12 Best WordPress Plugins for Google Analytics

Best WordPress Plugin for Google Analytics

When you have the best WordPress plugins for google analytics installed for your WordPress site, you can access all of the data, metrics, and insights related to your site without ever having to leave the dashboard.

The vast majority of users prefer Google Analytics, which, while its many strengths, may be intimidating to use because of the volume of data it provides.

Professionals develop WordPress plugins to facilitate a more satisfying user experience and easier navigation.

Because new plugins are available on the market monthly, it can take time to determine the best option for you.

To assist you, we have produced a list of the best WordPress plugins for google analytics in 2022.

So that you may select the analytics plugin that is most suitable for your requirements, we will discuss the fundamental differences between the available options, in addition to their features and advantages.

Best WordPress Plugins for Google Analytics

1. Slimstat Analytics

In web analytics, Slimstat is a third-party platform that competes with WordPress, and Google Analytics Complexity is something that appeals to us.

It is an open-source platform that stores all of your data in your WordPress database.

It enables you to track returning customers and registered users, as well as monitor Javascript events, detect intrusions, and analyze email campaigns — all without leaving the dashboard of your WordPress installation.

You can utilize as much or as little of the add-ons as you require, thanks to the variety of available add-ons in addition to the free basic version.

2. MonsterInsights

MonsterInsights is what people refer to as one of the best WordPress plugins for google analytics. In addition, it has more than 3 million active installations, making it the most used Google Analytics plugin for WordPress.

MonsterInsights, like many other plugins on this list, automatically insert your Google Analytics tracking code on your site. You can find the information in a straightforward interface that functions right within your WordPress dashboard, allowing you to scale your site any way you like with free and premium plans.

The free edition is one of the greatest WordPress analytics plugins out there. Provides the standard fare of Google Analytics data, including refreshed demographic and behavioral variables in real-time. The premium edition includes additional enhancements, including WooCommerce reporting.

This plugin also allows you to monitor the effectiveness of forms, YouTube and Vimeo embeds, external referrals from within your WordPress admin panel, and tracking Google AdSense and affiliate links.

One drawback is that, unlike Analytify, which we’ll get to in a moment, you can’t receive data on specific pieces of content using this method.

3. Analytify

There are a number of the best WordPress plugins for google analytics, and Analytify is one of them; it will install your Google Analytics tracking code without requiring any coding on your part.

The data is easily accessible within the WordPress dashboard, and the UI is simple.

Having better eCommerce tracking tools than competitors makes Analytify a great choice for online retailers.

Though the free version has some limitations, the premium upgrades are much more cost-effective than MonsterInsights and provide identical capabilities, with the added benefit of granular analysis for specific posts and pages.

By using Analytify’s free edition, you can keep an eye on your site’s statistics and receive access to some basic reporting tools.

Features like visitor location, social media metrics, and referring domain data can monitor.

Key tracking information at the page level, such as bounce rate and average time spent on the page, are also provided.

The paid version has more capabilities. Check out live updates to your data, track the success of your marketing initiatives, and stay on top with instant email alerts.

The tracking plugin is especially noteworthy, as it lets you see where your traffic is coming from and where you should focus your efforts.

4. Analytics Cat

What we appreciate best about Analytics Cat is that it is a straightforward and lightweight plugin. It can be done in minutes and is a handful if you want to add tracking code for Google Analytics to your WordPress site but want to keep it up with the dashboard integration.

Because it allows you to exclude logged-in users from your Google Analytics tracking, Analytics Cat provides a straightforward solution to the problem of your data becoming tainted due to your compulsive usage of the site’s internal navigational features.

You also have the option to exclude any number of other user roles that you see fit. These features make it one of the best WordPress plugins for Google Analytics.

5. Crazy Egg

What we appreciate about Crazy Egg is that it is a different kind of analytics plugin than the others on this list.

It offers the best WordPress plugins for google analytics. The service provided by Crazy Egg, which is known as heatmaps, snapshots, and screen recordings of your website, is called Crazy Egg.

Heatmaps are very beneficial since they reveal which sections of our websites receive the most mouse clicks and which areas of the page users concentrate their attention on the most.

However, screen recordings can also give useful insight into barriers visitors may face when using your website.

Identify and eliminate these sources of friction, and watch as your conversion rate increases as a direct result of your efforts.

This premium solution integrates with WordPress websites using a free WordPress plugin and inserts the tracking code Crazy Egg provides into your website.

This allows you to view what users are doing on your website in real-time through heat maps and recordings.

In addition, the plugin provides thorough A/B testing based on various content variables, such as color, wording, and positioning, to enhance the user experience and grow conversions.

This is a helpful alternative to Google Analytics for users more interested in conversion optimization.

It also comes in handy when constructing new pages or finishing a website’s makeover.

6. GA Google Analytics

What we like about it is that it is renowned for doing one thing and doing it well. The GA Google Analytics plugin is recognized for adding a code for Google Analytics to every page you host on a WordPress website.

The interface provided by Google Analytics is more appealing to many WordPress users than the installation of a dashboard tool provided by WordPress.

If that is the case, this is a suitable option for software programs such as MonsterInsights and Analytify.

Since the plugin does not automatically pull in or display any analytics for you, you will continue to view the statistics of your website via Google Analytics.

Because it eliminates the need to put tracking code on each site page manually, Google Analytics is ideally suited for large, complicated websites with hundreds of pages.

This is one of the best WordPress plugins for google analytics if you are content with keeping your Google Analytics account separate from your WordPress dashboard.

Still, you also want to keep things as lightweight as possible while ensuring that the tracking code is on each page.

In addition, the premium edition of GA Google Analytics provides various sophisticated features, such as an opt-out for visitors and different tracking code setting options.

In addition to this, it permits the usage of custom code and enables the disabling of tracking for logged-in users, post IDs, user roles, and post categories.

7. WP Google Analytics Events

WP Google Analytics Events is a plugin that allows you to build and fire Google Analytics events from within WordPress.

Its primary purpose is to provide in-depth behavioral analytics and dig deeper into the data you have collected using Google Analytics.

For example, just because a visitor landed on a blog page does not guarantee that they scrolled all the way down and read the entire thing from beginning to end.

With the assistance of WP Google Analytics Events, you may better understand what is occurring at the level of particular events, such as scrolling and seeing specific page content.

Events can give you a great deal more specific information about how visitors are interacting with your website.

One of its major drawbacks is that this WordPress plugin for google analytics is not the most user-friendly choice available here.

Because the tool’s configuration can be challenging, I recommend this one to more experienced users.

Despite this, you won’t need to write much-complicated code to organize events because the plugin will manage all of that for you and will do an excellent job at it.

Another one of our freemium tools is called WP Google Analytics Events.

The premium edition includes additional features such as link tracking, support for embedded videos from YouTube and Vimeo, support for embedded audio, permissions management, and help from the development team.

8. Jetpack

What we like about Jetpack is an all-in-one, multi-functional WordPress tool for design, marketing, speed, and security.

One of its many features is integration with Google Analytics, just one of its many capabilities.

Your website’s statistics are presented in an easy-to-understand manner by Jetpack, which also provides a concise summary of your website’s performance. Refrain from being able to go into the data on specific sites and postings.

Note that this integration is only available as part of Jetpack’s Complete plan, the most expensive premium Jetpack plan currently available.

In addition to providing you with statistics, this plan provides you with the full set of capabilities that it offers in security, growth, speed, and design.

In other words, Jetpack is capable of performing the functions of multiple plugins at the same time.

The best WordPress plugins for google analytics provide high-quality assistance and in-depth troubleshooting tutorials, just as one would anticipate from a product developed by WordPress.com.

The best part is that Jetpack includes a happy face that appears at the bottom of your page to indicate whether or not the JetPack analytics tools are functioning properly.

9. WP Statistics

WP Statistic is a free plugin that focuses on statistics and has a sophisticated yet simple interface. It beautifully presents graphs and charts and is very user-friendly.

This is one of the best WordPress plugins for google analytics strongly emphasizes protecting users’ privacy.

You can be certain that the information is not being divulged to the industry heavyweights.

In addition, using this plugin does not require you to interact with any other parties; you have to install and activate it, and you’re good to go.

WP Statistics excels, especially in geographical data and content reports.

It also enables you to monitor real-time statistics about your website and provide the normal functionality you would anticipate.

The most exciting part? It is completely free, and there are no upselling options. This is among the most widely used free analytics plugins that are readily available.

10. ExactMetrics

ExactMetrics comes on our list of the best WordPress plugins for google analytics that is compatible with Google Analytics.

Users can access reports immediately in their WordPress admin area by installing this plugin, which makes it easy for users to install the most recent version of the Google Analytics tracking code into the header of their website.

These reports from Google Analytics contain crucial pieces of information like:

  • The number of sessions and pageviews
  • Lookups using natural means
  • Rates of bounces
  • Referrers 404 errors
  • Routes for traffic
  • Precise metrics display the dashboard
  • In addition, the Google Analytics tracking ID can be entirely customized, which makes it possible to collect more advanced data such as events (downloads, scrolling page length, and so on) and custom dimensions (author, publication year, etc.).

The best approach to rapidly see spikes and surges in the traffic that comes to your WordPress website is to use ExactMetrics.

It is quite straightforward to configure, and it is not difficult to interpret the results when they display in WordPress.

11. 10Web Analytics

Another plugin that is simple to install is called 10WebAnalytics.

It enables you to examine Google Analytics reports from within the WordPress admin area, define and manage objectives, creates and use custom dimensions, and create and manage custom dimensions.

This plugin also connects with Google Ads and AdSense, enabling you to view crucial information regarding your advertising campaigns within the same control panel.

The following is the list of some of the other features:

  • Reporting on online commerce
  • Goal management
  • personalized report writing
  • Notifications when certain metric values reach a predetermined high or low point
  • Distribute reports by pre-set, automated email.
  • Create CSV exports of the reports.
  • Use filters to exclude particular user types, locations, or IP addresses from the tracked data.
  • In addition, Google Analytics by 10Web provides excellent customer service and guarantees to remedy any problems within twenty-four hours, should you experience any. You can access the plan’s more advanced features if you upgrade to the paying version.

One of the drawbacks is that this plugin has over ten critical reviews, most of which complain that it needs to operate better.

There are many positive reviews, so you will need to test it for yourself first.

12. Google Site Kit

Site Kit is the official Google WordPress plugin that provides information about how people find and utilize your website.

Google developed Site Kit. Site Kit is a comprehensive solution that allows users to launch, administer, and gain insights from essential Google products to ensure the success of their website on the internet.

It brings together the most authoritative and up-to-date information from various Google products. It places it in one location on the WordPress dashboard, making it very easy to access.

What are the Best WordPress Plugins for Google Analytics?

Because many analytics plugins exist specifically to perform a variety of functions, you may wish to use more than one of them.

Choose a plugin such as MonsterInsights or Analytify if you want the power of Google Analytics in your WordPress dashboard.

Both of these plugins provide fantastic free versions and complete commercial versions.

Several plugins specialize in providing privacy, speed, and dependability as an alternative.

You may also use certain straightforward programs that immediately provide a Google Analytics code.

Installing the best WordPress plugins for google analytics and experimenting with their free versions to see whether they fit your needs does not require you to make any financial commitment, which is one of the several advantages of using WordPress.

It would be nice if you had a few choices to determine which meets your analytics requirements effectively.

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