13 Best WordPress Plugins for Google Adsense

Best WordPress Plugins for Google Adsense

One of the easiest ways to monetize your business website is by using a good advertising network that helps monetize your ads.

Affiliate links are also a good way to make money on your website alongside selling services.

However, using the best WordPress plugins for Google Adsense provides an alternative method to generate income from your business website.

Furthermore, Google Adsense provides a platform that helps website owners display ads on their sites.

You make money from a simple process when visitors visit your website and click on your ad content.

The process is controlled from your Google dashboard and only requires you to set up Google Adsense on your WordPress site.

Moreover, we’ve come up with these suggestions to help you choose the best WordPress plugin for Google AdSense.

Each of the plugins listed has all you need to get started with monetizing your ads in simple basic steps.

However, setting up any of these best WordPress plugins for Google Adsense can fast become an avenue for massive income generation.

1. AdSense In-Post Ads

With AdSense In-Post Ads, your website visitors can easily view the ads in each post. In addition, the ads are always ready to display in each post.

Furthermore, these best WordPress plugins for Google Adsense provide a way out by putting ads in the post for visibility. 

However, you should consider the number of ads you’re allowed to post per page.

You can check Google policy to help with the number of Ads allowed per page alongside other helpful information.

2. Quick AdSense

Quick AdSense makes monetizing your website easier by allowing you to place three Adsense ads with ten ads per page.

This process relieves the stress of always having to place advertisements on your website.

However, your code will need to help you get started or access this feature. 

Moreover, Quick AdSense is the best WordPress plugin for Google Adsense.

Furthermore, you must paste your code into the plugin using the quick tag buttons found in your visual editor.

To use different ad formats and a variety of placements, you’ll need randomization to feature the best WordPress plugins for Google Adsense offers.

But, of course, you can always experiment with these tools to get the best out of advertising on your website.

3. Simple Google AdSense

These best WordPress plugins for Google Adsense provide statistical tools that help keep track of your ad’s progress on WordPress.

For example, you can easily get reports on click-through rates, page views, total earnings, and costs per click.

In addition, a security feature lets you control who has access to your dashboard and read your reports.

Moreover, you can also choose date ranges for your Adsense reports alongside full user control.

Also, page loading speeds are faster because of its effective cache system that helps you load sites faster.

Finally, with this plugin, you don’t need to worry about server overloads; your reports will be easily updated.

4. Easy Google AdSense

If you want an optimized performance for your Adsense advertisements, Easy Google AdSense is for you.

These best WordPress plugins for Google Adsense have the tools you need to improve your Adsense advertisements.

In addition, you can experiment with all the available ad placements to help you figure out the best ad placements.

However, the best part is that this plugin can figure out which ads will best display in the content you post.

In addition to choosing the ads that fit each content, it also offers time recommendations to improve ad conversions. Also, there is no limitation to the type of advertisement in question. 

Besides, these best WordPress plugins for Google Adsense work with video ads, text ads, and many other advertisements you can lay your hands on.

With this plugin, ad conversion is greatly increased by the plugin’s ability to check other codes on your site constantly.

You don’t have to worry about optimal performance with Easy Google AdSense; all it takes is trying it out!

5. Advanced Ads

These best WordPress plugins for Google Adsense have many tools that can greatly improve your ad conversion.

Advanced Ads does this by simply managing your ads with various tools for ad placement on your WordPress site.

Advanced Ads allows you to create and display ad units, schedule ads with preset time frames, and insert ads into posts easily.

Besides, the good part is that to insert ads into your posts and pages; you don’t need to know how to code.

With Advanced Ads, you can easily grow your website visitors and increase click-through rates.

So let’s look at some of the features of these best WordPress plugins for Google Adsense.

  • Display features that show ads by tags, author, and post category
  • Effective ad blockers that prevent the removal of ad units
  • Users can create and display unlimited ads
  • Access to inject content in other networks such as Google Ad Manager, DoubleClick, Amazon, etc
  • Users can schedule ads with start and expiration dates.

6. Ads for WP

Ads for WP offers tools that will help you get to know more about your visitors and help your ad conversion.

These best WordPress plugins for Google Adsense are simple and let you add unlimited ad units.

In addition, users can conduct tests to help them identify ads that convert best and improve income generation.

In addition, a security feature prevents high ad costs due to spam bots. The click fraud protection ensures you’re not paying more than usual to unauthorized ad sources.

Compliance with privacy laws by users is also ensured by the GDPR tools the plugin makes available.

7. Ad Inserter Plugin

Ad Inserter Plugin helps manage ads on your WordPress website and provides tools for optimal ad performance.

Users can place unlimited ad units on their website and insert ad-related codes on the website easily.

Besides inserting ads, users can also insert header scripts, HTML, CSS, javascript, etc.

Furthermore, the plugin integrates with other affiliate networks like Double click, Google AdSense, Infolinks, Amazon native shopping Ads, etc.

These best WordPress plugins for Google Adsense automatically place ads on posts and pages.

In addition, users can choose locations to place ads and schedule preset timers on each ad. 

Also, you can disable already enabled ads and insert codes for various ads.

The Ad Inserter plugin has effective tools with a $20 fee for the premium version. The free version also offers many effective features and tools to manage your ads.

Finally, Ad Inserter Plugin is the best WordPress plugin for Google AdSense that manages your ads effectively.

However, you will need to take time out to learn how it works.

8. Ads by WPQuads

These best WordPress plugins for Google Adsense help load pages faster and don’t slow down your website.

The plugin works well with high-traffic websites and lets you add unlimited ads without server overload.

Like other plugins, you can disable already enabled ads and restrict them from showing on certain pages or posts.

In addition, you can monitor the progress of the ads placed on posts or pages using tools made available.

You can also create geo-specific ads on display only to people residing in the target location.

Deciding where your ads are displayed also helps you to maximize advertising on your posts effectively.

Moreover, these best WordPress plugins for Google Adsense have integrations with other networks.

For instance, Google Adsense, Media.net ads, Infolinks, Double click, Direct ads, and many more are supported by this plugin.

 9. WP Adcenter

These best WordPress plugins for Google Adsense are easy to use and allow the unlimited display of Ads units on the WordPress site.

In addition, the plugin has integrations with other networks such as Infolinks,Media.net, and Google Adsense, amongst many others.

For example, with this best WordPress plugin for Google Adsense, you can work with multiple advertising formats and create your ads.

In addition, to secure user control, users can make easy payment transactions using the available PayPal payment feature.

Statistical and analytical tools that help you determine the highest ad conversion rates are also available on the plugin.

Users can also place their ads anywhere they wish on the website and allow third-party signup.

10. WordPress Ad Widget

With these best WordPress plugins for Google Adsense, you’ll need to paste your Adsense code before you can display ads.

Then, users can easily display text and image ads using the widgets you find in the plugin. If you install this plugin, you can add Adsense ads to your site without difficulties.

Furthermore, the plugin offers great opportunities to beginners and helps them familiarize themselves.

The plugin has a simple user interface that allows newbies to navigate through Adsense advertising quickly.

You’ll need to pay a fee to use this plugin, but you’ll get tons of features from each subscription.

11. WP Simple Adsense Insertion

These best WordPress plugins for Google Adsense are easy to use. With a shortcode, you can easily display ads in specified locations as long as it’s added to the post or page.

Users can easily add Adsense ads to their WordPress website for display.

In addition, users can inject ads into posts automatically and decide where they want the ads to be displayed.

Users can also save ad codes from other affiliates or integrated networks. The plugin is free and easy to use if you start with Google Adsense.

12. Google Adsense by BestWebSoft

These best WordPress plugins for Google Adsense offer users subscription plans to work with. The premium version has more features when compared to the free version.

However, the free version has many amazing features that will complete the job.

With the free version, users can inject ads into a post, decide where their ads will be displayed, and use tutorial videos.

The paid version has better support, adds Adsense ads directly to your site, and controls ad display settings.

13. Site Kit by Google

Site Kit is a WordPress plugin created by Google. It combines several Google products to help you manage and improve your website.

So even if you don’t have much technical knowledge, it’s simple. The all-in-one solution for deploying, managing, and obtaining insights from vital Google technologies is called Site Kit, and it helps websites succeed online.

It offers reliable, current information from several Google products right on the WordPress dashboard for simple access, all for nothing.

In addition, it has Google Search Console, statistics for page performance, and AdSense for WordPress site optimization.


You can make money from your simple website with these best WordPress plugins for Google Adsense.

Some of these plugins may be familiar if you’re used to working with Adsense plugins.

If that’s the case, you can always experiment with new ones from our suggestions; each has great features.

Once you have installed any of these plugins, you must follow the instructions and get started.

You will also need engaging content to create a steady traffic flow to your website. The more clicks, the more pay.

In addition, you can always get free and paid versions of these plugins if you decide to use any of these plugins.

Finally, you should use your website’s best WordPress plugin for Google AdSense to generate revenue from your ads. All of these suggestions are worth it!

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