Top 10 Kdrama Apps for Android

Kdrama Apps for Android

Korean dramas have become increasingly popular, particularly among the younger population.

KDrama allows you to watch Korean dramas, both in progress and finished seasons, online.

Romantic melodramas and comedies, colorful stories, challenging detective adventures, and criminal intrigues are among the most popular genres in Korean dramas.

Many individuals choose to download Kdramas instead of streaming them, while others prefer to watch them online.

You’ve come to the right site if you’re looking for a good Korean drama app to watch the most recent and completed Korean dramas.

We’ve compiled a list of the top Kdrama apps for Android; you can watch Kdrama without any controversy and at your leisure.

Let’s have a look at these Top 10 Kdrama apps for Android.

1. Viu: Korean & Asian Content

Viu is a popular kdrama apps for Android for anyone interested in watching Korean dramas.

The app has the advantage of allowing you to download dramas directly to your smartphone.

Most Drakor fans adore this app, and English subtitles are also available through the app.

Viu brings you the best Korean Drama and Asian entertainment anytime for free.

It has a Free member registration, and a local language interface is entitled to the user.

You can enjoy it as free users or upgrade to Viu Premium for more enhanced features.

You will have access to unlimited video streaming and watch the most updated programs from Asia for as fast as 4 hours with subtitles.

2. FluentU

FluentU is a popular language-learning app on the market right now.

People are encouraged to learn languages by watching videos and movies with native speakers, which might be subtitled or not.

FluentU includes a glossary beneath the videos to help with language learning.

FluentU is one of the best Kdrama apps for Andriod that can become fluent in English thanks to the free subtitles.

You can also learn Korean by watching Korean videos, dramas, TV series, and films.

Throughout the movie, you can pause it, access the subtitles, and look up a word or phrase you don’t understand.

3. Netflix 

Netflix is the most popular app for watching movies and TV shows, including Korean dramas. Many Netflix specials are exclusively available on the streaming service.

Netflix is different from other Kdrama apps for Android entertainment apps because it charges for its services.

These Kdrama apps for Andriod provide English subtitles for non-Korean viewers.

Netflix subscription plans vary from monthly to yearly, based on customer choices.

The same information is available on the application’s website. Unlike many other Korean drama-focused applications, Netflix allows premium subscribers to view various native dramas.

4. iQIYI

iQIYI is another one of the best Kdrama apps for Android that is recommended for downloading Korean dramas.

Users can access their viewing history through the application. 

iQIYI provides free room for streaming services with multilingual support. Popular Asian dramas, variety shows, movies, and anime are available.

The user can check their viewing history to see where they need to start watching the current drama. It also provides users with high-quality content. 

5. WeTV Free

WeTV’s main feature is the ability to broadcast episodes of various series, mainly Chinese and Korean drama films, on Android devices.

This app is built with an intuitive layout and several quiz games to immerse audiences.

The subtitles come in a variety of languages. The technique for directing videos is a very noteworthy feature of the UI.

Controlling features by swiping on the screen in specific ways.

WeTV has a subscription service that lets you skip the ads. You may also view your favorite shows as soon as they air as subscribers.

6. Korean Tv

Korean TV is a one-of-a-kind app with high-definition Korean episodes. There are no unwanted advertisements in this Kdrama app for Android.

With a range of subtitles and video quality options, you may watch your favorite TV series, TV shows, and movies.

The Korean TV app includes limited footage and the most recent news from Korean shows daily.

The app also contains content downloads that you can view offline. The application includes a helpful recommendation system.

7. Viewster (Watch Korean Drama)

Viewster is another popular app for watching high-quality Korean dramas and movies, and Viewster allows its viewers to see a lot of free stuff from all over the world.

It allows users to watch TV programs such as British, Korean, and European simulcasts such as Peep Shoes, Superstar, etc.

However, it is most renowned as the best anime site for its extensive library of anime series, including Murderer Princes, Wonder Momo, Demon King Daimo, and Bravoman.

These Kdrama apps for Android also host an online film festival, enabling aspiring filmmakers to submit movies viewable by the general public.

9. OnDemand Korean

Fans are undoubtedly drawn to the diverse range of Korean shows or films.

The entire service is legal, and there’s also an extensive archive of previous year’s streaming websites.

Many fans watch new episodes of any Korean TV show as soon as they are available online or on the broadcast.

Almost every film and television program is available in both English and Korean.

By the way, you’ll need to establish an account if you want to be able to pick up where you left off by watching an episode each time you open the program.

Following the broadcast, the site or app receives immediate updates.

There are numerous methods for searching, and you can search by the most recently updated genre or popularity (a-z).

 Finally, no signup or registration is required unless you upgrade to an ODK membership.

10. DramaFever

DramaFever is one of the most popular websites for Korean movies.

DramaFever is a Kdrama app for Android that allows you to view various Chinese and Korean TV series without downloading anything.

Hundreds of K-drama series are available, including Golden Cross, Big Man, You Are All Surrounded, and When Spring Comes.

Thanks to the app’s simple layout, you can choose any episode with simply a swipe on the screen.

You may return to the episode precisely where you left it if you stop watching it in the middle.

Furthermore, DramaFever is one of the best Kdrama apps for Android that will only attract individuals who enjoy this type of show. It will, however, become a significant factor.

In addition, DramaFever is an app that will only be interesting for those who like this type of show.

It will become essential for fans to love this app because it makes watching all of these shows so simple.


That concludes our list of the top Korean drama and series applications for your Android phone.

Please share this article with other K-drama fans so they may learn how to watch Korean dramas on their Android devices.

In the comments section below, feel free to share other Kdrama apps for Android or tested websites.

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