How to Enable Hidden Dark Mode in Facebook Messenger?

Dark Mode in Facebook Messenger

As we anticipate a release of a system-wide dark mode for iPhone with the upcoming iOS 13. App developers are already incorporating this feature in their apps.

The most recent of them to join the fold is Facebook Messenger who brings onboard a beautiful dark theme for you if you know how to enable it.

Since the feature is still in its testing phase, it’s not available to the public as at the writing of this article, but there is a cheeky way to enable it on your device right now.

So if you are interested in using the dark mode on your Facebook Messenger on Android or iOS, here is how you can enable the hidden dark mode:

Enable Hidden Dark Mode in Facebook Messenger

Facebook has implemented a secure and also fun way to enable dark mode. Even if you had not read this article, your chances are that you would have discovered it yourself one way or another.

That said, if you don’t want to wait for the discovery to happen, below are ways you can make it happen.

1. Launch the Messenger app and send the moon emoji to any of your contacts. You can also send it to yourself if you wish.


2. Once that is done, Facebook will notify you that you have found a dark mode. Just tap on ‘Try in settings’ and then enable the ‘Dark Mode’ by toggling it.


3. After you have enabled it, this is how your messenger chats will look like. Pretty awesome, yeah?


Also, you should note that it doesn’t work automatically, just force close the app and then launch again.

The approach of allowing its users to discover the dark mode by themselves is pretty amazing, and it will certainly delight a lot of people who found it themselves.

In conclusion

It’s amazing how companies now include real nuggets for their users to discover. I also love the fact that Facebook is using a true dark mode and not some shade of blue unlike Twitter or dark grey.

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