9 DJ Apps for Windows 10

Dj Apps for Windows 10

There are a few scenarios where you’d want DJ apps for windows 10 computers. One possible motivation for becoming a DJ is to generate cash, host a more exciting party, or both.

No of your motivation for using DJ software, you may choose from various apps that range in price and complexity.

In light of that, this article will introduce you to some of the DJ apps for windows 10.

Dj Apps for Windows 10

1. LANDR Mastering

LANDR Mastering is not a software platform for DJ controllers. Still, it is a hidden ingredient for many professional DJs, particularly those who like using unmastered audio from ancient vinyl.

This is especially true of DJs who like to play records released in the 1970s or earlier.

Because vinyl recordings are often mastered to a much lower volume than modern music, this is the case.

You will need a mastering tool to bring the volume of tracks ripped from vinyl up to levels more typical of modern music without compromising the integrity of the mix.

Because LANDR Mastering pro subscriptions enable unlimited, super rapid, high-quality editing at no additional cost.

WAV masters, a large number of DJs make use of the service to ensure that their tracks have a consistent volume level and will be audible on club speakers.

Check out DJ apps for windows 10 and Mastering if you want to ensure that your tracks have a sufficient amount of volume; for now, you can preview a master of any track for free, so why not give it a shot?


  • Genuinely, the sound quality of your DJ set will improve.
  • You are free to rip as much vinyl as you like and to master it in any way you see fit. 


  • LANDR Mastering Studio quality sound is not in this software package designed for DJ controllers.
  • Our robust and AI-driven mastering system will analyze your track, producing music of impeccable studio quality ready for distribution.

2. Virtual DJ

Here is yet one of the best DJ apps for windows 10 that can serve as an excellent springboard for learning how to DJ in the comfort of your home.

The option of using Virtual DJ, which they develop extensively, is available for rehearsing your mix, making selections, and refining your set.

Additionally, it integrates quite well with most major DJ controllers, including the more compact and affordable controllers.

Virtual DJ is a terrific alternative with many great features. It is worth considering if you are starting and have a mini-controller.

The commercial edition of Virtual DJ is quite competitive with more advanced DJ software platforms once you have built up your skills on the free version of the software.


  • The free version is simple to understand and put to use.
  • Compatible with the majority of popular DJ controllers.


  • Although it is highly integrated with top-tier DJ hardware, it could be sturdy.
  • It needs to be more adequate for club use.

3. Mixxx

Mixxx is another piece of open-source and one of the free DJ apps for windows 10 that makes it ridiculously simple to mix tracks on your personal computer.

The free edition comes with a surprisingly large number of features. It is often more advanced compared to other free solutions. This is because the software is open source.

Additionally, it works quite well with the majority of DJ controllers.


  • The most cutting-edge cost-free choice is available.
  • Open-source software enables a vast array of possible configurations.
  • Great for practicing at home.


  • The comparatively antiquated user interface in comparison to more modern DJ software Not club standard LANDR Studio

4. Pioneer Rekordbox

Because it is the only way to format your USB sticks for usage with club-grade Pioneer CDJs, Rekordbox from Pioneer is unquestionably the software that serves as the industry standard for club DJs.

If you wish to DJ at your local nightclub using actual CDJs, you can only roll up with a folder.mp3s; instead, you need to utilize Rekordbox to format your USB stick properly so that it will play with the CDJs.

You’re in luck because the fundamental level of Rekordbox is completely free to use; you can immediately download it to your laptop, then use it to upload music and format USB drives.

It also includes some fundamental mixing tools, allowing you to practice the transitions between the tracks in your collection and fine-tune your DJ performance.

It also has some compatibility with Pioneer controllers, which means that if you already own a Pioneer controller or are in the market for a DJ controller, you should use Rekordbox if you wind up with a controller made by the Pioneer brand.

If you are starting, the local storage that comes with the program should be more than adequate for your first few DJ performances.

However, if you are an advanced user, the commercial edition of the program comes with cloud storage and greater integrations.


  • Free Included with the program for mixing
  • Allow access to USBs formatted in the CDJ format 
  • Allow access to USBs formatted in the CDJ format


  • They are not the strongest mixing tools available.
  • Integration is only possible with Pioneer controllers.
  • Not geared toward the presentation of live performances.

5. Ableton Live

One of the DJ apps for windows 10 is the popular Ableton. Although Ableton Live is a digital audio workstation for creating music, it performs admirably as a DJ software platform and, combined with Ableton Push, as a DJ controller.

This is because its scene-based editing capability makes it simple to switch between tracks and understand what is transpiring throughout your DJ set.

Because it offers such comprehensive support for loops, finger drumming, keyboards, and other instruments, Ableton Live is an excellent choice for those who want to live their music or incorporate live performances into their DJ set.

In addition, you are free to use any plugins and effects you like to customize your sound.


  • The most effective way to DJ your music
  • Outstanding for use in live performances


  • The DAW interface makes it more difficult to adjust your setlist.
  • Built mostly as a DAW, with certain DJ features, but it still needs to develop fully.

A yearlong subscription to LANDR Studio is with the purchase of Ableton Live Lite. Receive access to LANDR Mastering, digital distribution, royalty-free samples, handpicked plugins, and more!

6. Native Instruments Traktor DJ 2

With its Traktor DJ software and accompanying Traktor DJ controllers, Native Instruments offers a viable alternative to Pioneer as a competitor in the DJ software market.

Because it is contained within the laptop and will work with its portable controllers, it is suitable for both practicing at home and bringing to club systems.

While it works well for practicing at home, it is also suitable for bringing to club systems because it is effective there.

The primary problem is that Traktor does not work well with Pioneer CDJs, which are the industry standard in clubs and the primary tool utilized by the majority of DJs.

In most cases, DJs who have Traktor at home use it for practice, and when they go out to clubs, they format their USB drives so they can use them on Pioneer DJ mixers.

Therefore, if you are seeking an amazing and cost-free option for practicing at home, Traktor DJ is a fantastic choice to consider.


  • Very powerful DJ apps for windows 10 that include all the bells and whistles associated with digital DJing.
  • The free version is quite useful for training purposes.
  • Compatible with Traktor DJ controllers in a seamless manner.


  • The club standard is not met and is not compatible with Pioneer CDJs.

7. Serato DJ Pro

Because Serato DJ Pro is currently one of the best DJ apps for windows 10 and the most well-built DJ software platform, there is a cost associated with using it.

Regrettably, there is no cost-free version of the Serato DJ Pro software. However, because it is the greatest DJ app and works seamlessly with Pioneer controllers, you get a lot of bang for your dollar with this purchase.

That means you can play DJing on Serato using a Pioneer CDJ controller, and anyone can bring their own USB and start DJing their set on your setup. You can also practice DJing on Serato with a Pioneer CDJ controller.

The combination of a Pioneer DJ controller and Serato DJ pro is your best choice for a low-cost way to stage a DJ event without renting pricey CDJs, so look no further if you’re in the market for a solution along those lines.


  • Integrates with Pioneer and Serato controllers; the finest DJ software is compatible.


  • Not free

8. Djay Pro

Regarding DJ apps for windows 10, Algoriddim has you covered with Djay Pro, which is available for Windows 10 computers. It’s different from Algoriddim’s other DJ app, DJ Pro AI, which is for iOS devices.

Even if you’re starting out as a DJ, you won’t have any trouble using this program because it’s made with DJs of all experience levels in mind.

DJ essentials, including song waveform layouts, sound sampling, FX, automatic mixing, and support for up to four decks at once, are all included in Djay Pro.

In addition, its superior library management function will help you organize your music collection in a streamlined fashion.

As a result, you may listen to music from many sources, including iTunes, and even stream it in real-time from supported services.

More than 60 MIDI controllers and other DJ hardware components from Pioneer, Numark, and Reloop are fully supported.

The auto-mix tool and support for surface dials are two of Djay Pro’s less well-known extras. Up to 8 cue points per track can be added, and predetermined transitions between songs can be defined in advance; you can then play the resulting playlist in the specified order with no more input from the user.

9. Rekordbox

If you’re using a computer running Windows 10, you can download Rekordbox, the industry standard in DJ software.

This software’s elegant and straightforward user interface means that everyone, from novice DJs to those needing it for a one-time gig, may use it easily.

Before it introduced DJ features, users mostly used it to manage music libraries. As a result, it is equipped with sophisticated tools that help you tailor your music library to your tastes.

Also, you can inspect and analyze the waveform of songs as they’re playing, auto-sync your existing playlists, and set custom keys and loop points.

The cloud storage feature of Rekordbox allows you to listen to music from services like Tidal and SoundCloud. Dropbox now supports storing music files, playlists, and cue sheets for prepared tracks.

Since Rekordbox is only compatible with other Pioneer hardware, it is essentially locked into the Pioneer ecosystem.

This implies that, as a professional DJ, you will have a tough time playing in a venue that only has equipment from other companies, like Numark or Stanton, for use with their main systems.

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