8 Blood Pressure Apps for Android

Blood Pressure Apps for Android

We go through stress at some point in our lives, especially at our workplace, which can hurt our health. One of these adverse effects is increased blood pressure.

So, it’s essential always to keep track of our blood pressure to live a healthy life.

However, we can’t go everywhere with a blood pressure machine, so there must be other ways to track our blood pressure.

There are several blood pressure apps, but they can’t measure our blood; they can only track and give some predictions about our blood pressure.

This article discusses the best blood pressure apps for Android.

1. Blood Pressure Tracker

Blood Pressure Tracker

The Blood Pressure Tracker app is arguably the best blood pressure app for Android users, and it makes it easy to keep track of your blood pressure.

Then, you can take your drugs and then figure out how often you should take them based on the results. As a text file, you can share it with your doctor.

It also lets you add statistics like your weight and pulse to every reading, making it easy to remove them.

Moreover, It supports several languages and allows you to share reports across many devices.

There are also some other essential features, like organizing records by weeks, months, and years.

2. SmartBP


Smart Blood Pressure is another simple app among the blood pressure apps for Android. It allows you to record and track your blood pressure readings anywhere.

You can use it to track your blood pressure and add notes to your measurements.
You can even save the part of your measurement where you took your blood pressure reading.

Further, SmartBP offers comprehensive information by evaluating the data you’ve saved in the app. It can analyze systolic and diastolic measurements separately.

There is also a sharing feature, which allows you to transfer data files.

3. Blood Pressure Log – MyDiary

Blood Pressure Log - MyDiary

MyDiary app is another versatile blood pressure app. Asides from tracking your blood pressure, it also checks your pulse rate and arm pressure.

It also tells you your mean arterial pressure and other complicated health indicators.
You can quickly write down your blood pressure information to remember it.

The date and time can help you remember when you took your blood pressure reading so that you can look back.

Also, MyDiary tracks your oxygen saturation, glucose, and weight.

4. Heart Rate Monitor

Heart Rate Monitor

Heart rate is a vital indicator of one’s health and fitness. The Instant Heart Rate app tracks your heart rate and keeps records of your heart rate.

Also, this app gives limitless data storage, graphs, testing, and other features.

With this app, the user can monitor their cardiac rhythm and be sure to get a satisfactory result.

5. Cardio Journal — Blood Pressure Log

Cardio Journal — Blood Pressure Log

Cardio Journal keeps an eye on your blood pressure and weight changes, which helps you keep your health in check.

It lets people keep track of their health and write down everything they do.

This blood pressure app can share data with other fitness apps to help you stay healthy.

So, the user doesn’t have to enter data into an app manually, thus saving time and making it more useful.

6. Calm – Meditate, Sleep, Relax


Calm is another blood pressure app for Android. Using Calm is a great way to keep your blood pressure in check.

It has meditations that help you relax your mind and disconnect from any noise. This app allows you to sleep better and improves your psychological well-being, too.

Also, it is available on both iOS ad Android. After the app’s update, it now has a playlist of songs that can help when you’re stressed out.

7. OMRON Connect

OMRON Connect

OMRON Connect permits users to move data from measuring devices to their phones.

The device must be able to connect to Omron Connect, so users can quickly send and save data to their smartphones.

Not only does it help the user store data, but it also helps them look at their progress by organizing the data in graphs.

8. iCare Health Monitor

iCare Health Monitor

iCare Health Monitor is an all-around app that measures your blood pressure and oxygenation.

It also checks your heart rate, how well you can hear and see, and how much you can breathe. It is available for both iOS and Android.

This app has an easy-to-use interface that puts the information you need.

Further, the app is free, and you don’t need to know anything about medicine to use or understand how it works.

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