Google Fi: History, Features, Plans, Which Phones is Compatible With Google Fi?

Google Fi

Google Fi is a phone company operated by Google.

In the United States, it provides you with data service on three mobile networks (T-Mobile, Sprint and U.S. Cellular), between which your phone will switch intelligently; also uses Wi-Fi to make calls and send text messages when available.

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History of Google Fi

Google Fi was declared exclusively for the Nexus 6 smartphone on April 22, 2015, with support for T-Mobile and Sprint.

Due to high request at launch, the service forced users to receive invitations, which were phased out over the summer of 2015. The calling system was discontinued on March 7, 2016, when U.S. Cellular was shut down.

Three were added on July 12, 2016. In October 2016, Google added support for Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones and then introduced a group plan that allows subscribers to add additional members to their packages.

On January 17, 2018, Google Fi announced protection for a law that limits data billing to $60. If the data used is more than 15 G.B., the Google Fi may reduce the data speed to 256 kbps. User can avoid the slowdown by paying the total price of data used of $10 per G.B.

Bill Protection also works with group projects, with a maximum cost of $85 for two individuals, $120 for three individuals, and $140 for four individuals. Account protection does not affect the price of calls and unlimited calls.

Features of Google Fi

Google Fi automatically switches between networks based on speed and signal strength. It can connect to open Wi-Fi hotspots automatically while protecting data with encryption through automatic VPN. Phone calls will be redirected to the mobile network without any problem if Wi-Fi coverage is lost.

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Google Fi users can use Google Hangouts on any phone, tablet, or computer to call and text. Google Fi also supports VoLTE as part of the phased introduction. With all of its networks combined, Google Fi covers more than 200 countries and territories around the world.

Google Fi Plans

Google Fi offers an unlimited and flexible plan. With a flexible schedule, you start with an unlimited chat and messaging for $20 per month for one line.

You will only be charged $10 for 1 GB of data you use. Once you’ve spent 6 GB of data per month, billing for the rest of the month is capped at $60, but you still get data service. You can use all the data you want for the month without paying more than $80 in total ($20 basic + $60 information).

The only caveat here is that when it reaches 15 GB of total data consumption, its speeds drop to 256 kbps; Alternatively, at the 15 GB point, you can start paying $10 per GB again for fast data if needed.

If you know, you’ll be using more than 15 GB regularly, and you can go for an unlimited plan that starts at $70 per month with one line. You don’t pay per gig on this plan, but your speed will drop to 22 GB usage. Google One gives you all the benefits of a flexible plan, plus free calls to over 50 countries and 100 GB of cloud storage.

You can save money on your plan if you have multiple lines, and the price per line in an unlimited plan is reduced from each additional line to four, to five in a flexible schedule. You can have a total of five lines, but the price per line will be the same as four.

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Besides, you can add a SIM card only for data so that you can share data with another device without creating an access point.

What is Designed for Google Fi?

You get a first-class experience with Google Fi on the Google Pixel series of phones. These phones have a preprogrammed eSIM for Fi, and you can create an account and connect to the network without inserting a SIM card.

Then there are other “built for Fi” phones that you can buy to achieve the same experience, like the Moto G7, Moto G6, Android One Moto X4, LG V35, and L.G. G7. You’ll need to make sure that your particular version is compatible.

Google Fi phones are designed to have full network switching capabilities, which means they can move seamlessly between Fi network partners T-Mobile, Sprint, and U.S. Cellular, as well as seamless transitions between switch points Wi-Fi and mobile network access via Google VPN services.

Which Phones are Compatible with Google Fi?

But at the end of 2018, Google Fi now works with any unlocked phone, with some restrictions.

Unlocked phones will not be able to take advantage of the Fi network switch, so you will mainly use the T-Mobile network, and you will not get the always active VPN option of Fi.

But you get the same international roaming as all of the other Fi features, like the excellent Fi app and easy billing. Yes, this unlocked holder also includes iPhones, which is a big step forward for Fi. Google Fi also supports iMessage using your Fi number.

If you are not sure, you can quickly check if your phone is compatible on the Google Fi compatibility page.

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Switching to Google Fi

If you put up with the hassle of switching mobile carriers and transferring your phone number, you don’t have many other hurdles to overcome now that Google Fi is open to almost any unlocked device.

You can create an account or sign up for Google Fi online in a matter of minutes or buy a phone at the same time or Google will send you a SIM card to insert into your current phone.

Many great features make Google Fi the right choice, such as dramatically simplified billing, cheap monthly protection, seamless international calls and data, and improved network coverage with three carriers and Wi-Fi networks. A different amount to share for other people, but it’s a great package.

The price of Google Fi is not significantly lower than that of other mobile operators, and its accessibility depends on the data consumption and the desired features. We recommend that you research the prices before choosing the best carrier.

What Should I do if I have a Problem with my Google Fi Phone?

If you need help with Google Fi, this is the best app. And this is possibly the best operator app you have ever used. You can download the Google Fi app for Android or Apple iOS and access the 24-hour phone, chat, or email support.

If your phone is having trouble or if you want to chat on a device with a suitable keyboard, visit the Google Fi support page for the same options.

How to Cancel Google Fi?

To cancel Google Fi, All you have to do is go to the Google Fi website or app:

  • Click or tap the Account tab.
  • Click or tap Manage plan below the plan.
  • Click Cancel Service.
  • Follow the instructions.
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