How to Use the Unsend Feature in Facebook Messenger?


If you have ever sent a link to your parents by mistake or accidentally sent your inner thoughts to a random person or a group chat you are in instead of your best friend well, you will be glad to know that Facebook Messenger’s unsend feature is finally live.

Now, you will have only 10 minutes after that unfortunate slip of the fingers to recall that message back from the air before it’s unerasably attached to that conversation thread.

How you can unsend a message on Facebook Messenger

Do you want to use this feature? It’s quite simple to use.

1. While you are on the Messenger (the Lite version does not appear to have this feature yet), long-press on any message which was sent within the last 10 minutes.

2. The word ‘Remove’ will pop-up at the bottom of the screen, then tap on it.

3. Then another pop-up will ask if you want to ‘Remove for everyone,’ that is if you don’t want anyone to be to see it again or ‘Remove for you,’ if you only want to hide it from your view of the conversation.

4. However, if you select ‘Remove for everyone,’ Messenger will replace that message’s content with a placeholder bubble to let everyone in the conversation know that there was a message, but you deleted it.

If you are using the web version to access your Facebook account, you can still be able to delete messages, but with the same 10-minute rule applied. By clicking on the three dots found next to a message, a pop up will prompt you if you want to remove the message.


Take note that the ability to unsend messages in Messenger does not give you the privilege of sending unsolicited annoying pics. This is just a piece of friendly advice.

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