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Bluetooth Gaming Controllers
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Have you ever given any attention to the possibility of controlling your device with a Bluetooth controller? What exactly are Bluetooth gaming controllers used for? Or a game controller?

A controller of this type is only a piece of hardware in conjunction with various entertainment systems or video games.

For example, it is used as a controller for a video game. It grants the player greater power over a specific element or character within the game.

A game controller that utilizes Bluetooth technology and is compatible with Android devices is built to enhance gameplay by providing a more dynamic experience.

The support for the controller has been thoughtfully and carefully put together so that users can freely and quickly control their mobile device, be it a phone or a tablet.

When it comes to gaming, one of the most notable benefits of using Bluetooth gaming controllers for Android is the increased number of options that are available to the player.

In addition, support for controllers built into Android is significantly more ubiquitous.

Bluetooth Gaming Controllers Compatibility

Before you begin using the controller, you need to give some important consideration to certain aspects of it.

First, it is necessary to be aware of its compatibility; if this information is lacking, users will likely experience some difficulty. The majority of controllers often combine with more recent software.

That doesn’t mean that there are fewer chances for you. But unfortunately, how it functions for older software is unreliable, unpredictable, and occasionally does not function at all.

Even if your phone is running the most recent version of Android, things aren’t always going to go smoothly because not all Android games make use of the controller API.

Users may also check out a third-party app on other platforms, allowing for remapping function buttons, keys, and other controls. Note, however, that your device will need to be rooted to take full benefit of this feature.

Why Use Bluetooth Gaming Controllers?

A diverse selection of games for the Android platform has naturally been developed utilizing a touchscreen control interface.

However, if you desire to experience the full immersion of most games, utilizing Bluetooth gaming controllers is the most logical choice.

This makes a lot more sense when it comes to games that were genuinely ported from a console to Android or emulators.

You’ll better understand my point when you play VR games. Because your phone is attached to your headband, you won’t be able to use the touchscreen controls.

Best Bluetooth Gaming Controllers

When it comes to gaming controllers, Bluetooth gaming controllers have more or less established themselves as the industry standard.

In addition to experiencing reduced latency, you also benefit from a good balance of stable connectivity and power usage.

Therefore, we suggest that while shopping for the best Bluetooth controller for yourself, you decide based on the device it will use.

If you wish to utilize the controller with a computer, you can get away with using a standard one, such as the Xbox Core controller or the Sony DualSense.

This is because you are provided with all of the required functions, and consumers now consider these controllers the industry standard. In particular, the Xbox controller features a design that various manufacturers of controllers have adopted.

On the other hand, if you desire to acquire Bluetooth gaming controllers for your Android phone, the more important thing to consider is how portable it is and how long its battery will last.

You have different options to pick from when it comes to the form factors of mobile-focused Bluetooth controllers, so you can get what you want.

The process for charging these controllers is another important aspect to take into consideration. Some controllers have built-in batteries, which may be a dock or via USB that is in use for charging.

Others utilize regular AA-sized batteries. Obtaining AA batteries that can be recharged would be the optimal answer for the latter problem.

1. DualShock 4 PS4 Controller

You may not need to quickly run out and get a DualSense controller immediately if you don’t have any plans to buy a PS5 soon.

Instead, you might find it easier to stay with the reliable DualShock 4 controller, which comes in more than a dozen different colors that you can pick from.

You only need to quickly glimpse the DualShock 4 to realize it’s a PlayStation controller. It appears and operates the same way you are accustomed to, and it comes with a touch panel, a jack for headphones, and other features.

The DualShock 4 is an excellent purchase for any gamer, regardless of whether they play on mobile devices or personal computers.

However, if you’re coming from an Xbox background, the transfer might not be as seamless as you’d like it to be.

Sony improved their DualShock controllers for the fourth generation by adding sensitive triggers and even better controls for the analog sticks.

Even if it doesn’t do much more than set the mood for your gaming sessions, the built-in light bar is another one of the kind feature that sets it apart from other similar products.

In this day and age, certain colors are much harder to obtain than others. Therefore you should acquire the DualShock 4 while you still can.

2. SteelSeries Stratus Duo

The rechargeable battery found in the SteelSeries Stratus Duo is good for a maximum of 20 hours of gameplay.

It also has a very monochromatic appearance, with black being the only color present. The Stratus Duo may connect to computer windows or Steam computers using the 2.4GHz wireless connection and its ability to work through Bluetooth.

Plug in the USB wireless adapter in the package if your desktop computer does not already have Bluetooth built-in; this is the ideal solution.

Check out our review of the SteelSeries Stratus Duo below for a more in-depth look, but in a nutshell, we thought the gadget was great for gaming on mobile devices and personal computers.

The only big issues were a lack of charging via USB-C, which in this day and age is an oversight, and a D-pad that was a little bit too soft.

In addition, the color scheme of gray on black makes it very difficult to read the printed labels on the buttons, which adds to the difficulty.

When using the Stratus Duo for mobile gaming, you should use it in conjunction with a phone stand or the SteelSeries SmartGrip.

It weighs 245 grams, much less than the Stratus XL, making it a more portable option for gamers constantly on the move.

3. PowerA Moga XP7-X Plus

Nothing else is like the market’s PowerA Moga XP7-X Plus mobile controller. Gamers can position the phone in the center of the dock, and the controller handles will be on either side of the screen. This design is referred to as the dock form factor.

This provides your smartphone with the look and feels of a mobile console, including grips with an ergonomic feel and Bluetooth gaming controllers of console quality.

In addition, you can remove the phone and transform the device into a more conventional controller.

Additionally, the handles come equipped with customizable buttons. In addition, the 2,000 mAh battery can function as a power bank and wirelessly recharges your phone.

4. Razer Kishi V2

This Razer is one of the Bluetooth gaming controllers for mobile gaming and is not to be disregarded if you have your heart set on acquiring a more high-end model.

The Razer Kishi V2 includes all the bells and whistles one would anticipate finding on a high-end Bluetooth controller and some additional features.

In addition, it has a great feel in hand because of the high-quality materials and textured polymers used in its construction.

As a result, you won’t want to put this particular controller down at any point. So instead, check out our comprehensive review of the Razer Kishi V2 here.

This docking form factor is growing on Razer, and as a result, the company has made several major upgrades.

As a result, this edition is compatible with more phones, boasts select buttons, and offers a programmable M2 bumper that is both easy and flexible.

In addition, the USB-C connection’s low latency makes it an excellent choice for more competitive mobile gaming.

There are certain flaws in the system. We do not recommend the app, and both the headphone jack and the passthrough charging are lacking on this device.

5. 8bitdo M30 Controller

If you’ve been seeking one, this is one of the best Bluetooth gaming controllers you want to use with your Sega Genesis games.

The controller is also compatible with the Nintendo Switch and PC, macOS, and Android operating systems; nevertheless, it was created with Sega’s classics in mind.

Sega’s iconic titles are playable with new features such as a USB-C connector and turbo functionality mapping.

Because of its comfortable design, it is easy to hold in your hands, and Even if you play for several hours in a row without taking a break, gaming is not something that will tire you out.

The directional pad (D-pad) and the shoulder buttons provide a satisfying feel and a quick response. 8Bitdo’s M30 controller is a wonderful, affordable retro controller.

6. 8Bitdo Zero 2

The market’s highest-performing, most ergonomic, and one of the most expensive Bluetooth gaming controllers isn’t always necessary for certain tasks.

Even though none of those things, the 8Bitdo may still be the perfect choice if you are searching for something that is extremely portable and can carry in your pocket. In addition, the 8Bitdo Zero 2 has a very small footprint.

We cannot dispute that its shape gives it a humorous appearance. In addition, it only weighs 20 grams, which is extremely little.

Additionally, the gadget is compatible with the Nintendo Switch and Windows, Android, and other operating systems.

And even though the battery life isn’t very impressive, eight hours is pretty respectable, considering how compact the device is.

7. Gamesir X3 Type-C Controller

Even fewer choices are available if you want a mobile powerhouse to go along with a serious gaming phone.

However, we are thankful because the Gamesir X3 Type-C controller is a formidable contender in this sphere. It’s not just one of the fantastic Bluetooth gaming controllers for your phone, but it also comes with a fan and heatsink assembly with RGB lighting built into it.

It has a cumbersome build but makes up for that with more than its share of benefits. You will receive excellent ergonomics and a high level of customization options.

You are given two alternative options for the D-Pads, and People can adjust the joysticks to a height of their choosing.

It has a USB-C port for connection; however, additional power is necessary to operate the cooling system. You may use an adaptor to power it, or you can use a battery pack.

However, because it may reduce the temps of your CPU by more than 10 degrees Celsius, it is fantastic for avid mobile gamers (50F).

8. 8Bitdo Pro 2

8Bitdo has been manufacturing Bluetooth gaming controllers compatible with multiple platforms for several years, and the Pro 2 is no exception.

This is one of the best Bluetooth gaming controllers and is compatible with various platforms, including Switch, mobile devices, Steam, Raspberry Pi, MacOS, and PC. It just might become your go-to option for all your gaming needs.

The 8Bitdo Pro 2 has a complete button set, which includes the R3 and L3 buttons, and it comes with companion software for updating the firmware and customizing the buttons.

The wireless controller also comes with a handful of additional buttons built into the back of the handles, all of which people can program themselves.

In addition, it has a USB-C port for charging and a 1,000 mAh battery so that you can enjoy longer gaming sessions.

The design of 8Bitdo has stood the test of time. With its side grips, excellent control sticks, and quick triggers, it fits perfectly in the palm of your hand.

In addition, because of the D-pad hassle of a traditional D-pad, like the one found on an NES controller, this console is fantastic for playing fighting games andic games.

9. Xbox Core

The Xbox Core controller comes with the Xbox Series X and Series S consoles because the previous generation’s controller has been halted. The excellent news is that the gamepad will maintain functionality on other platforms.

At first, As far as I can tell, it functions similarly to the previous controller., yet even seemingly minor modifications have the potential to make a significant impact.

In the first place, the D-Pad is spherical and sensitive. In addition, the straightforward four-way pad that it replaces should give way to a more satisfying experience thanks to its replacement.

Additionally, Microsoft redesigned the bumpers and triggers, giving them a stippled texture to improve the player’s grip when they are in the thick of the action.

In addition, the controller now has a brand-new share button; however, it still has the standard 3.5mm headphone jack. Since gamers are more linked than ever, you must showcase your accomplishments.

The Xbox Elite Series 2 is one of the top Bluetooth gaming controllers and is another option worth considering for anyone searching for a more expert level of gameplay.

It comes with programmable handle buttons in the rear, greater battery life, superior style, and accessories adaptable to one’s needs.

10. Sony DualSense

The Core Bluetooth gaming controller provides a glimpse into the future of Xbox, but the DualSense controller is what you’ll use to pair with Sony’s upcoming PlayStation 5 console.

Although it maintains some of the same design elements as Sony’s earlier controllers, the new DualSense appears to be modeled after a spaceship more than anything else.

The white controller is one of the most important features introduced by the new video game consoles.

Most prior DualShock alternatives came in black right out of the box; however, the DualSense intends to be aesthetically consistent with the PlayStation 5.

In addition, the DualShock now features a flexible trigger configuration, meaning that you will feel varied responses when interacting with different elements of your surroundings. This is one of the other big enhancements that have been implemented.

The DualSense from Sony maintains a 3.5mm headphone port and an internal microphone, allowing you to communicate with your companions.

In addition, you will find a create button, which will assist you in sharing your material and going live on the streaming networks of your choice.

However, you will not be able to continue playing even if you replace the AA batteries in the controller because people can only charge it through a USB-C cable.

11. Ipega Pg-9017s

The iPega PG-9017S is a controller that does not require any drivers and conserves power when Bluetooth is already off. It can control a range of up to 6-8 meters and includes an integrated transmission of Bluetooth wireless version 3.0.

It is compatible with systems at or above version 3.2 for both iOS and Android. In addition, the iPega PG-9017S is also compatible with Windows 7/8/XP, Android TV, and Android TV Box.

 12. Matricom G-Pad XYBA

This joystick controller and pro gamepad are wireless, rechargeable, and Bluetooth-enabled. This Bluetooth controller offers you a gaming experience that is both incredibly smooth and expertly controlled.

It is compatible with the PlayStation 3, PC, G-BOX Q, and Samsung Gear VR, amongst other Bluetooth input devices.

The ergonomic design ensures long-term player comfort. In addition, its lithium-ion battery, which people can recharge, allows for continuous operation for several hours.

It is one of the gamepads you’re frequently using now because of its soft and smooth design, which includes 16 buttons and two precision variable joysticks that are among the best.

13. Razer Serval

The Razer Serval is another Bluetooth game controller that is widely in use. The range of the wired mode is approximately 1.5 meters Micro USB-USB, while the wireless mode has a range of 3.0 meters. It is a gaming clip that you can adjust and has four quite sensitive buttons.

 14. Satechi Bluetooth Wireless Gamepad

The arduous hours spent controlling touchscreens are now a thing of the past, thanks to Satechi. A firm grip, an easy-to-use 14-button game controller, a power-saving sleep mode, and a wireless range of 23 feet are all included in the Satechi, making it convenient for gaming.


We have reached the end of our discussion on the finest Bluetooth gaming controllers available for Android, Pc, and many other devices.

These controllers, shown above, see a significant amount of use. Therefore, it is an extremely insightful list of the most popular controllers worldwide. 

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