7 Google Chrome Extensions for Productivity

Google Chrome Extensions for Productivity
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For people who want to get their work done fast, Google Chrome extensions for productivity have become a relief for them to be productive.

It is a well-known fact that your browser can be a great friend or an enemy. It has access to your emails, a ton of research history, passwords, and many bookmarks for future reference.

However, the same portal also serves the constant temptations of Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook.

How tempted are you to check on the latest posts, comments, and videos from these platforms? A little scrolling can result in wasted hours.

Using the right and suitable Google Chrome Extensions for productivity can help optimize your web benefits while you curb out the most distracting parts.

In this article, we have pulled out the best Google Chrome Extensions for productivity that can make a difference in our work and help you remain productive.

Google Chrome Extensions for Productivity

Google chrome store has made thousands of extensions available to anyone looking. However, not all of them can help you improve your daily web escapades; we have pulled some Google Chrome extensions to help you improve your productivity.

1. ClickUp: Email, Time, Tasks, and Screenshots

This comprehensive extension makes it number one on our list. It helps you to improve your personal and work lives while saving time.

If you are searching for the best Chrome extensions for productivity, ClickUp is a must-have on your Google Chrome browser.

You will need more apps to complete your tasks if you work with a team. ClickUp is an extension that can manage different functions using a simple user interface.

Among the functionalities of ClickUp, mentioned a few of them below;

  • Create and save tasks
  • Create tasks and attach emails
  • Capture and edit screenshots
  • It can be used to take notes
  • It tracks time used in different tasks
  • It saves URLs as tasks for future reference

With ClickUp, you don’t have to continue to use one application for productivity. Instead, you have a single platform that does everything in project management.

2. Loom – Cam Recorder and Free Screen

When you are working with various customers and clients while giving feedback, product demos, or sharing thoughts, Loom makes it very easy to stay connected with your team.

It is on our list as one of the best Google chrome extensions for productivity because it has the fastest way of recording content on your PC and sharing it with your clients.

Loom saves you from the stress of writing and sending emails in bulk, where you have to explain yourself to clients. Instead, this Chrome extension allows you to provide broad details with a quick short video.

Loom also allows you to add reactions and stamped comments to videos. Besides, this extension will enable you to save the videos you’ve made on your device.

Features of Loom

  • Video editing and trimming options
  • Video notifications on comments, views, and reactions
  • It has a video transcript

3. Grammarly for Google Chrome

Nothing turns off a potential customer or client more than a poorly written, poorly formatted email.

Therefore, style, spelling, grammar, and tone are some of the top details you need to incorporate in your email to express yourself to your potential clients.

Grammarly for Chrome stands on this list as one of the finest Google chrome extensions for productivity. It helps you to bypass those writing errors while finding the perfect replacement expressions to convince your clients.

This extension provides real-time feedback on different platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Gmail using its writing assistance extension.

With this Chrome extension, you will always send a concise, transparent, error-free proposal and emails expressing your intentions. If you want all the mentioned above, you will need Grammarly assistance to keep you on track.

Features of Grammarly for Chrome

  • It guides your editing process
  • It has a built-in tone-detection feature
  • It provides you with tailored grammar suggestions
  • Grammarly’s premium version offers plagiarism checks.

4. Hugo – Meetings, Tasks, and Notes

While you continue your daily routine tasks, you must keep track of notes and upcoming meetings. But, most importantly, you would need to keep a date for your subsequent appointments. This is where Hugo comes in.

As one of the finest Google Chrome Extensions for Productivity, Hugo is specifically designed to manage your tasks, notes, and appointments in your Google Chrome environment. It is the perfect springboard to prepare and manage your appointments.

Hugo is not just among the best Google chrome extensions for productivity; it is an extension that meets your current privacy demands.

It is highly encrypted, which is the safest place to keep your meeting notes. No one can access your notes without your permission.

What Hugo Offers

  • Quick access buttons
  • It is easy to tack actions items and tasks
  • It has over 80 plus agenda templates
  • It has a place where you can write notes in your browser
  • Offers a quick place to prepare meeting agendas

5. Briskine – Email Templates and Shortcuts

Are you in a place where you can write multiple emails to reach out to potential customers and hope to get a leading response?

We are in a world where you need to write tons of emails to stand a chance of securing customers and clients. There’s no time for all of that anymore with your busy schedules.

As one of the finest Google chrome extensions for productivity, Briskine will provide you with the templates you would need to write those emails faster.

With these templates, your productivity will skyrocket as all you have to do is fill in the customer’s details and click on the send button, just like that.

Aside from providing email templates, this extension offers keyboard shortcuts on Gmail, LinkedIn, and Outlook.

As a result, you can move around quickly without clicking a button. Shortcuts and templates increase speed and enhance productivity.

What Briskine offers

  • Templates Creation
  • Sharing of templates with your team
  • Access to quick keyboard snippets
  • Shortcuts for templates and keyboard

6. BlockSite – Block Websites and Stay Focused

The only way to achieve your objectives is to prioritize productivity. We have a lot of web pages on the internet to provide distractions.
It would be best if you had that unique Chrome browser extension to block out these distractions.

BlockSite is one of the best Google chrome extensions for productivity out in the chrome store. It helps to block out web pages that disrupt your productivity.

You can customize BlockSite to include the social platforms that have proved to be the leading distraction.

One of the catchy features of BlockSite is the ability to schedule when a particular website should be blocked.

This feature allows you to plan your day and access your favorite social platforms during your break. BlockSite is not only available on PC but can also serve the same purpose on mobile devices.

Features of BlockSite

  • Password protection
  • Time management feature
  • You can customize the blockage page
  • You can uninstall the prevention feature
  • It has a website redirect feature

7. Save to Google Drive

This Chrome extension is meant for those who want to save many web pages. Save to Google Drive assists in keeping content directly to their Google Drive through a context menu or with the help of a browser action.

Using this extension, you can view images, audio, videos, and documents by selecting the file and right-clicking the ‘Save to Google Drive button.

It has an additional feature where you can save the most recently viewed web page as a PDF using the Chrome Print Menu.

As one of the best Google chrome extensions for productivity, this extension can control the format of the saved HTML web pages, and you can choose the directory to save them.

The progress dialog lets you open, view, and rename the Google Drive document list file. With the provided list, you will have the option of organizing and sharing your new document.

Features of Save to Google Drive

  • It is easy to share and save files to your Google Drive from your browser
  • Drag and drop to upload files
  • You can view any file on your Drive
  • It has advanced search features
  • Automatic conversion of files to Google Docs


Whenever you find yourself unproductive, disorganized, and without a structure in any of your meetings, check out the highlighted Google Chrome extensions for productivity in this article.

They are readily available on the Google Chrome store. These extensions are available in every distraction area you might be interested in covering.

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