Top 12 Fintech Companies in Texas

Fintech Companies in Texas

There’s plenty of capital flowing through Texas. Many entrepreneurs have created financial technology companies in the state because of the active and engaged tech community and government investment.

If you’re looking for a gig wage opportunity and live in Texas, look at these top fintech companies in Texas. This article will look at Twelve top fintech companies in Texas.

1. Topl

How we use money hasn’t changed much since its inception thousands of years ago. As technology improves, though, payments are becoming more convenient than ever. Some top fintech companies in Texas are doing things a little differently, though. 

They’re using machine learning to make transactions even faster and safer. One of these companies is Austin-based Topl, allowing users to send money without sharing personal information! 

It makes transactions as fast and easy as sending a text message — but with more protection from fraud and identity theft. Check out our review of Topl on Engage and learn more about how it works!

2. Visio Lending

Visio Lending is among the top fintech companies in Texas for data and technology-driven peer-to-peer lending companies with offices in Dallas.

Founded in 2013 by Steve Vonk and Brian Vassor, Visio Lending utilizes state-of-the-art technology to streamline and make accessible lending for small businesses, real estate investors, and homeowners looking to refinance their properties. 

Their business model has proved highly effective; their customers enjoy high returns on investment while getting fast approval times. If you’re looking for small business or real estate loans from a local lender—they’re worth checking out.

3. Gig Wage

Gig wage jobs are one of today’s most popular forms of work. One of its best features is that gig wage jobs are location independent, unlike a full-time job with an employer.

That makes it easy to access opportunities for people who live in places where good-paying jobs can be scarce. 

The rise of on-demand companies like Uber and Airbnb has helped fuel a gig economy – according to McKinsey Global Institute analysis, almost one-fifth of U.S. workers will make money from these online platforms by 2025. 

4. Dosh 

Dosh is a personal finance app that makes earning cash back on everyday purchases easy. No complicated setup or daily logins are required!

It’s already integrated with many of your favorite stores and websites, and you can even get rewarded for making charitable donations! 

Dosh offers tons of fun features to help you make extra dough. Dosh lets you keep your debit card like regular—it takes just 1% of purchases and deposits into your account. Start saving money today!

5. Playrix

Paris is one of San Antonio’s top Fintech companies in Texas. Playrix provides business owners with a payroll and HR management tool that streamlines operations, cuts costs, and increases efficiency.

Playrix streamlines everything from payroll to benefits administration, removing much of the stress business owners face when managing their workforce. 

With an intuitive design and intelligent technology, Playrix helps you run your business more efficiently.

From self-service portals to automated reminders and communications, Playrix offers something for every business owner.

If you have employees in multiple states, the platform can manage them all at once, helping you save time on reporting requirements.

What’s more? The platform is highly secure thanks to advanced encryption protocols, ensuring all sensitive data remains protected.

If there was ever a time for SMBs (small-to-medium businesses) to take advantage of tech tools designed specifically for them, now is it!

6. HighRadius 

HighRadius believes that alternative data sources, like social media and real-time digital commerce, can assess an applicant’s ability to pay.

Their cloud-based lending platform uses machine learning algorithms to build a picture of potential borrowers’ financial characteristics.

They then aggregate alternative data to give lenders confidence. HighRadius is based in Dallas, TX. Chad Riden, Jason Luan, Matt Jennings, and Bill Manion.

7. Zabo

Zabo is a simple, user-friendly expense and payment tracker based in Austin, TX. Zabo syncs with your credit cards and bank accounts to help track how much you’re spending, who you’re spending it on, what you bought, and where you purchased it. It can also suggest ways for you to save money along the way. 

The app is free to download and use, but if you want access to its powerful features like tracking future transactions or viewing reports about your spending habits—it will cost $4.99/month or $49.99/year to subscribe. 

8. UpEquity

Offering a free and easy way to manage your finances, UpEquity is an online investment advisor for top fintech companies in Texas that allows users to invest their money in exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and stocks.

UpEquity helps investors with risk management, goal-setting, and returns analysis by providing ongoing portfolio reviews.

The financial technology company also offers programs specifically designed for millennials and women. 

To help keep customers motivated, UpEquity has created a program that allows investors to win rewards as they hit savings goals.

As a fintech company in Texas, UpEquity is transparent and consumer-friendly; all investments are held at Charles Schwab brokerage house, ensuring investments are appropriately managed through low fees.

9. we

This company partners with banks to provide services for their business clients. It’s an exciting time to be a business owner because tech companies like IPwe create game-changing solutions to support them. It’s also an exciting time for consumers because many of these solutions will benefit them, too!

10. Factom

Factom is a blockchain-based system that creates an unalterable recordkeeping system for data. Factom’s decentralized nature provides unmatched security, transparency, and audibility by design.

Data is permanently time-stamped and distributed across a network of peer-to-peer servers, making it extremely difficult to modify or forge new records. 

This unique approach prevents corruption from being possible within an organization. Factom can be applied to any scenario where trust and verification are essential, from voting systems to medical records management. 

We would not want our competition to own when building brand awareness on social media! 

11. Equidate 

 Equidate provides a marketplace where private company stockholders and executives meet with investors to trade equity securities online.

It allows companies to manage all their capitalization events (i.e., initial public offerings, private placements, employee stock purchase plans) through one easy-to-use platform while ensuring compliance with U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission regulations at every step. 

The company was founded by Hooman Radfar and is based in Austin, Texas. Since its founding in 2012, it has raised $1.7 million from local investors.

In June 2015, it raised an additional $3 million from Insight Venture Partners and First Round Capital to support its continued growth into new markets and industries across North America. 

As of December 2015, Equidate has facilitated more than 1,500 transactions for nearly 100 clients across 30 states.

More than half of those transactions were cross-border deals between private U.S.-based companies and foreign investors looking for opportunities outside Canada or Europe but within North America or Asia Pacific regions such as China or India, respectively.

12. Q2ebanking

If you’re looking for a secure online account for savings, Q2ebanking is one of the top fintech companies in Texas.

Q2ebanking offers current and interest-bearing checking accounts, savings accounts, and several payment options, including debit cards, direct deposit, e-checks, etc.

The platform has received kudos from consumers who rave about its mobile app and free ATM network. 

Customers can quickly check balances, review transactions, and even pay bills at any time, thanks to accessible setup features that require no long forms or wait times.

A standout feature of Q2ebanking is its Safe Deposit Box, which allows customers to store important documents like birth certificates and passports digitally—and safely.


These top fintech companies in Texas continue to grow and expand. There are currently over 1,300 fintech companies across more than 60 cities in Texas.

While some are large Fortune 500 companies, others are smaller, privately owned, and operated businesses. 

Many of these firms were founded by people with little or nothing to do with finance or banking but who saw an opportunity to make a difference.

The growth and variety of these businesses signify that even more firms will be entering the sector soon.

The idea is that people want options for financial services such as loans, investment advice, stock trading platforms, checking accounts, and credit cards.

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