How to Use Metamask?

How to Use Metamask

MetaMask is a cryptocurrency and NFT wallet that works with the Ethereum network, BSC, etc.

MetaMask allows you to send and receive digital assets and transact within the app.

MetaMask may be used as a standard cryptocurrency wallet due to its ability to integrate smart contracts and decentralized applications easily.

You can quickly assess Metamask wallets through a browser or a mobile app.

The webpage merely pings your wallet with the MetaMask extension, prompting you to accept or reject the transaction.

This article discusses how to use Metamask and what you can use it for.

How to Install Metamask Extension

The Installation Metamask extension is important before creating a new wallet. Metamask is one of the most widely used free dApp browsers.

However, You’ll need to download a mobile distributed application (dApp) browser on Chrome, Firefox, or play store to use the blockchain.

Here are the simple steps to install it on your Chrome browser.

  • Step 1: Go to the Metamask website first.
  • Step 2: To install Metamask, click “Get Chrome Extension.”
  • Step 3: In the upper right corner of your browser, click “Add to Chrome.”
  • Step 4: To finish the installation, click “Add Extension.” When you see the fox logo in the upper right corner of your browser, you know Metamask is installed.

The MetaMask extension will always be there in your browser’s toolbar, ready for you to continue your Crypto journey.

It’s simply accessible, and as you can see from these instructions, it’s also straightforward to use.

How to use Metamask: Wallet Creation

After adding the metamask extension to your chrome, the next thing to do is to create a wallet. Installing a wallet (or “vault,” as Metamask refers to it) to store your Cryptocurrency is one of the first things you should do on Metamask.

Here are simple guidelines on how to use metamask by creating your account.

On your Google Chrome browser, click the Metamask logo in the upper right corner. Then, you read the terms and conditions and agree to them. After which you create your wallet by entering a password and clicking “Create.”

Then You will be given 12 “seed words for your vault.” Make sure you copy the downloaded “MetaMask Seed Words” file to a secure location after clicking “Save Seed Words as File.”

To access your vault, you’ll need it. Once your seed words file has been secured, click “I’ve Copied It Somewhere Safe.” You will be directed back to your Metamask wallet.

How to Deposit Cryptocurrency on Metamask.

MetaMask offers a few ways to buy coins, but you can also do it yourself; all you need is your address.

The use of metamask is very as easy as you can view your account by just clicking on View Account. You can also choose to purchase or deposit Cryptocurrency.

You need to do is to fund your wallet address. You have to, first of all, Copy your wallet address by clicking on it and then send ETH to that address from an exchange. You can also click “Buy” to purchase ETH via Metamask’s built-in exchange.

Once your funds have been deposited, you will see your balance in the lower area of the wallet, displayed as ETH. If custom ERC-20 tokens do not appear in the list, click “Add Token” to add them.

The amount of Ethereum could take several minutes to arrive depending on the traffic or the amount of ETH deposited.

How to Use Metamask to Send cryptocurrency

Sending coins is similarly straightforward; there’s a large send button, and the rest is straightforward.

You can transmit any Cryptocurrency to any other user, exchanger, or wallet by clicking on the “Send” button on Metamask’s main panel. Enter the amount of ETH you’d like to send and the transaction fees you’d like to pay.

Then press “Next” Your transaction will be confirmed faster if you pay a more significant charge.

By default, Metamask establishes a charge, and EthGasStation can assist you manually in determining appropriate transactions’ charges by sites like EthGasStation.

To complete the specifics of your purchase, click the “Next option.” You press the “Confirm” button.

However, It may take some minutes for your transaction to be confirmed. In Metamask’s “Activity” section, you can check your transaction’s status.

The MetaMask Application

The MetaMask Android/iPhone app is a convenient way to interact with Web3 apps while on the road.

It integrates a DApp browser to access multiple decentralized applications at the touch of a button, and it has a lot of the same functionality as the extension.

The application’s workflow is remarkably similar to the browser extensions. You can send ether or tokens directly from your wallet and engage with Uniswap.

What Metamask Can Be Used For

You can use all of Ethereum’s capabilities now that you know the basics of Metamask, including:

  1. Transactions between ordinary Ethereum addresses, such as those owned by people and merchants, are sent and received.
  2. You can pay for transactions in DApps like games, gambling apps, DeFi apps, and decentralized exchanges.
  3. ETH and custom token storage (i.e., ERC-20 tokens).
  4. Keeping non-fungible tokens and collectibles safe (NFTs).


MetaMask is a valuable tool for navigating the decentralized web. Applications like MetaMask will become essential components in the bridge between established technologies and embryonic cryptocurrency infrastructure as the Ethereum stack evolves.

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