How to Fix External Hard Drive Not Showing Up on Your Mac Computer?


They are a lot of users who have reported not been able to see their hard disk drives when they attach it to their Mac computers. Especially users who have Mac OS X updates. There are also other reported problems when it comes to the updates of OS X Yosemite.

If you are among the users who have reported such cases, then this article is for you. Check out the various solutions below:

1. Check your Desktop


To begin the process, you have to go to your “Settings”. Then select the “Find Preferences” option. When you are under the General tab in this section, go to your external drive menu and make sure to select “Show items” on the desktop menu.

2. Check your Disk Utility

Search for your Disk Utility section. Then click on the external drive that you should see on your left pane. Then go ahead to click on the Verify Disc menu. This will fix any minor errors and issues that may have occurred on your hard drive.

3. Check the Ports and the Connectors

For this to work, make sure that you have wholly connected your hard disk to your Mac using a USB Hub. Read adjust the cords and then try other ports to make sure that everything is working great.

4. Check the Disk Utility Section

Make sure you follow these steps:

  • Go to the Disk Utility section. Then check if your hard drive is greyed out.
  • Try to connect other external drives to your Mac then check if your computer is recognizing the other drives.
  • From the Finder window, properly eject your hard drive device.
  • Restart your Mac, and then reconnect the external hard drive again.

5. Check the “Finder” menu

Using the ‘Finder’ type “Go to Finder”.
Try to see the path of the hard drive. For instance, you can check the following to see if your computer recognizes your hard drive: “Volumes/sleekdisk”.

6. Check your Favorites List

If you notice that your hard drive shows up on the Disk Utility but not on the Finder, then view your Favorites List. You can click on the Drive to see if it’s greyed out. Later try to reconnect the hard drive back again and monitor the change.

7. Restart your Computer

  • Shut down your Mac for a couple of minutes
  • Make sure that all the power cords are unplugged.
  • Remove all the USB connectors from your computer
  • Wait for a couple of minutes then plug back your hard drive.
  • Boot up your Mac or MacBook Pro again.
  • Make sure that only the external drive should be plugged into the USB port. Check your “Finder” and see if the hard drive appears.


When all the others fail to solve the issue, try to install and run the or the Onyx maintenance freeware. After running both applications then restart your Mac computer.

You can see other solutions from the internet that were not included in this article by using the comments section below.

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