How to Set Up Google Alerts to Receive Specific Topics?

Are you scared of missing out on essential and your favourite topics? Have you wondered how you can keep a date on topics, news and events?

Well, Google now has a feature called Google Alerts that acts as a notification service for contents on the web, topics, specific story, places etc. It allows you to select your favourite topics and keywords and then Google app will alert you whenever it finds a matching query result on the web.

Isn’t it interesting? In this article, I will be talking about setting up your Google Alerts and how to refine it further to get current alerts based on your favourite topics.

How to Set up Google Alerts to Recieve Specific Topics?

Google alerts have helped a lot of people to cut down on their fear of missing out. It is interesting to know that after setting up your alerts you won’t be missing out on your favourite topics. With this, you can also cut down the amount of time you spend on social media canvasing for topics and news.

Follow the steps below:

First, you have to open the Google Alerts page on your browser either mobile or desktop and then enter a topic of your choice. For instance, “OnePlus 7 Pro” because you need to get more info about it. Now to refine the alert from that keyword, click on “Show Options.”

Then go through all the options and customize the alert filer. You can select ‘once a day’ to avoid too much clutter. And finally, click on the ‘Create Alert’ button and you are all set to receive alerts.

To give you an idea of what you have done, below is how the alert email looks like.


You can choose to set Google alert to be delivered at your own convenient time. All you have to do is, click on the gear icon and select the delivery time.


But in case you have multiple alerts, you can choose to gather all the alerts in a single digest email. Select the Digest option and click on the Save button.


And finally, once you are done, you can choose to delete or customize the alerts by clicking on the buttons that are next to your alert topic.


You can be on top everything by setting up your Google Alerts

That is my take on Google Alert feature which is not known to many users. It is pretty useful for a lot of things like the topic of interests (TV shows, gadgets, tech etc.), earthquakes, impending tsunami etc. And if you want full control over the contents and delivery time, a filter option is provided for that too. Overall, it’s a useful feature, and you can use it to streamline information in one place.

Have you heard about Google Alerts? Has it been useful to you? Tell us what you think about this article by using the comments section below.

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