What’s the Difference Between Android TV and Google TV

Difference between Android TV and Google TV

Google created quite the hype in the market and brought a mountain load of confusion in September 2020 when it launched its Google TV option.

Users might confuse Android TV with its similar features and looks, but that’s not the case. Even though both are known as the best streaming devices, they have a few differences. 

Google TV and Android TV are operating systems widely known to power multiple smart TV models and even Chromecast devices.

Now, as Google continues to create some of the latest interfaces on their set-up TVs, let’s look at the future of TV. And discover the difference between Android TV and Google TV. 

Android TV vs. Google TV: Applications and Overall Experience

The Android TV operating system is a Google product and the company’s first foray into the television market. Android TV has several applications, but the main focus is on entertainment.

The best way to compare Android TV vs. Google TV is by looking at their respective applications and overall experience.

Google has been in the television market for years, while Android TV is Google’s first foray into this market.

The two operating systems are very different in terms of how they’re designed and what they offer. On the other hand, Google TV allows users to access content from various sources such as Netflix, YouTube, Hulu Plus, Pandora Radio, and more.

It also offers content recommendations for users and makes the user experience personal. 

Difference Between Android TV and Google TV: Smart Home Support and Mobile Remote

The Google TV smartphone application allows users to control the Smart TVs running on both Google TV and Android TV.

You can change channels and play your favorite movies and playlist using your smartphone application.

The app is smart, so you can change various system settings, type or search whatever you want and log in without typing through your TV remote, which is a hassle. 

The Google TV, since late 2021, can only be found on Android smartphones, which means iPhone users do not get access to this application and the features that come with it.

As a user, you can manage all your watch lists via the website. All this can be done on all your devices, including tablets and laptops.

When it comes to supporting the control of smart home devices connected with Android TV and Google TV, users can use manual controls and voice commands. 

Android TV vs. Google TV: Parent Controls and User Profiles

When it comes to the difference between Android TV and Google TV regarding multiple content and user profiles, Google TV surely is the winner in providing people with a personalized experience.

In Android TV, users can log in using their credentials and manage multiple applications. The process, on the other hand, is quite tiring and long.

Plus, the content displayed is recommended for the primary account holder, which is the opposite case in Google TV. 

The different profiles that Google TV allows its users to have are because they want the user experience to be alleviated and fully personalized.

The primary holder, family members, and even kids can get their own profiles and recommendations. The improvement is vast, and Google TV is indeed a winner!

If you want to keep your drama recommendations different from your children’s animated movie suggestions, then choosing Google TV is ideal. 

Difference Between Android TV and Google TV: Watchlist Creation

Google TV is taking a step forward by offering its users a comfortable level of personalization and functionality. Google TV allows you to create a watch later list, especially when you’re away from your TV.

For instance, you have seen an exceptional clip from a crazy show on Facebook. You can instantly add to your watchlist, so you don’t forget after some time.

Once you are back to your home, just open the newly curated watchlist and tune in to your favorite show right away!

This functionality isn’t limited to smartphone users. Irrespective of the Google-connected smart device you’re using, you can easily add any show to your watchlist. It isn’t a fantastic add-on for Google TV users!

Android TV vs. Google TV: Basic TV Mode

Another key difference between Android TV and Google TV is the basic TV mode. Currently, only Google TV users can enjoy this functionality.

This mode efficiently turns your smart functions off, and you can connect and use the basic tv. This supports your local cable, antenna, game consoles, and media players. 

In the basic mode, when wifi is off on your TV, there isn’t any tracking, so there are no ads and recommendations. No google assistant or smart features, just your basic television. Just like your old golden days! 

Final Verdict

The difference between Android TV and Google TV is not very significant, but it surely has key features. So if you are searching for a basic TV that plays your favorite content from Disney Plus, HBO, and even Netflix, then use Android TV and cast all your favorite media using Chromecast.

But if you have multiple people at home who use different profiles and then watch Live streaming on a daily basis, then Google TV is perfect for you!

Now recommending buying a new Google TV is a tough choice, especially if you have an Android TV. But when it comes to upgrading, indeed, investing in Google TV can be perfect.

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