FaceApp: Everything You Need to Know


If you have been on social media lately, you might have come across older pictures of celebrities and some of your friends. Social media users have been using FaceApp to know what they might look like a few decades from now.

Since numerous users have been uploading their photos after editing them using FaceApp, the app has been trending on social media.

FaceApp is a mobile app that alters the face in your photos. This is the second time that the app has been trending after going viral in 2017 because it had great selfie features that included gender-swap and a blackface i.e. ethnicity filter.

In 2017, social media users used the app to know how they would look like if they were black although this feature was removed after critics called the feature racist. In 2019, the app is trending again because it has new developments which makes it unique and worth trying to most users.

FaceApp mobile app was developed by a Russian team and it has three features: adding a smile, making yourself look older or younger (aging filter) and changing your hairstyle. The aging filter is the feature that has made the app trend again.

Users can upload a photograph that has a human face and FaceApp uses artificial intelligence to determine how you would look a few decades from now. The mobile app adds wrinkles, lines and changes your hair to gray to make the user look older. One of the reasons why FaceApp has become very popular is its price.

The app is free to use, unlike most mobile apps that you may have to buy whether you are using android or apple phones. However, if you would like to use additional filters/features, you just need to subscribe without paying a dime and you can access other features.

After its explosion to popularity, FaceApp has had numerous critics again. There were some concerns that FaceApp was uploading the users? entire camera roll to their server and thus breaching privacy terms. This has been a concern to most people, and it has made cyber experts and investigative journalists inquire about the same.

According to reports, some Americans were worried that their data was being uploaded to the Russian government or third parties that have ties with the Russian government after downloading the mobile app.

However, the FaceApp CEO provided a statement to defend the app saying that the photos uploaded to FaceApp are processed in the cloud and they are secure.

According to the statement, the main objective of uploading the photo in the cloud is to improve performance and traffic because after 48 hours the images are deleted from the servers.

FaceApp has been trending since its resurgence and it seems to take the world by storm. According to the latest statistics, FaceApp has 80 million users at the moment. If you would love to know how you would look if you change your gender, hairstyle or when you are old, FaceApp is the ideal mobile app to install.

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