15 Best Indian Healthtech Startups

Indian Healthtech startups

The Indian healthtech startups ecosystem can be very competitive and thus challenging to navigate if you’re new.

Essentially, discover what makes these startups so great, from their quality of app development to their customer service skills.

Potentially, this industry could be worth US$ 28 billion and be amongst the top 10 markets in the world in 2022.

This will require government support and forward-thinking entrepreneurs willing to take risks and invest in technology to change India’s healthcare.

Here are 15 of our favorite Indian health-tech startups worth watching out for in 2022 and beyond.

1. Docplexus

The doctor-patient relationship is changing for good. It’s about time medical reports are easily seen and understood by patients.

With Docplexus, patients have complete control over their healthcare data input from patient reports and access to the healthcare ecosystem. Patients are empowered through the provision of their healthcare data.

The ultimate goal is to ensure that everyone is equipped with real-time insights about their well-being to aid self-care proactively.

Everyone should be able to access their medical records whenever needed, aiding easy diagnosis.

With Docplexus, you don’t need to wait any longer because now your records are only one click away! Download it now on the App Store or Google Play. It’s free and one of the best Indian healthtech startups.

2. Mera Medicare

An Indian healthtech startups, Mera Medicare, is focused on making healthcare affordable and accessible.

The company started by offering life insurance and critical illness policies that automatically cover expenses upon diagnosis of critical illnesses.

In June 2018, Mera Medicare rolled out insurance policies that cost less in major cities across India.

Insurance is a big deal; Meralife Insurance is one Indian healthtech startups to watch closely over the next decade.

3. Curefit

Curefit incorporates fitness into the everyday routine; workouts are designed around an individual’s needs, followed by customized and healthy meals.

By bringing together, experts from diverse fields, including nutrition, and exercise physiology, Curefit hopes to create a holistic approach to wellness.

It is one of the best Indian health-tech startups incorporating relevant knowledge from numerous fields.

In July 2017, Mumbai-based Curefit secured $2 million in funding from Accel Partners. Since then, it has increased with 200+ active corporate clients and more than 50000 users across Delhi/NCR and Mumbai. It also counts Paytm founder Vijay Shekhar Sharma as one of its board members.

4. 3Hcare

Launched by three young doctors, 3Hcare is a free and easy mobile application to revolutionize healthcare.

Patients are connected to medical experts through a partnership with one of India’s largest private hospitals, Max Super Specialty Hospital.

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Over 10% of Indians have a mental illness, and an abused child commits suicide at least every hour.

3Hcare user base growth multiplied quickly; the app was downloaded over 250,000 times in less than 4 months after launch.

They have also agreed with the Delhi government to treat patients who are victims of acid attacks at no cost.

5. Innovaccer

Innovaccer has raised $11.5 million as part of a Series A round, according to documents filed with the SEC.

The company was founded by Vinayak Naik, the former COO of Axilor Ventures and CTO of Rocket Internet India.

The funding round was led by Invus Capital Advisors, followed by Qualcomm Ventures and Phanindra Sathish’s Kwan Entertainment & Media Ltd.

Beyond these names and details are some other hints about Innovaccer’s plans. Innovaccer is a stealth company amongst other Indian health-tech startups with hopes to publicize later next year.

6. Practo

Founded in 2007, Practo helps patients find and book appointments with doctors and clinics. It claims to have 50 million users, and its investors include SoftBank, Tencent, Intel Capital, and Sequoia India. Last year, a $125-million funding round valued it at $1 billion.

These Indian healthtech startups were founded by Shashank ND, Abhinav Lal, and Abhinav Gupta. Doctors Kiran Murthi and Mukesh Shah also serve as company directors.

The company has a presence in 23 cities across India and is expanding into new markets such as Indonesia.

In 2017, it acquired Mumbai-based rival HealthKartPlus for an undisclosed sum. Last month, it launched a chatbot that lets users search for medical information on Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp. The bot is available only in Hindi but will be rolled out in English soon.

7. PharmEasy

PharmEasy was founded by Vinayak Hegde, a pharmacist who wanted to make things easier for patients.

PharmEasy allows patients to order and reorder their prescriptions online, and they can get their prescriptions delivered home through PharmEasy’s partnership with local pharmacies when needed. 

The company’s free delivery services allow customers to only pay for what they order from PharmEasy’s pharmacy partners.

You could quickly return to these pharmacies when you need a refill of medications. PharmEasy is an Indian healthtech startups that includes convenience in service to its customers.

8. MediBuddy

MediBuddy is listed amongst the 15 best Indian healthtech startups by India’s largest media and entertainment company, Times Internet.

MediBuddy provides a technology platform for doctors to connect with patients, allowing them to discuss their medical concerns.

It is an online community for doctors and patients with both parties able to see each other during these interactions. 

MediBuddy was founded in 2016 by Shubham Agarwal. Shubham Agarwal is a Doctor who saw a need for technology to improve communication between medical professionals and their patients.

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MediBuddy recently raised $1 million from investors, including Fireside Ventures and Paytm founder Vijay Shekhar Sharma’s VC fund Xpressbees.

9. Mfine

Mfine is an Indian healthtech startups that leverages artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to provide medical assistance to users.

It has secured $21 million from venture capital fund Kalaari Capital. The deal has been one of India’s most significant fintech investments since last year.

According to a report, Kalaari managing director Ashish Gupta will join Mfine’s board of directors as part of this transaction.

Shripati Acharya and Srivatsan Chari founded Mfine to simplify several aspects of life for users, especially those regarding their health conditions.

10. Indegene

Healthcare has become a buzzword, yet people still do not know what it is about. This is more so for millennials who have only heard of healthcare but do not understand its basic concepts.

Indegene wants to change that. Indegene wants to change that. The Indian healthtech startups was founded by Avdhesh Garg, Rahul Jain, and Kirti Gupta.

Indegene wants to make healthcare more accessible and meaningful to all users with easy access to information and community support.

11. IkeCare

Healthcare costs are rising faster than inflation and eating up an ever-larger chunk of family budgets.

IkeCare has set its sights on reducing medical expenses for individuals with chronic conditions like Diabetes, hypertension, and asthma. Telemedicine platforms allow patients to speak with doctors from home via live video calls.

IkeCare helps patients keep track of their blood glucose levels using blood testing kits sent directly to their homes.

Patients can also access nutritional advice from nutritionists and other experts through online chat rooms. IkeCare is an Indian health tech startup to consider when seeking a suitable healthcare budget.

12. Troheti

The average population of India is 1.29 billion, and every 20th citizen uses Troheti as their primary health app. Troheti ensures that each team member connects with other communities to get valuable insights.

Also, it ensures that people receive various benefits through a reward system that drives them to visit Troheti regularly.

If done right, India will not be surprised to contribute the maximum number of patients. Then, at least one of the Indian health-tech startups is taking healthcare more seriously than any other country.

With so many innovations, it won’t be long before we find ourselves cured of cancer using stem cell therapy! 

Stem cells have revolutionized not just science but medicine as well. These master cells can develop into any cell in your body, including blood cells, muscle tissue, skin tissue, etc.

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For example, a person who has Diabetes might need insulin-producing pancreatic beta-cells. Researchers would take adult stem cells from the bone marrow and coax them into becoming beta-cells.

Once grown enough, they are transplanted into diabetic patients’ bodies, where they will start producing insulin on their own!

14. NurseJoy

In 2016, more than 18 million Indians had Diabetes—and that number is expected to double by 2030.

India struggles with heart disease and other noncommunicable diseases (NCDs); Diabetes and its complications are a significant public health burden. The World Health Organization predicts that India’s adult-diabetes rates will quadruple by 2035. 

Meanwhile, nearly half of primary-care physicians have inadequate training in diagnosing and managing NCDs like Diabetes.

NurseJoy is an Indian healthtech startups founded to address this problem by arming nurses with digital tools for early diagnosis.

NurseJoy helps at this time when lifestyle choices like diet and exercise start to have an impact on physical health. 

15. HealthInfinity

Founded by Phani Kumaraswamy and Dr. Aswin Sankaranarayanan. HealthInfinity is a social enterprise that creates low-cost diagnostic kits for Diabetes, maternal and child healthcare and nutrition. 

The company was initially incubated by the IIT Madras Incubation Cell. HealthInfinity has won several awards, including the Microsoft India Startup Accelerator Award and the Idea2PoC Gold Award at GES 2015.

HealthInfinity is considered one of the leading Indian health-tech startups to provide basic healthcare needs.

The company is backed by investors such as Blume Ventures, IDG Ventures India, and Nandan Nilekani. It aims to reach 1 million people across rural India within two years.

The company also provides diabetic care solutions through its mobile app – DiabetoHealth – which helps manage blood sugar levels.

The app tracks glucose levels, weight, diet, and activity patterns to create personalized reports that better control users’ conditions.

It also alerts about hypoglycemia or hyperglycemia so that users can take corrective action immediately to avoid complications.


Considerably, it has been found that these 15 startups will give you a complete overview of the Indian HealthTech world.

They generally have higher quality products with good depth and breadth of features, a better reputation, and more customer satisfaction.

They are more focused on innovation and have great potential to make further progress in the future.

These 15 best Indian healthtech startups will change the healthcare sector in India forever with their revolutionary product concepts and business ideas.

If you are interested in investing in or want to be part of one of these, then do it now! Our analysis report is free for all our readers, so enjoy it!

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