, there is no limit to how many user profiles can be added, which helps save time when adding new members to your team. 

Also, if someone leaves or changes their profile details, you can easily update their entry by making some simple edits in WordPress.

The plugin is compatible with all versions of WordPress and requires no special skills or additional plugins to work properly. 

4. GeoDirectory

The best WordPress plugin for staff directory I could find was GeoDirectory, which is still in development but has some excellent functionality.

The plugin allows me to create groups and add users to these groups. Each group is displayed as an item on my home page (with social icons, photos, and links) and is linked to a custom page listing all members of that group. 

In addition to showing me how many are in each group, there’s also relevant information about each individual, such as their job title, bio, photo, and location (as well as other fields).

If it had additional functionality—such as being able to search or sort by role or name—it would be perfect! However, I think it does what I need at a reasonable price ($30). 

You can read more about it here. Having used several plugins for displaying staff members on websites, GeoDirectory is, without a doubt, one of my favorites. 

It has a clean design, great features, and fantastic support from its developer – everything you want from a premium plugin! But, unfortunately, it costs $29 per site license (or $10 if you want just one person), with support offered through its user forum only.

5. Formidable Forms Directories

Most directories focus on listing content by categories and tags, so they’re not built to deal with hundreds or thousands of forms.

However, the best WordPress plugin for staff directory is Formidable Forms Directories. This plugin makes it incredibly easy to put together multiple lists in just a few minutes, no matter how large your database is or what kind of data you’re collecting (videos, PDFs, surveys). 

The search function allows visitors to sift through everything quickly. It’s also fully mobile responsive, so it looks good whether people access it from their phones or tablets.

And because Formidable Forms Directories are easily embeddable, they can be added anywhere, including homepage banners and sidebar widgets, without interfering with other elements on your site.

6. Team Members with Slider

If you have a growing company, it makes sense to have an online directory that can be searched with keywords and allows users to filter through which department they want to reach.

If only there were a way to add team members with their photos in a responsive slider! For WordPress websites running version 3.6 or higher, there is an add-on plugin called Team Members Slider that allows businesses, schools, and other organizations to create online directories using all criteria, including gender and country. 

You’ll find many options within its settings page, including custom CSS so that even noncoders can tailor it to their needs by adding information boxes below each picture or photo.

Another great feature is that you can include links under each name, such as Twitter handles, email addresses, and more. 

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This means that if someone sees a member of staff they like, they can easily connect with them via social media or email. The best part about Team Member Slider is that it’s free!

7. Business Directory Plugin

Many plugins let you create directories on your site, but our favorite is Directory Press. It’s simple to install and customize, provides a clear layout with customizable fields, and works well across all devices.

Another nice feature is that Directory Press offers one-click import from a CSV file (though, again, we prefer manually entering addresses and names). 

Allowing businesses to claim their listings makes it easy to get started. The tool also integrates with Google Maps, so it’s easy to add an address to each listing.

Best of all, Directory Press gives you access to more than 50 different themes built specifically for business directories.

8. Directory Pro

If there’s one plugin that should be installed on every WordPress site, it’s Directory Pro. Created by Automattic (the company behind WordPress), Directory Pro makes creating an employee directory with a searchable database simple. 

In addition, you can choose from several themes, including single-column or multi-column designs with color schemes, date format options, and much more. All users are added as authors on new pages so they can edit their information anytime.

This best WordPress plugin for staff directory is free, but if you want Automattic support, expect to pay $99 per year. 

9. WP Team

Finding great, free WordPress plugins can be an ordeal. But finding great ones that solve a specific problem and do it with style is even harder.

For example, the WP Team plugin will help users add detailed information about themselves on their LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google+ profiles. 

It works with BuddyPress too! The best WordPress plugin for staff directory includes extra features such as image uploads, custom fields, a rating system, etc.

If you are looking for a simple but powerful plugin, then WP Team is what you are looking for!

10. Connections Business Directory

I love using it, but I’m using it within the membership area plugin. It’s flexible, and the support is great! In addition, there is no setup or monthly fee; Paypal Express Checkout handles all payments. 

They are always working hard to improve the plugin and have taken great care to create detailed documentation for easy installation.

Currently, our plugin has 27 custom fields and ten widgetized areas, which makes integration with third-party plugins (like Visual Composer) extremely easy. 

The documentation contains detailed information about all settings that can be customized to match every particular need and guides on using every page and content type in the plugin.

In other words, they provide everything necessary to make any directory from scratch. In addition, connections Business allows importing data from CSV files if needed. 

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That way, you don’t need to know anything about coding if you want to build something like a corporate directory or just a simple list of clients/vendors/friends/etc.

But, on the other hand, if your business depends on having an accurate list of contacts available at any time, then Connections Business Directory is exactly what you need!

11. Toolset

Even if you don’t yet have employees, it’s never too early to start preparing. Start by creating an image directory of yourself and others on board.

Be sure to list out names, email addresses, and social media information (if relevant).  A few tools can help with employee scheduling and internal communications.

For example, the toolset plugin is one the best WordPress plugin for staff directory that offers task management, resource scheduling, and other useful features for managing your team’s efforts online.

For example, suppose a web developer says she will deliver new content by Monday at 5 pm EST. Toolset lets everyone know when that date is approaching, so no one has to check in with her via email or text. This feature is particularly helpful if you work with contractors in different time zones.

Another great feature of Toolset is its ability to send reminders before a deadline or event occurs, ensuring that no important details slip through the cracks.

It also allows users to create recurring events and tasks, which can be especially handy when planning marketing campaigns or design projects that require consistent effort over time. 

12. Gravity Forms Directory

The Gravity Forms Directory plugin is also great. It’s one of our favorites at Yoast, and we’ve used it on many sites.

The advantage over other plugins is that building a staff directory is easy; once you’ve set up some fields, users fill in their information and get published to your site automatically.

Plus, if any changes happen down the road (e.g., someone leaves or joins), their details can be updated automatically, making it ideal for websites with frequently changing teams like contracting companies or agencies.

Suppose you have many contributors or users who submit content to your site. In that case, you may want to consider using a different plugin, so they don’t accidentally publish private information themselves – but if that’s not an issue, Gravity Forms Directory works well!

For more info about how we use it on our sites, check out WordPress Plugin for payment, AdSense, and others.


There are many great options out there. The most important thing is to find one that will fit with what you want to do and how much time, energy, and money you want to invest. 

A good staff listing will allow site visitors easy access to contact information. Still, it can also be an effective way to make potential customers more comfortable when doing business with a company they may not know too well. 

One note about the best WordPress plugin for staff directory is worth finding one designed specifically for WordPress because those have been built from scratch by people who know how things work within that platform.

Many other plugins were probably created with another software package, which could affect their functionality.

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