How Smartphone Tracking Software Works?

Smartphone Tracking

In recent times the cell phone industry has experienced a lot of technological advancement. And as a result of this, giant tech companies have found a way to help your devices track your every movement.

Your device does this by using your applications and other features made available on your smartphone to gather information about your location. The question, however, is the intentions of the tech companies, is it malicious in any way?

It can be very annoying though, to imagine someone tracking your every movement. Meaning if you were to be in the toilet the person would know, if you were to do something and private the person would be aware.

However, the tech companies created these features for other genuine reasons that have nothing to do with knowing when you want to do anything private or just creeping you out.

There are many other useful tasks that this tracking software can perform. Take for example, if you’re one of those people who like to travel around the world when you in your home city you probably would have no reason to need a tracking device because you are on familiar soil.

However, when you travel to a different part of the world, you would need something to help you get from point a to point b without getting lost; this is one of the many good things that the creator of this software had in mind.

Somehow, you probably had used google map when you got lost either when you were driving or when you are out with friends trying to locate the nearest hangout spot.

Google map and other applications that require your location to function make use this software to help you get around more easily or figure out a place without having to ask too many questions from strangers.

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How exactly does smartphone tracking work?

At the upper part of every smartphone, there is an icon that you can switch on and off for your location. For the smartphone tracking software to work your location must be on.

The process of turning your location on takes nothing less than a second all you have to do is tap the location icon on your screen, and immediately it connects to a GPS satellite to pinpoint your exact location.

As soon as your location is on, you can easily find out all the places around you once you’re using an application like google map or any other application that helps you to navigate.

When your location is off, the GPS satellite will be unable to pinpoint where you are, and you cannot access the next coffee shop, the next gas station, or restaurant around you using your device. In other words, your applications like google map will not be able to take you where you want it to.

Also, if you have other devices that use the direction feature, that future will be disconnected automatically until your location is turned back on. What this means is that your location has to be on if you must make use of any of these applications for navigation or travel.

The direction feature talked about above is one that allows you to insert two locations – which is point A, I.e. your exact location at the time, and point B which is the location you are trying to reach. The direction software would show you the fastest route to get to your destination.

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This is what companies like uber and  bolt ( formerly taxify)  use in helping their drivers figure out the quickest way to take passengers from one location to their preferred destination. When your location is turned off, this feature will be unable to function.

Now we have talked about how location tracking works now we are going to talk about how mobile phone tracking works. Like the previous will talked about that uses GPS and satellite location to track you if smartphone tracker uses GPU to track the location of your device.

To use the GPU software on your smartphone, you would need to install it on the phone. Most people use this software to track their children and companies use it for their employees.

Which means you cannot take their personal phones and install the software, that is why most companies would instead give their employees a smartphone to use with this software pre-installed.

Does a tracking software have any other feature apart from tracking the location of a mobile phone?

While the primary reason why cell phone tracking software was created is to get the location of your smartphone or any other mobile device, there are several other features that this software possesses these extra features include:

1. SMS tracking

Personally I will consider SMS tracking one of the scariest elements of the smartphone tracking software. With SMS tracking feature, your employer or whoever installed the GPU on your device will get access to any SMS that comes in and goes out of your cell phone.

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The most exciting part is that the person not only gets the messages on your phone, but he or she also receives the exact time and the details of the recipient or the sender of the messages that come in and go out of your devices.

That way, you are unable to lie about time date or even your location when an SMS comes into your phone, or you send out an SMS.

2. Call tracking

Just the same way SMS tracking works with call tracking you can get access to all the calls that come in and go out of the device in which you have installed the GPU.

With this feature, you can easily monitor the people your children or your employees communicate with, and what time they are engaged in such communications this feature is perfect for organisations that are into private investigation and even government organisations like the police force or the FBI.

3. App tracking

Another fantastic feature that the mobile phone tracking software has is the app tracking feature. With this tracking feature, you can get complete details of a person’s social media activities so if you’re sending or receiving messages on Viber, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, snapchat and other IM applications.

The person who installed the GPU on your device can get the exact time of the messages and the content of the messages that came in and went out of your device.

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