13 Best iPhone Apps for Pregnancy

Best iPhone Apps for Pregnancy
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Nothing in the world can ever compare to the joy of becoming a mother, which is why we have curated a list of the best iPhone apps for Pregnancy.  

Sincerely, being pregnant can cause you to consider a lot of new things. Suddenly, you are in charge of watching over the growth and development of a tiny being. 

You want to maintain a healthy diet and exercise routine, acquire some great pictures of your ever-growing bump, and get tips on handling pregnancy-related discomforts (and, yes, mood swings). 

Many apps are available to help you track and monitor your baby’s progress (as well as the changes you experience with your own body), giving you a greater sense of intimacy and connection with the child developing inside of you. 

An extensive study has produced the best iPhone apps for Pregnancy. 

1. BabyCentre Pregnancy Tracker 

One of the biggest online parenting forums created one of the best iPhone apps for Pregnancy: BabyCentre Pregnancy Tracker

The app contains everything you need to keep track of your Pregnancy, including weekly tracking, a kick counter, a contraction timer, a time-lapse of your tummy photographs, name suggestions, and more. 

With thousands of articles covering different problems that may occur throughout the prenatal and postpartum days, the app’s specific information on high-risk pregnancies is something we adore.

Additionally, you can join discussion forums with other expectant mothers who could be going through the same thing. 

You can research foods, products, and exercise routines to determine their safety during Pregnancy using the “Is It Safe?” feature.

Enter what you want to do or eat; the app will let you know if it’s okay or warn you about any potential concerns.

Many childbirth videos are also included, which will help you get ready for every stage of Pregnancy, labor, and beyond. This is a comprehensive selection for a free app. 

When your baby is born, the app automatically changes to parenting tips to support you during your child’s early years.

You can find information on difficulties with feeding, the infant’s first bath, diapering, and other topics. It’s simple to sign up for new message boards as health issues or inquiries arise. 

2. Ovia Pregnancy Tracker 

Next on our list of best iPhone apps for Pregnancy is Ovia Pregnancy Tracker. A wide range of features is available in the Ovia Pregnancy Tracker app, including a customized timeline of your baby’s anatomical development, 3D fetal representations, warning signs, food and medication safety tools, and more. 

Additionally, it enables extensive data collection. This software is excellent for someone who enjoys data visualization because it allows you to track information about your relationship status, amount of Kegels you complete, nutrition servings, and even fetal movement. 

It has powerful data-gathering features, a health evaluation in collaboration with health plan providers within the app, and a calendar to record recorded data, milestones, and more. Still, the app’s UI is a touch cluttered. 

3. The Bump Pregnancy Tracker 

Another of the best iPhone apps for Pregnancy is The Bump Pregnancy Tracker. A capable and fun tracker is The Bump Pregnancy Tracker.

The majority of most would want such an app to be present, including a ton of advice, weekly baby growth, daily articles with advice, and other tools of the exact Nature.

The 3D baby model that shows how large the baby is supposed to be each week is quite popular with us.

We enjoyed the portion where you can ask honest questions and get real answers. Additionally, there is a registry feature, a catalog of different baby goods, and many other resources to help you prepare for the kid’s arrival.  

4. Sprout Pregnancy 

A daily pregnancy tracker with a ton of helpful information is called Sprout Pregnancy. A personalized schedule, a checklist for when the baby arrives, daily and weekly advice, and several tools, including a kick counter, contraction timer, and weight tracker, are just a few of the features.

Standing out from the crowd only accomplishes a little. But given what it does, it manages to do it reasonably well.

This software also has an android version that performs better with some of its features. Other than that minor issue, the app is mostly lovely. 

5. HiMommy 

HiMommy is the one that shines out when it comes to making Pregnancy tracking an enjoyable experience. 

This app offers you regular updates on your child with lovely images. As a result, you will always be aware of your baby’s average weight, length, and growth. 

Do you have any advice for other expectant mothers? Join the community to share your knowledge and assist others in the ever-growing group.

The five languages that HiMommy supports are English, German, Polish, Russian, and Spanish. 

6. Hello Belly Pregnancy Tracker 

Here is the most recent and excellent parenting guide. Hello Belly was prepared by professionals and is brimming with comprehensive pregnancy advice, which makes it one of the best iPhone apps for Pregnancy. Additionally, all information is provided without voluminous medical jargon. 

More than 400 valuable pieces of advice are offered in a lighthearted manner. You’ll smile when you see a baby in the womb in 3D and augmented reality.

You can employ meditation and watch yoga video lessons on the app to maintain your composure. Use checklists and manuals to stay current on symptoms and nutritional information. 

7. WebMD Pregnancy 

The prenatal information provided by WebMD Pregnancy is more than adequate. The app updates your baby’s progress by providing helpful information and individualized advice. 

Over 900 articles on the app that have been reviewed and authorized by doctors might be beneficial in advising you on how to handle the changes that come with Pregnancy. Slideshows should be viewed, and safety advice should be followed. 

Several essential features, including a symptom tracker, weight and blood pressure tracker, kick counter, and contraction timer, allow you to monitor your and your baby’s health.

Participate in the compassionate Pregnancy Community to connect with others who share your interests and to exchange ideas. 

8. Glow Nurture 

Glow Nurture is also one of the best iPhone apps for Pregnancy. The fully adjustable user interface and simple-to-use features that make tracking fetal development more practical are what I have loved best about “Glow Nurture.” 

The program includes several attractive visualizations that offer more profound insights. You can monitor even the most minor changes with the help of the symptom tracker. 

You will notice everything significant because of the prompt warnings. Additionally, you may export the pregnant symptoms, weight, medication information, and other health data as PDFs with this baby monitoring software. 

9. Pregnancy+ 

An excellent all-around option with a wealth of knowledge for each stage of Pregnancy is the Pregnancy+ app.

Users get access to tips on nursing, fitness, and other topics, and daily articles are given to them based on how far along their pregnancies are.

The app allows your partner or other loved ones to follow along while you customize your pregnancy tracking. 

Because each user’s experience may be customized, Pregnancy+ stands out. You can include details on your weight, signs of Pregnancy, mood swings, cravings, and other things. The app will produce weekly updates, articles, and videos based on your preferences.

Additionally, you can decide whether to get daily alerts with advice on health and safety, as well as details about your baby’s development. In addition, there are thousands of baby names to peruse and a curated baby-buying list.

Use the premium edition to create a birth plan that you can share with your doctor to ensure everyone is on the same page on the day of delivery. Additionally, you may use its bump photo feature to track your Belly’s growth weekly. 

10. MyPregnancyTracker 

MyPregnancyTracker is another best iPhone apps for Pregnancy that provides comprehensive information on prenatal care. This app provides accurate information on pregnancy stages, including gestational age, estimated due date, and fetal measurements. 

It also lets you track your menstrual cycle and record your blood pressure, body temperature, and urine output. In addition, you’ll receive personalized reminders for appointments and ultrasounds. 

11. Pregnancy and Due Date Tracker 

An easy-to-use pregnant software called the Pregnancy, and Due Date Tracker allows users to keep tabs on their blood pressure, weight gain, tummy size, and baby activity. It is one of the best iPhone apps for Pregnancy.

You may save this information and present it to your doctor at subsequent sessions. The app also provides nutrition, lifestyle recommendations, and a contraction counter. 

Enables you to create a PDF of your pregnancy data to provide to your doctor at your subsequent appointment, synchronizes with Apple Health, and includes checklists for every trimester so you can get ready for delivery. No help for trying to conceive or social networking. 

12. Preglife 

Another one on our list of best iPhone apps for Pregnancy is Preglife. Preglife is a pregnancy app that is gaining popularity. It was invented in Sweden in 2010, and many ladies in Sweden and Northern Europe use it.

There are numerous papers and details from the most recent studies on Pregnancy. We believe this app merits consideration, given that Sweden has the lowest rate of maternal deaths. They appear to be quite knowledgeable about childbirth.

The software covers the first 75 weeks of a baby’s existence and includes a pregnancy calendar, a baby development tracker, and numerous guides. This is a resource that is unexpectedly potent and empowering. And it’s free. 

13. BumpTrack 

Last on our list of the best iPhone apps for Pregnancy is BumpTrack. This app is perfect for moms-to-be who want to keep tabs on their babies’ movements.

Its interactive graphs and customizable reports give users precise information on the fetal position, heart rate, and action. 

That’s it! That concludes our review of the best iPhone apps for Pregnancy. These suggestions will help you find the right app for you and your family. 

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