DuerOS: Baidu’s Conversational AI Platform


DuerOS is one of the main applications of Baidu’s world-class artificial intelligence technology.

Based on Baidu’s vast ecosystem of information and services, DuerOS offers comprehensive solutions that allow users to control and communicate with their devices using natural language.

As an open operating system, DuerOS also learns automatically at all times to enable any machine to master human language.

DuerOS smart chips have low production costs, which reduce energy waste, and are highly integrated.

DuerOS is a versatile AI chat system, and smart chips can be integrated into any smart product, including smart toys, Bluetooth speakers, small devices, and more.

This greatly reduces the obstacles for partners to use the AI chat system.

DuerOS works in partnership with a variety of industries to integrate artificial intelligence technology into people’s daily lives.

With the advancement of AI technology, chat systems like DuerOS can make it easier for people to get information and enjoy the benefits of technology.

Technical Advantages

Baidu started investing in AI at a very early stage and hired top talent from around the world. It has unique advantages in three key features of the current AI revolution: algorithms, computing and data.

Baidu algorithms are based on large-scale neural networks, billions of parameters and hundreds of billions of samples. Baidu’s computing power comes from hundreds of thousands of servers and China’s largest high-performance GPU cluster.

As the world’s biggest Chinese search engine, Baidu has access to over a trillion websites, billions of search queries, images, videos, and ranking data.

DuerOS synthesizes the best of Baidu technologies – speech recognition, image recognition, natural language processing, user profiling, and other advanced technical skills – to create one of the most advanced computing platforms available today.

The three key factors and four functions of AI


Baidu algorithms are based on large-scale neural networks, billions of parameters and hundreds of billions of samples.


Baidu’s computing power comes from hundreds of thousands of servers and China’s largest high-performance GPU cluster.


Baidu has access to over a trillion websites, billions of search queries, and tens of billions of image and video content and ranking data.

Speech Recognition

Baidu’s speech recognition technology has over 97% accuracy rate.

Image Recognition

Baidu’s facial recognition system has over 99.7% accuracy rate.

Natural Language Processing

Baidu AI can communicate with users through natural language and can easily understand user intent.

User Profile

Baidu has access to about 100 million user profile data.

Smart Device Solution

Baidu has established the “DuerOS Smart Device Turnkey Solution Manual” to meet the different needs and requirements of manufacturers and partners.

The solution is divided into three levels; Basic approach component, Development kit, Reference design. The solution is inexpensive, practical and flexible.

Compatible Applications

DuerOS can support a vast range of hardware devices such as mobile phones, TVs, speakers, home appliances, cars, robots, and more.

Tests in different scenarios show that DuerOS is ahead of its competition in terms of recognition rate, response speed and data retention.

After integrating the hardware system with DuerOS, the device can understand people’s daily conversations and provide the appropriate services on demand.

Here is a list of the applicable solutions DuerOS can support;

  • Smart Speaker Solutions: applicable to smart speakers
  • Smart TV Solutions: applicable to Smart TVs, Smart Projectors, Digital Media Players, and Remote Control TVs.
  • Smart Refrigerator Solutions: applicable to smart refrigerator (Android system)
  • Smart Storytelling Solutions: applicable to smart storytelling devices
  • Smart Solutions for Small devices/Compact devices: applicable to small smart devices, refrigerator (compact system), air conditioning, washing machine, water heater
  • Home Robot Solutions: applicable to smart home robot
  • Lightweight Appliance Solutions: applicable to AC plugs and outlets, door locks, sterilization cabinet, air purifier, water purifier, lamp, curtain, electric fan
  • Mobile Telephony Solutions: applicable to telephone voice assistant, integrated voice assistant and others.
  • Automotive Propulsion Solutions: applicable to vehicle-mounted accessories, integrated motor system and intelligent rear view mirror
  • Solutions for Wearable Devices: applicable to smartwatch, smart headphones, smart bracelet and other wearable devices.

Functionality Overview

DuerOS is incorporated with Baidu’s information and services ecosystem and has developed more than 200 functional skill sets in 10 main categories.

Users can control and organize devices with the sound of their voice to find information, request directions, create reminders and more.

DuerOS also supports the development of third-party integration, and Baidu currently has the largest ecosystem of partners using the system.

The DuerOS open platform creates a system that allows our partners to develop different skill sets that can be applied in any situation.

DuerOS is establishing a new world of endless possibilities.

  • Entertainment Videos: music, movies, TV shows, shows, short clips, audio books and shows, and more.
  • Information Tips: tips, weather, action, flight, sport (NBA), frequently asked questions, cookbook, photos, etc.
  • Lifestyle Services: catering, cinema, take-out, hotel, shopping, taxi, cleaning services, travel, relaxation and other O2O services.
  • Travel Conditions: map, itinerary, road conditions, traffic restrictions, environmental approval and consultation, etc.
  • Useful Tools: translation, time, calculation, exchange rate and unit conversion, etc.
  • Personal Assistant: schedule management, alarm clock, reminder, note and notebook, etc.
  • Learning: encyclopedia, short story, kindergarten, idiom, parenthood, poetry and library, etc.
  • Talk and Relax: chatter, jokes, poetry, idioms and games, etc.
  • Smart Home: command control, status query, service manual and customer service phone number, etc.
  • Command Control: phone calls, text messages, alarm clock, address book query and other functions.

For more information, checkout the official site.

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