Duolingo: Everything You Need to Know


Duolingo is a platform for learning foreign languages. Duolingo offers about a hundred language courses in about thirty different languages.

Duolingo offers their services on a website and an application. They have about 300 million registered users (that is a lot, though) as of September 2020.

They even teach Klingon ( for their Star trek fans ) and High Valyrian (Hi, Game of Thrones fans!).

How do They operate?

Their application is available on Google Play Store for less than 50 megabytes. Their services are mostly free but have some restrictions.

For example, the free part of it includes annoying ads (which they use to generate revenue) and excludes the review tests with help to measure how efficient you are in the specific language you are learning.

Meanwhile, Duolingo Plus is the paid version, which includes the review tests, unlimited lives for unlimited practice, and no annoying ads. It can be obtained by paying for it or by inviting friends to join the platform.

The plus version is actually really engaging

There are about thirty-six courses available for English speakers. The most popular language learned by English-speaking users is Spanish, with about 30 million learners as of June 2020.

French is a close second with about 16 million learners. This is followed by German, Japanese, Italian, Korean, etc.


Duolingo app is built like a mobile game to engage its users. You get XP, you keep streaks, and you acquire diamonds (currency in the game you acquire to use in the shop.

The shop provides things like clothing for Duo (Duolingo’s bird), refilling hearts or lives, equipping special levels, buying streak freezes, etc.

XP or Experience Points show how much a user has worked. There are badges that represent the achievements of users, and they are earned from completing levels, objectives, and challenges.

Studying Duolingo includes listening to how words are pronounced and typing what is heard, reading phrases, clauses, or sentences out loud, making sentences by outing words in order, or matching English words to their translations in the new languages.

Duolingo Website

The website (duolingo.com) is really close to the app. The difference is, there is a Forum, and you acquire Lingots instead of diamonds. The website puts everything at a glance and makes it easy for the user.

What Users Are Saying about Duolingo?

People have criticized Duolingo, saying it is not sufficient enough to teach a language completely. The app promises to get users from complete beginner to early intermediate or, better still, an advanced beginner.

Most of the work is left for the user to do. It is advised to get the plus version for tests to measure how far you have progressed. Also, listen to the podcasts in the new language. Songs help a lot too.

You can also get a dictionary in a foreign language. Then find a buddy or friend to learn with, so you can speak the language with him or her. Also, do not forget to reward yourself for every achievement you complete. Cheers!

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