15 Edtech Companies in Chicago

Edtech Companies in Chicago

Chicago edtech companies play an essential role in the education of our youth.

From textbook publishers to coding camps, there are many different types of edtech companies in Chicago and its surrounding suburbs. 

With this list of the top 15 edtech companies in Chicago, learning about the best ed-tech companies in Chicago becomes easy.

You will also learn how they’re helping students learn more effectively and how you can get involved too!

1. GoGuardian

GoGuardian is an ed-tech company in Chicago that provides Internet-filtering technology for K-12 schools, colleges, and districts.

The startup serves some of Illinois’ largest districts, including CPS, Elgin Public Schools, and Rockford Public Schools.

GoGuardian helps keep students safe from potential threats on social media and protects them from exposure to inappropriate content.

The company has raised $14 million so far. Investors include Reach Capital, Highland Capital Partners, and SV Angel.

Headquartered at River North tech hub 1871, GoGuardian employs 12 people with plans to double its headcount by next year.

2. School Loop

This education software company was founded in 2006. Founded by a group of former college professors who wanted to make it easier for educators to share resources and collaborate.

School Loop offers school district administrators a variety of tools designed to improve communication between teachers and parents.

 The company boasts customers such as CPS, Evanston Township High School District 202, and Palatine Township High School District 211.

It also works with organizations such as Teach For America, Big Brothers Big Sisters, and Boys & Girls Clubs of America. 

In 2016, TechCrunch named School Loop one of Chicago’s Hottest Startups. School Loop has raised more than $10 million in funding.

Its investors include NewSchools Venture Fund, Learn Capital and Rethink education. School Loop is a suitable option when sourcing for an ed-tech company in Chicago.

3. Myon

Founded in 2013, Myon is an ed-tech company in Chicago that provides students with personalized curriculum plans.

The company was started by CEO Eren Bali, who began as a math teacher at Walter Payton College Prep.

He founded two other edtech companies: PrepMe, which Blackboard acquired, and Mathletics, which he sold to Pearson.

Today, Myon serves more than 300 schools across 25 states. The company’s goal is to provide all students with access to quality education, regardless of how much their families earn.

Myon has raised nearly $5 million in funding from investors, including NewSchools Venture Fund, Learn Capital, and Social Impact Ventures. 

4. Nearpod

Nearpod helps teachers create interactive presentations using mobile devices like smartphones and tablets with San Francisco and Chicago offices.

Since 2011, Nearpod has served more than 1 million users and partnered with hundreds of K-12 schools across North America.

The company’s clients include districts such as Miami-Dade County Public Schools and  Houston Independent School District, 

In 2016, Nearpod received a significant boost when Apple named it one of its Best Apps for Teachers. That same year, Google awarded Nearpod a Google Play Award for Best Educational App.

5. Screencastify

To be successful as the owner of an ed-tech company in Chicago, you will need a stellar demo. Screencastify enables educators, students, and non-technical users to create powerful screencasts without being limited by expensive or complicated software.

Teachers can share videos of classroom demonstrations and lectures with their peers, helping improve Learning inside and outside traditional schools. 

A new tool from Google announced in 2017 is worth checking out if a video is your preferred medium. Featuring expeditions, which allow you to take virtual field trips across Google Maps.

Screencastify can help you take your virtual tours even further – but it’s important not to skimp on design. 

Canvas is recommended for quality designs. This easy-to-use graphic design platform allows anyone to create visually stunning presentations, posters, and more. Plus, they have over one million stock images available for free use! 

When you’re ready to start with Canva’s free plan, try using these templates for creating infographics or flyers/posters.

Once you’ve created your presentation using Canva’s drag-and-drop interface, upload it directly to SlideShare. This will ensure your content is accessible through any web browser or mobile device.

6. EverFi

EverFi is another edtech companies in Chicago, founded in 2008. EverFi develops online courses on financial literacy and other skills aimed at helping high schoolers prepare for life after graduation. 

Last year, EverFi acquired San Francisco-based Credible Labs. These labs developed a platform that allowed high schoolers to build portfolios showcasing their skills and achievements while earning rewards. 

Earlier this month, EverFi secured $55 million in new funding led by JMI Equity. Other investors included GSV Acceleration, Reach Capital, and TPG Growth.

As part of the deal, EverFi expands its services beyond financial literacy into career planning and college readiness.

7. PowerSchool

PowerSchool is a cloud-based learning management system (LMS) for teachers to deliver lessons using any device or operating system.

The LMS tracks student progress across multiple classes and devices, either laptops or smartphones. This makes it easy for teachers to stay on top of their student’s activities outside class time.

8. Guild Education

These edtech companies in Chicago have created an online marketplace where high school students can earn college credit. Guild Education shouldn’t be confused with other college-prep programs; they’re different.

This platform isn’t just a collection of review books and practice tests, although it does offer that kind of material.

Instead, Guild partners with colleges and universities across North America to deliver course materials directly to students without direct access.

The service targets high schoolers who want exposure to courses they can use at other higher education institutions.

9. Knewton Inc.

Knewton Inc. is one of the top ed-tech companies in Chicago and a top online learning company in America. Knewton is one of those companies that gets labeled as disruptive.

That might be overstating things a bit, but there’s no denying its influence on how we think about learning technology.

Knewton was founded in 2008 by Jose Ferreira, a former executive at Kaplan Inc. It was initially designed to help educators personalize student learning based on each individual’s needs and strengths. 

Knewton offers a learning platform that turns coursework into an adaptive experience for each student. It ensures users receive only material tailored to their needs and abilities.

Knewton is another fantastic example of successful edtech companies in Chicago that should be considered when looking for educational resources.

10. Campus

Promoting an excellent education is hard enough—but doing it while keeping up with current technologies can seem nearly impossible.

Thankfully, companies like AllCampus manage IT, cloud hosting, audio-visual services, and other ed-tech services for some prominent colleges and universities.

Not every institution can afford its on-site tech department, which is why customized solutions are provided.

Clients range from small regional schools to prominent universities and community colleges across Illinois. The campus has been listed in Windy City Times’ top 15 edtech companies in Chicago since 2013.

11. Class Bank Inc.

If you’re searching for excellent edtech companies in Chicago, look no further than Class Bank Inc. The company creates learning management systems that help educators and students learn.

It offers services for individuals and institutions who want to collaborate for online courses, professional development, or teacher training programs. 

Services include video conferencing, collaboration tools, content sharing, and more. This edtech company was started by a group of experts with experience teaching at all levels.

Its goal is to make learning more effective by improving communication between instructors and students through easy-to-use apps. 

12. Credly

Another best edtech companies in Chicago is Credly. Founded in 2012, it helps people earn credentials from top universities and organizations like Harvard University, Google, and Cisco Systems.

Professionally, Credly provides an array of resources designed to improve a person’s career prospects and even their paychecks.

Credly speedily gets you certified as a project manager, and it helps you earn your MBA from MIT Sloan School of Management. Credly makes earning your degree possible without having to quit your job or take time off work.

13. Literacy Resources, LLC

Literacy Resources is an edtech companies in Chicago founded on a simple premise: one size does not fit all.

An organization must work with its employees to determine their learning styles, skills, interests, and goals before implementing formal training.

That thinking allowed Literacy Resources to train thousands of employees for hundreds of organizations across North America since 1998. 

Their suite of software-as-service products makes it easy for businesses of any size to access professional development resources from their devices.

The company is also unique because it operates Think Tank, an active ongoing research lab. Think Tank tests new ideas and develops new technology based on feedback from clients and customers.

14. AMOpportunities Inc.

AMOpportunities was Formed in 1871 as a non-profit incubator providing resources and networking opportunities for entrepreneurs.

Opportunities primarily focus on entrepreneurship through education. The organization’s core programs include workshops and training like web development classes, presentations on fundraising, and a startup showcase series. 

Additionally, AMOpportunities, an ed-tech company in Chicago, works with various organizations throughout Illinois.

AMOpportunities offers events, lectures, and networking opportunities designed specifically for those interested in starting businesses.

Among other things, AMOpportunities provides guidance and funding through a new business accelerator program. 

AMOpportunities encourages people from all walks of life to visit its campus. Here, participants can access resources on financial planning and building an advisory board.

15. Elevate K-12

At Elevate K-12, they are passionate about equipping educators with cutting-edge tools and resources.

Their technology platform helps students, teachers, and administrators work together to increase engagement and student achievement.

Beyond their innovative learning platform, they offer professional development and help schools go digital by design. 

They also collaborate with district partners like CESA 1 for personalized Learning. Recently named one of 18 finalists for Global Summit Schools’ Innovation in Education Award 2017.

Elevate K-12 is an ed-tech company in Chicago you will want to keep an eye on. As discussed above, teacher effectiveness is critical to school success.

However, many organizations focus solely on improving student outcomes without addressing issues related to teacher effectiveness. Thankfully, Elevate K-12 is working toward both goals. 


The top edtech companies in Chicago have contributed significantly to the education and learning space. The future of education is slowly becoming a reality, and these companies are helping with that.

Chicago-based businesses contribute significant tax revenue back to local schools, improving public education opportunities.

Learn more about these top edtech companies in Chicago to determine which one might be right for your needs. Happy Learning!

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