9 Best Zwift Alternatives

Best Zwift Alternatives

Do you love Zwift? There are some other best Zwift alternatives to check out as well.

Zwift is a free, social, and multiplayer cycling game that allows you to race against other players in real-time. 

It’s a great way to get fit and stay motivated while having fun with friends. You can choose from different bikes, ride on other routes, or enjoy the scenery. 

The best part of this app is that it’s completely free! There are no ads or purchases required. It’s also straightforward to use and has tons of features. 

If you want to try something new and have fun simultaneously, you should give Zwift a shot.

The best thing about Zwift is that it’ll keep you coming back for more because it’s so much fun. 

With all these fantastic features, we decided to put together a list of our favorite Zwift alternatives. So let’s jump right into it.

Some of the best Zwift alternatives are listed below: 

1. Bkool


The first startup to develop an interactive online training and competition platform was Bkool.

Before Zwift existed, Bkool was primarily a manufacturer of intelligent trainers. 

The Spanish brand has since become increasingly online, integrating with all the many intelligent trainers available on the market and providing some unique features for people seeking a Zwift substitute. 

Riding on a genuine video in 4K is undoubtedly the first element that sets Bkool apart from Zwift. 

2. Strava Live Segments

Strava Live Segments is also one of the best Zwift alternatives. This feature lets you compete against your friends in real-time. 

Additionally, the only difference between this one and Zwift is that there are no courses.

Instead, you set up segments where you will be racing against others. You can even create challenges and invite your friends to join. 

3. Runtastic Cycling

Runtastic Cycling is a fitness tracker that tracks your rides and provides stats like distance, speed, calories burned, and heart rate. 

You can sync your data with Strava Live Segment, making it easier to compare yourself to your friends. 

4. Rouvy

Rouvy was born to a team of athletic trainers in the Czech Republic. The platform has a relatively broad selection of training tables and preparation schedules. 

However, even fans of Zwift-style races will find something to eat here, thanks to the abundance of cyclists on Rouvy’s roads, which are also accurately recreated in real videos like in Bkool. 

Our avatar is 3D-reconstructed, pedals on the highways in a compelling style, and Rouvy’s aesthetics are also excellent. 

For individuals with many family members who enjoy Cycling, Rouvy offers a very intriguing option: up to three family members can be trained through Rouvy for a monthly subscription fee of 12 euros. 

5. The Sufferfest 

Next on our list of best Zwift alternatives is the sufferfest. The Sufferfest may not now deserve a third place, but thanks to the enormous Wahoo’s recent acquisition of the business, it has excellent growth prospects. 

The app’s current name is The Sufferfest, but you can also find it listed as a System on the Wahoo website. 

Additionally, the deal is based on two subscription plans: one that costs 13.20 euros per month and another that costs 113 euros annually, with a monthly cost of just 9.40 euros. 

The Sufferfest’s motto, “Pedal faster,” reveals a lot about how the platform is built. Everything is based on performance and training. 

6. TrainerRoad 

TrainerRoad is a relatively new player in the world of Zwift alternatives. However, its popularity is increasing. 

This app allows users to ride virtual routes created by other users. These routes are called “courses,” and they are designed to help you improve your skills.

Users can choose their way or select from various pre-made ones. 

7. TrainingPeaks 

Training Peaks is an app that helps you track and prepare for workouts. It includes many metrics, such as heart rate, power, cadence, speed, altitude, and more. 

8. Fulgaz

Perhaps our favorite Zwift substitute is Fulgaz. It is less well-known than the platforms we have listed so far.

But it is maybe the most beautiful when it is finished, so we didn’t put it there just for publicity. 

Like the three articles before, Fulgaz also plays real videos of real roads, but they all take a different approach than Zwift. 

Additionally, as with Bkool, you can upload your Action Cam-captured routes to Fulgaz.

This British platform stands out among the many Zwift substitutes for the love of gravel. 

In reality, many routes in HD video are available on gravel terrain, which is rare to locate on other surfaces. 

9. RGT Cycling

Last on our list of best Zwift alternatives is RGT Cycling. Like The Sufferfest, RGT Cycling focuses on preparation and performance.

Thus, it is no accident that it has significant structural partnerships with partners like Training Peaks. 

RGT truly merits further examination because of a number of its unusual traits: 

First, RGT uses reconstructed 3D visuals, just like Zwift, but it produces genuinely startling results that, in our opinion, outperform Zwift. 

Next, RGT provides free rides without requiring an unlimited subscription. There are undoubtedly numerous restrictions. 

But you can also benefit from the 14-day free trial and membership for just 8.99 euros per month. 

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