iPadOS: Overview and Its Amazing Features


We are living in a digital age and we cannot deny how amazing the new technology has been.

Interestingly, technology is advancing with each dawn to make life more bearable especially with portable gadgets we can carry anywhere we go.

Apple launched its first-generation iPad in 2010, and since then, it has been dominating the tablet market.

The first generation of iPad was similar to the iPhone, but Apple has differentiated the two particularly by adding amazing features to the iPad.

Recently, Apple announced that iOS for iPad has been rebranded as iPadOS and here is everything you need to know about it.

What exactly is iPadOS?

iPadOS is simply a mobile operating system developed and created by Apple Inc.

The announcement was made at 2019 Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) and this means a whole new bunch of fun, practical, as well as funky updates that will help you use your iPad more effectively and smoothly.

In layman’s language, iPadOS is a version of iOS 13 that has been designed to run on iPads.

It is built on the same foundation as iOS, although it has new features to the larger display of iPad and brings you the computer experience on your tablet.

iPadOS has nearly all the features available in iOS 13 such as a new system wide Dark Mode, performance optimization, a Find My app, a revamped Photos app, updated Maps, Sign In with Apple, and many others.

iPadOS features

1. Slide Over and Split View

This is one of the amazing features to expect on your iPad and will make it easier for you to work with multiple apps.

This feature will give you an opportunity to work the way you want even in various intuitive ways and will automatically take your workflows to a higher level

2. Tablet-oriented home screen

The iPadOS home screen has been redesigned to support persistent widgets as well as take advantage of the large iPad display.

This feature allows you to see more apps and pin useful widgets on your front page and see them at a glance

3. Apple pencil improvements

The latency for Apple Pencil has reduced from 20ms to 9ms to help you use it effortlessly. The versatility and precision of Apple Pencil have without a doubt made it an outstanding tool for marking things up, taking notes as well as drawing.

In fact, the lower latency makes you feel like you are writing on a paper and because it comes with new ways to use it, you won’t feel like putting it down

4. Text editing

There’s something magical about iPad; you can do almost anything with Multi-Touch using intuitive gestures. Interestingly, iPadOS will make it faster and easier for you to select a particular text and then edit it using your fingers. How amazing!

5. Fonts

It goes without saying that people get confused about what to do when they want to make create a document without their laptops.

Well, iPad allows you to create documents and page layout and most importantly, iPadOS allows you to get your desired fonts from the App Store which you can apply in your documents or use in various apps

6. Improvements to File app

The File app gives you an opportunity to not only access your files but also manage them whenever you want to. Interestingly, iPadOS allows you to view your files, work on them and also share them if need be. In other words, it gives you more control to do everything you want with your files

7. Privacy and security

Without a shadow of a doubt, we all love confidentiality, and iPadOS comes with new features that push privacy protection to a higher level to give you control of your personal data as you enjoy personalized experiences

8. Camera support

Everyone likes taking good photos for memories, and you can now connect your camera directly to the iPad and capture those beautiful moments.

What’s more, the iPad has an immersive Retina display, and iPadOS makes it easier for you to manage and manipulate your photos to make them even more stunning

Bottom line

We are in the 21st century, and regardless of how we deny it, advanced technology is at its best.

If you’ve been using an iPad, you already know that there are various important features you use on your computer which you can’t find on your iPad.

The good news is that with iPadOS, you now have an opportunity to enjoy the desktop version of sites on your iPad.

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