20 Different Languages in Computer Programming

Different Languages in Computer Programming
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An essential asset to a computer programmer or website developer is a complete knowledge of different languages in computer programming.

Computer languages are not that difficult of a task as long as you’re committed to learning new languages. However, it is advisable to get familiar with as many different languages in computer programming as to become proficient.

Furthermore, these languages are not exclusive to only programmers, software engineers, data analysts, and coders.

Health care professionals rely on these different languages. This article will provide detailed information on these different languages in computer programming. 

In addition, our list will help you become better if you’re already proficient in any of them. If you’re also new to learning programming languages, you can find out which one is in high demand and is profitable in today’s tech world.

As a result, we’ve put together a great list of different languages that can significantly help you as a programmer.

Even though you might not get involved with all programming jobs, it wouldn’t hurt to know more about these different languages.

Whether you are a beginner, an expert, or a computer geek, this list will set you on the right path to programming. 

1. Python

Python is a popular language in computer programming that is good for beginners, and python is a high-level language that uses words instead of punctuation. It is relatively easy to build on and in high demand, and it’s easy to learn due to its simple syntax. 

Also, if you’re planning to make some extra bucks, you should add python to the languages you know as a programmer. However, python is not suitable for mobile app development even though it’s one of the different languages in computer programming.

It is used in AI, financial services, and data services alongside the development of social media sites like Instagram. 

Programmers use python for mobile apps, computer networking, system administration, databases, machine learning, etc. Python is majorly used for functional, structured, or oriented tasks.

Knowing python language as a programmer places you in high demand since it is used in the development of modern-day applications.

2. JavaScript

Java script is one of the different computer programming languages for programmers with a thing for games, and it is also a language used in website building and communication applications.

The good thing is that an application created with Java can run on any application that supports Java. 

However, the only downside is a small amount of money paid as a license fee to use the development kit. However, it’s a small price to pay to access a whole lot of tools you’ll need as a programmer.

3. C#

C# is one of the computer programming languages integrated with Microsoft. It supports Microsoft and Windows application development. C# is a variant of C and is a less flexible language used for mobile devices and video games. 

4. Go

Go is one of the different languages in computer programming that Google developed. It was designed for well-organized systems using various networks.

Go, short for Golander, was built for effective system level programming that helps these systems communicate with one another.

However, it is not a popular computer language and does not support a graphical user interface. But fortunately, it has an extensive documentation with a vast library of tools. Google also uses it in some applications like Uber for its operations.

In addition, it works effectively in applications that process a large amount of data. Any of these different languages in computer programming might be just what you need to start your long loved tech career.


Java is also one of the different languages in computer programming that’s also a general-purpose language. It is similar to python and javascript, and it’s used in cell phone programming. Plus, it can run on any device or application that was written with Java.

Furthermore, Java is often used in website improvement and enabling user functionality such as buttons. Most programmers and software companies find it useful for web applications, business software, and mobile apps. If you’re just starting with Java, online courses on basic java programming are an excellent place to start.


If you’re new to programming, C++ is one of the different languages in computer programming that won’t be easy. It is also a variant of C, and it’s not easy to learn due to its complex syntax.

Also, it cannot detect errors or malfunctions of any kind while the software is running, that’s not quite good.

It is one language that works well with systems that run applications. C++ is the language most computer games operate on; likewise, mathematical devices carry mathematical operations.

C# is one of the oldest programming languages, and learning the language as a programmer is still profitable. 

In addition, programmers using this computer language use it for application development. So if you have a thing for apps, you should consider learning C#.


Programming matters, and coding is fun too! HTML is a must-have for computer gurus. It is an acronym for Hypertext markup language, an essential language used in coding web pages. 

Furthermore, they are used to create web pages and determine how electronic documents look online.HTML defines a document’s heading, spacing, and paragraphs. It does this by marking those elements and determining how each one looks!

8. R

The name of this language might sound funny to you, but it is one of the different languages in computer programming. It is a low-level language that runs on many operating systems and has vast tools that facilitate machine learning. 

Besides, most companies use R for statistical and data analysis alongside graphical techniques to develop statistical software products. Knowing R as a programmer will be beneficial since people who know the language are in high demand.

9. Rust

As one of the different languages in computer programming, Rust works with applications that perform multiple tasks simultaneously. It is a language known for outstanding performance and security features.

Although it’s not a popular language, it wouldn’t hurt to add an extra touch to your skills as a programmer. 

In addition, Rust is also a statically typed programming language, and it is slightly slower than C++ and is even used in crypto communities. Blockchain projects need safety, speed, and quality, which Rust offers as a computer language.

10. PHP

PHP means hypertext preprocessor, and it is a simple coding language that is similar to javascript. PHP is a high-level programming language used in website development, managing databases on a website, and more. 

In addition, it is a server-side language that runs with applications constantly requesting information from a server. The downside? It’s a language that experiences security hassles from time to time, and it’s not popular. 

However, you can choose to learn the language even though it’s not in high demand. The opportunity to make use of it can show up anytime. Understanding these different languages in computer programming can only make you proficient and better at what you do!

11. C

This is one of the different languages in computer programming that’s good for beginners. C is the bedrock or the basic language for writing most modern computer languages, and it is easy to use, test, debug and maintain. 

Furthermore, C is a low-level language that exceeds most computer languages in terms of performance. Although it’s not a high-level language, it still works well and is often used in gaming applications and special effects software.

However, it is not suitable for modern use in web development and mobile applications. Like its counterpart language C, it also has complex syntax, but it can run on any device. This explains why it is often used to program hardware devices such as hospital equipment.


If you’re interested in database management, this is one of the different languages in computer programming you need! It’s not general purpose like most computer languages, but it has a more specific function that involves data analysis.

SQL means structured query language, and it’s just what you need to manage data you can find in any database. In addition, SQL relies on English words, making it easy to learn.

Only that it might take a lot of practice to become an expert. Becoming proficient at any of these different languages in computer programming requires more than a glance.

13. Swift

Swift is one of the different languages in computer programming that works only on applications for IOS and macOS devices. Apple uses it to develop applications for iPhone, iPad, and other Apple devices. The language runs codes quickly and is used for client-side and server-side development.

However, it is sometimes unstable since it is a new language and doesn’t run on older applications. It supports only the recent versions of IOS 7.

14. Lisp

Lisp is an acronym for one of the different languages in computer programming, and it simply means List processing. The language is one of the oldest, with Fortran being the first to be developed. Modern programmers still use it for AI programming even though it was originally used for mathematical notations.

15. Perl

Perl is a high-level integrated programming language that provides programmers with text processing and manipulation facilities. Perl borrows many features from C, awk, and other programming languages.

Furthermore, its script programming language is similar to C. Perl is relatively easy to learn, but python would be a better option if you’re a beginner.

Although it’s not all that popular among programmers today, it’s still used in networking, system administration, and web programming languages.

Some of these different languages in computer programming are easier than others, but all can be learned.

16. Kite

Kite is one of the different languages in computer programming with object-oriented and functional programming features. It runs codes fast and supports programming languages like HTML/CSS, C#, Golang, JavaScript, etc. Unlike many programming languages, it uses pipe characters instead of arrow characters.


BASIC is among the different languages in computer programming that was initially designed for people who were not in science fields.

BASIC is an acronym that means Beginners All Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code. It is a high-level programming language that’s easy to use, but it might not be suitable for beginners. 

Furthermore, the good thing is it’s easier to detect errors with BASIC, and this is because its program is translated sequentially and executed as translation is done.

This computer language is no longer in use since it has been replaced with modern computer languages. 

However, you can still try learning the language if you’re up to it. It would help with knowing other modern computer languages.

18. M

M is also one of the different languages in computer programming that is short for MUMPS. It was developed for managing hospital laboratory information systems, and M uses integrated database language and is majorly used in health care systems.

19. Scala

Scala is a general purpose programming language that uses object oriented and functional programming.  Scala means scalable language. It is referred to as a static language because of its use in static solid systems. 

In addition, it runs java code and is executed by JVM. One of the different languages in computer programming is used in data processing and web development.

If you love software engineering or have a thing for data engineering, learning Scala will set you on the path to becoming one.

20. Ruby

Ruby is an object oriented scripting language that runs alone or as part of the ruby on rails framework. It is used by developers, software engineers, and data science engineers. It’s one of those languages with a simple outlook but more complex features on the inside.


Programming jobs usually do not have a one size fits all approach, which is why we’ve compiled this list of different languages in computer programming to help you understand each one.

Some languages are in high demand, while others quickly gain recognition in the tech world. Getting acquainted with all these languages will give you an edge on your path.

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