8 Best Crypto NFT Games in 2022

Crypto NFT Games

The term “Crypto Nft games” is a union of two individual systems – NFT games and cryptocurrency. 

The unity of NFT games with cryptocurrency is labelled “play-to-earn” or “Play2Earn”. This term refers to platforms where players can buy and sell while gaming.

Crypto NFT games are not just games you play to have fun. These games pay out cryptocurrencies to players consistent and are active on their platform. 

This fast-growing trend seems to be the future of the gaming industry. With the rise in games hosted on the blockchain platform, crypto NFT games slowly erase traditional gaming techniques.

What are NFTs?

The term ‘NFT’ is an acronym for Non-Fungible Token. The ‘Non-Fungible’ attribute signifies that every NFT is unique and cannot be interchanged or replaced by another. 

When you interchange an NFT for another, it doesn’t change but remains the same. Any other digital token could pass for an NFT as long as it has the qualities mentioned above.

How Do You Earn From Crypto NFT Games?

Believing that playing NFT games is a means of income is not enough. As a result, there are several questions as to how NFT games can turn into money. 

Since the pieces of NFT works are unique to their style, they can be traded easily. The inclusion of NFT in gaming makes it possible to monetize the game.

It also rules out the idea of developers having to earn while players gain nothing from gaming.

With these games built on the blockchain, their assets come as NFTs. When a player makes a milestone within the game, the person earns an NFT.

Sometimes, the players may receive bonuses or exchange their NFTs for money.

Top Crypto NFT Games

Crypto NFT Games

Several NFT games are coming up, and many others are yet to come. However, the following are some of the top Crypto NFT games:

1. Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is the best crypto NFT game among other NFT games available. Being one of the earliest games in the industry, it has become viral among fans worldwide.

Axie Infinity drew its inspiration from the popular Pokemon ideology. In the game’s plot, players breed creatures known as Axies. These creatures supposedly grow as you feed and nurture them.

When these creatures become mature, the player may sell them or engage them in battles with other players. When the Axies fight, a player may earn a currency known as Small Love Potions (SLP). If a player chooses to sell them, he can trade them as NFTs.

Axie Infinity is one of the forefathers in the crypto gaming industry. It presently has an in-game sale of $3.6 billion in its marketplace.

The platform houses over four million players, with over two million active players.

2. The Sandbox Games

The Sandbox is another exciting Play-to-Earn metaverse game that explores creativity beyond bounds.

It is the latest entry in the blockchain, widely known for its two types: The Sandbox and the Sandbox Evolution. Today, it is one of the biggest titles in the metaverse gaming industry.

The game allows you to own land, play games within, or explore other aspects. You can choose to play your part as an artist or collector.

If you’re looking forward to owning a digital land, asset, or property, the Sandbox is the easiest way to begin.

The Sandbox games are expanding more rapidly than ever, with over 15 K distribution of NFTs. It has a record of 150K hours of playing with numerous visitors trooping into its market. 

Anyone can access the Sandbox on social media platforms as well. It has a very active social community, mainly because it hosts significant online contests. 

3. Alien Worlds

Alien World is that game that revives the intrigue you felt as a child when you encounter alien talks. It makes a captivating crypto NFT game, one that cannot miss your gaming list.

This play-to-earn metaverse game works on blockchains like WAX, Binance Smart Chain, and Ethereum.

With compelling graphics, the game introduces an addictive storyline. The plot revolves around exploring planets and mining resources to enrich your character. 

You earn cryptocurrency known as Trillium (TLM) as you explore the seven planets. Interestingly, you can also trade this crypto for real money. Players mine these TLM from across the planets and sell them over secondary marketplaces.

Aside from mining TLM, they can also send out spaceships on missions across the metaverse. These players compete for a share of the TLM prize pool, a bonus within the game.

On the BSC blockchain, players can go as far as competing with each other.

4. Mobox

This game combines gaming NFTs with Defi yield farming. Yield farming is an investment ideology where players stake crypto coins for rewards.

Players have tasks like farming and fighting battles in the game’s plot. These actions generate crypto rewards. Players also acquire NFTs known as MOMOs on the platform through the Binance NFT Mystery Box launches.

The game lets players trade their MOMOs or stake them to farm MBOX tokens. You can also use the MOMOs as collateral within the MOBOX metaverse.

The gameplay is easy to understand and welcoming to all. It combines free-to-play and play-to-earn workings with good graphics and a user-friendly interface.

5. Illuvium

Illuvium is one of the best blockchain games in an open-world RPG setting. 

The game plot revolves around a fantasy world where players defeat and catch creatures known as Illuvials. Once the Illuvials are within a player’s grasp and placed in a collection, they serve multiple purposes to the player.

The game’s main mechanics revolves around getting hold of these creatures and customizing them. The Illuvials are NFTs with a unique class and affinity. There are also five classifications of the creatures based on their strengths and flaws.

Illuvials can be used in battles against other players as you strive to complete the quests. These creatures also come in handy when completing challenges and levels as you go through the story.

As your illuvial complete battles and missions in the game, they get stronger.

As NFTs, you can trade Illuvials along with other in-game assets on the NFT marketplace. You can earn the Illuvium’s in-game currencies by purchasing the token on Binance and staking it on the game’s platform.

6. Splinterlands

Splinterlands rose to be one of the biggest NFT games after starting as Steem Monsters. The game is still thriving after years since its production. 

The plot features battles against monsters from which players earn several rewards and in-game assets. You can sell these assets in secondary marketplaces.

Since Lands and the Splinterlands token launch, the game has advanced even more. The Lands in the game enabled players to design their weapons for battle use.

The game is free to play, so you can try it out first before buying items within the game. It also features creative gameplay. Built on the HIVE blockchain network, it makes good use of the play-to-earn features.

7. Gods Unchained

Gods Unchained is the product of experienced developers. This attribute signifies that the game is a masterpiece and a must-play for game fanatics.

The game features several collectible cards -NFTs – similar to the 1993 card game – Magic: The Gathering. These cards have real-world value based on the token in the game known as the GODS token.

Gods Unchained has gained fame for its reputable background. It also has powerful growth potential.

8. Decentraland

This game is a masterpiece in the NFT gaming industry, where players can explore and implement their creative power.

It is an open-world game that introduces individuals to a broader gaming community. It is also one of the first gaming platforms to accept SDK builds.

Decentraland game plot allows players to create their arts, scenes, and future challenges. It also contains a large arena for virtual real estate and a marketplace for trading.

The game token is known as MANA which has about 2.6 billion supplies.

The game is also highly user-friendly, with graphics that enable players to interact easily with the platform.

The market capitalization of the game is an estimated $600 million.


While this post contains just eight crypto NFT games, there are still more play-to-earn games to check out. This sector of gaming is undoubtedly going to keep growing and expanding. They are now one of the most dominant forces in the crypto field. 

If you are a gaming type, it’s time to key into the crypto NFT games. You can now take advantage of this trend to improve and enhance your gaming skills.

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