9 Best Xbox Gaming Controller

Best Xbox Gaming Controller

Among the best Xbox gaming consoles, Xbox Wireless Controller may have undergone some minor modifications to work with the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.

Still, in general, its design has stayed relatively unchanged throughout the past few generations of the best Xbox gaming consoles.

Even if this Xbox controller is a testament to superb design, that does not mean that it is the only Best Xbox Gaming Controller that you will be able to get your hands on.

Whether the design of the controller that comes in the box isn’t quite right, you want some additional capabilities, or you’re seeking a second controller to enable couch co-op with friends and family, purchasing a new controller could be a game-changer for you.

In addition, there are many different controllers from which to select. We put a wide variety of these products through our testing, and some of them will have more options, while others will have different sizes and textures.

The various games and genres to see how they stack up against the competition after testing their latency, comfort, and functionality to obtain a thorough rating of the best controllers.

In our perspective, the overall build quality and craftsmanship are the most important aspects to consider, in addition to whether or not they are wireless or wired, on a budget or in the premium price range, or come with extras that come packaged in.

9Best Xbox Gaming Controller

  • SCUF Instinct Pro
  • Microsoft Xbox Elite Series 2
  • Xbox Wireless Controller
  • PowerA Fusion Pro 2 Wired controller
  • Razer Wolverine Tournament Edition
  • AimControllers custom Xbox controller
  • Turtle Beach Recon Controller
  • Nacon Pro Compact Controller
  • Xbox One Wireless Controller

1. SCUF Instinct Pro

To provide you with the Best Xbox Gaming Controller deal, we search through thousands of different rates offered by thousands of stores. These hacked versions of official Xbox pads bring an overwhelming number of customization choices.

You have various customization options, including extra buttons and paddles, various grips and thumbsticks, and much more. In addition, you may select the colors and finishes for practically every part of the controller.

If we had an unending budget, we might consider purchasing a SCUF controller with all available accessories, even though this option will drive up the price.

Additionally, we prefer Xbox controllers. We have tested the Best Xbox Gaming Controller for more hours than we could keep track of.

So while we believe the option presented above to be the best option to take into consideration overall, there are additional controllers that we have tried and tested that we are happy to suggest.


  • Make it however you want
  • Outstanding construction quality and an official design by


  • Can quickly become too expensive Alternatives that offer better value
  • If you place a premium on simple personalization, there is no better option than a SCUF controller.

2. Xbox Wireless Controller

Initial thoughts on the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 are: What is the main difference?XBOX \Xbox Wireless Controller

The Xbox Series X and Series S consoles, which are part of the next generation of Xbox consoles, each come with a unique controller.

The official controller is your best option if you are looking for straightforward wireless gameplay and do not care about access to a wide variety of advanced customization options.

It has some great upgrades over the Xbox One version, including a dedicated button for taking screenshots and making video clips and changes to its grip and texture. The most obvious of these improvements is that the texture of the controller has been improved.


  • Easy to use and very comfortable


  • Easy to use and very comfortable
  • By default, there is no rechargeable battery present.

3. Microsoft Xbox Elite Series 2

Microsoft observed a few years ago that an increasing number of individuals were becoming interested in custom controllers. As a result, the company decided to enter the market itself, and the company’s controller, now in its second iteration, is formidable.

This item is expensive, much like other professional controllers. Still, it has the advantage of being officially licensed and comes with a vast array of customization options that allow you to fine-tune it to your specific preferences.

This is now the Best Xbox Gaming Controller for most people, whether they want rear paddles that can be arranged whatever they like or thumbsticks that offer just the appropriate amount of resistance, provided they are ready to pay for it.


  • Fantastic customization
  • Added buttons


  • Expensive
  • known to experience hardware issues

4. XbRazer Wolverine Tournament Edition

Razer produces a wide variety of add-ons and accessories that are fantastic for Xbox players, including several great headphones, and its Wolverine Tournament Edition controller is just as spectacular as its other products.

This adds a similar plethora of possibilities to the Xbox Elite controller, and it is designed very closely to the official size and style of the controller.

These include trigger stops, which are tremendously helpful in shooters, and programmable buttons, which let you set up your shortcuts. In addition, you can trigger higher or lower stick sensitivity instantly, which is a wonderful pleasure.

It is a wonderful pad that also undercut the price of Microsoft’s very own pro controller astoundingly, even though it is wired (which most serious gamers will tell you is better for latency anyway.


  • More affordable than Microsoft’s one Xbox offerings


  • Still very pricey
  • Wired alternative

5. PowerA Fusion Pro 2 Wired controller

This is an excellent method to acquire additional paddle controls, alternative sticks, and interchangeable faceplates for your controller if you are looking for Best Xbox Gaming Controller that offers some genuinely professional-level customization choices.

The price of the sequel that PowerA created to its fantastic controller is kept to a moderate level of control, partly because the company maintained a connected connection. If you can tolerate it, using it is an incredible experience and provides a high level of responsiveness.


  • Because of its outstanding construction quality
  • Interchangeable front plates
  • Fully customizable back pads.


  • Wired features
  • This is not the least expensive choice.

6. AimControllers Custom Xbox Controller

Suppose you are searching for Best Xbox Gaming Controller that includes additional paddles and quick-fire triggers and can be customized to suit your brand or design preferences properly. In that case, AimControllers is an excellent choice for you.

It is great for streamers or people who aspire to compete, as it enables complete customization of every aspect; nevertheless, you should be aware that each adjustment adds extra cost to what has the potential to become a pretty hefty price tag.

However, if you are looking for the greatest, this comes quite close to meeting your expectations. Review of the AimControllers Xbox Controller, which is ideal for competitive gaming.


  • For the sake of total customization
  • Great auxiliary paddles to have.
  • Premium construction


  • Extremely high in cost.

7. Turtle Beach Recon Controller

You also receive improved audio quality due to Turtle Beach’s audio technology and the ability to hot-swap between profiles to make instantaneous changes. As a result, this controller is not only very helpful but also quite affordable.


  • Reasonable in cost.
  • Pads that are easy to grip and are equipped with back buttons
  • Includes improvements to the sound for a more distinct multiplayer experience.


  • It could have a more substantial weight on the hand
  • Turtle Beach produces its wired controller, which is not only quite comfortable to use but also has good grips and a distinct texture on the triggers and shoulder buttons. In addition, many customization options are accessible via the two back buttons.

8. Nacon Pro Compact Controller

It’s a little controller that still feels incredibly robust and good to use and hold, but it’s perfect for throwing inside a bag or for kids whose hands might find it difficult to grip the conventional Xbox controller because of its size. Because we are huge admirers of it, you should check it out to see whether it meets your criteria.


  • Not just light but also of high quality.
  • Affordable cost


  • It will not make anyone’s life any easier or more pleasant.
  • This is a nice option from Nacon that you should look into if you have smaller hands, are looking for a cheaper controller, and don’t mind going the wired route.

9. Xbox One Wireless Controller

It may be the most comfortable and dependable first-party console controller ever made, and later models include Bluetooth connectivity. Additionally, it has a headphone port, making it an excellent choice for most consumers.


  • Getting more affordable
  • Works perfectly
  • Always comfortable


  • No more modern equipment
  • Not customized

Even though it is not the most recent official controller, the older Xbox One pad is still a wonderful buy and may drop in price over time, making it a fantastic offer that can be used with newer consoles. Additionally, even though it is not the most recent official controller, it is still compatible with them.

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