Facebook Posts Vs. Facebook Ads: Tips for Car Dealers

Facebook Ads

With nearly 1.5 billion daily users, Facebook is the platform you want to advertise on.

If you aren’t familiar with your Facebook advertising options, it’s often hard to figure out what steps to take. You have a distinct choice between using Facebook Posts vs. Facebook Ads.

In this post, we will look in-depth at the differences between the boosted posts and Facebook ads.

We will look at the benefits and drawbacks of each avenue to determine how to market a car dealership on Facebook.

Let’s jump right in with Facebook ads.

Gain Traction with Facebook Ads

The everyday user has trouble differentiating the difference between a regular post and an ad.

That’s because Facebook places the advertisements right into each user’s News Feed. They see these ads among the photos, videos, and status updates of their friends.

Sure, the ads feature a Sponsored Content tag in tiny gray text, but most people never notice.

Even though your automotive Facebook ads look the same as a boosted post, the mechanics are different.

With a Facebook ad, you have a larger range of analytical options. You can also track ad engagement and clearly define your campaign goals.

When you use specific targeting options, you can precisely narrow down the audience to fit your brand. With a Facebook ad, you also have some options with formatting.

Choose from carousel ads, canvas ads, or slideshow ads. Design the ad with a specific campaign focus in mind. You can direct users to the dealership site, collect leads or simply promote your latest car.

Simplicity with Boosted Posts

Some dealerships prefer to boost car sales social media posts instead. While this avenue is less complicated, it remains a typical post.

One of the benefits is that Facebook will push it harder to ensure more people engage with the content.

As part of the Facebook for car dealerships strategy, there is a crucial benefit to using boosted posts.

This avenue allows the marketer to perform some audience research. You can figure out what group of people the particular message is resonating with.

With the Facebook Ad Manager, you can target a specific demographic with your boosted posts, just like with the ads.

It’s wise to use boosted posts when you are already producing News Feed content that appeals to your audience.

Choosing Facebook Posts vs. Facebook Ads

So, how do you decide whether to use Facebook posts or Facebook ads to promote that next sale? It depends on what your social media goals are.

Each format produces a different outcome. With an ad, you create a more substantial impact initially. This helps you get the app installations, sales, and lead capture you want.

On the other hand, boosted posts help to improve engagement with your Facebook account. It creates a more significant social media presence for your dealership.

Often, the best strategy is to use a mixture of both. It’s a great way to divide your Facebook marketing budget.

Use the boosted post to build a larger fan base and reach more people while the ads create a tangible outcome.

After all, no one dumps their entire marketing budget into one avenue hoping for results. You need to have a diverse platform to stand on.

What Can Be Done With Facebook Automated Ads?

The question should be what can’t be done? If you haven’t taken advantage of these features, now is the time to start experimenting with your car sales Facebook posts.


Facebook will automatically place the ads where they create the most engagement.

If you don’t trust their judgment, you can choose the arrangement yourself. Opt for Instant Articles, Instagram, mobile News Feed, or Desktop News Feed.

If you have a large audience, consider testing the placements in multiple spots.


This is also called Ad Scheduling. If you use this feature, you can turn the ads on and off automatically during the week. Setup a recurring schedule, so you don’t have to give it a second thought.

Lookalike Audiences

One of the best features of Facebook Ads is that it will help define your audiences. You can create the group based on email lists, Instagram engagement, Facebook engagement or website engagement.

Instead of heavily investing in research, you can let Facebook do all of the work.

Custom Audiences

What if you want to get intensely precise with your targeting? With a custom audience, you can do whatever you want.

If you can dream it, you can build it. Create an ad that targets people who read your latest blog or looked at a service page.

Custom Conversion Tracking

With the Facebook Pixel, the sky’s the limit. There are nine Standard Events to track, such as View Content, Lead, Purchase and Add to Cart.

When you utilize custom tracking, you can create up to 40 conversion values for your website.

Facebook Ads vs. Facebook Posts: How Do They Compare?

Honestly, there’s no competition. You can continue spending your time boosting your posts, but that won’t get you to where you want to go. You are throwing your money away if you don’t implement Facebook Ads as well.

Facebook didn’t get to be as big as it is by missing the boat on advertising. They know what they are doing.

You need to implement all of the tools available to you if you desire to compete. Follow your buyer’s journey and be waiting for them when they get to the end.

By nurturing them during the investigative stage, you will be their top choice when it comes to buying.

A word of caution? Facebook Ads might seem simple, and they are. Still, it’s easy to misuse them and waste your marketing dollars. Don’t be afraid to ask for marketing help to get your brand the publicity it deserves.

Taking Facebook Ads to the Next Level

When it comes to automotive marketing, you need a professional on your side. While we all spend plenty of time playing around on Facebook, only a qualified expert knows how to make your ads and boosted posts stand out among the competition.

With innovative ideas such as OEM Style Video Ads and Cinemagraphic Ads, you can implement the tools that maximize your ROI.

The only question now is can you handle the additional sales coming your way?

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