What Is Cryptojacking?


Cryptojacking is a term that has been garnering a lot of buzz in the media, as it defines a matter that is causing concern in the cryptocurrency community.

Cryptojacking describes a hacker utilizing somebody else’s computer to mine cryptocurrency.

Hackers are able to do such a thing by conducting several actions that can provide them with easy access. Due to the immense returns that can be garnered in this field, cryptojacking appears to be on the rise.

Cryptojacking Has Become the Go-to Option for Hackers Around the Globe

Contrary to popular belief, cryptojacking can be performed by anyone, as there are cryptojacking kits available that enable people to conduct such illegal action, without the need of having technical skills.

These kits are being created by hackers who have a lot of experience in the field and want to start making money by implementing what they know in these types of kits to “help” others in their “hacking journeys.” Compared to ransomware, hackers are seeing cryptojacking to be a more affordable and profitable alternative.

Not only that, but the risk of being identified and thus caught are minimal because crypto mining code runs sneakily and can go undetected. Indeed, hackers are always on the hunt for the next big thing to take advantage of it every way they possibly can.

Primary Cryptojacking Methods Used

There are different ways how hackers are able to use a computer to secretly mine cryptocurrencies, without permission. One of them is by sending emails, persuading potential victims to click on malicious links that will automatically load cryptomining code onto their computers.

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When the potential victims click on them, a code will run in the background as they work. There is no way they will know there is something unusual, at least not at first.

Another method used to conduct cryptojacking is that of placing a script on a website. When a person visits that particular website, the script will execute by running on victim’s computer and then sending results to the hacker’s server. This can also be done by placing an ad on a website.

It has been noted that in order to garner the most returns, a lot of hackers opt to put into practice every method. This is not surprising, as they have always done the same when hacking other fields.

Preventing Cryptojacking From Taking Place

So far, the most effective solutions that can be implemented to make cryptojacking a matter of the past revolve around practicing safety. It is important to have advanced anti-virus software, one that specifies when a website is dangerous to visit.

Emails from suspicious senders should not be opened. There are advanced measures that being tested by experts in the field in order to provide an extra level of security to cryptocurrency miners, but they are still in the works.

In the meantime, putting into practice the aforementioned information can certainly help in meaningful measure to prevent one from becoming a victim of cryptojacking anytime soon.

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