10 Land Survey Apps for iPhone and iPad

Land Survey Apps for iPhone and iPad

Land survey apps for iPhone and iPad are widely used by experts these days to ease the surveying process.

Land surveying is the backbone of any construction-based activity. It’s basically performed to determine various dimensions of a particular area of the earth.

These dimensions may include horizontal distance, elevations, angles, and even directions.

Some surveys also require identifying and measuring various buildings and structures like trees, houses, offices, etc. 

After taking all the required measurements, one can easily convert them into a map or even a globe.

With the advent of the latest technology, like land survey apps for iPhone, this process has been made easier and quicker.

We have listed some of the best land survey apps for iPhone and iPad based on functionality and precision.

Let’s discuss these apps one by one;

1. Geo Measure Area Calculator

The most helpful land survey app for iPhone users is Geo Measure Area Calculator. The Property Line app is intended for iPhone users.

Are you planning to buy or sell a piece of property? To compute the area and associated measures, download the app. It will be quite handy for you.

You may either record your location or manually draw a point on the map to compute the area. All of the parameters are calculated using the GPS technology in this app.

This app is loaded with unique and efficient features. You can place markers on the map, drag and drop them, and even delete them.

You can save your measurements and examine all of the maps with the option of sharing the land area.

2.    GPS Fields Area Measure

If you are working in the real estate market, you should download this app. The GPS field area measure app allows you to quickly determine the area and perimeter of a piece of land.

To get started, you’ll need to download the app to your iOS smartphone. After that, link it to your GPS. This program has been rated as the best accuracy, precision, and computation app by multiple users

It also includes the unique characteristics of identifying landmarks. This tool makes it simple to pinpoint certain locations over a large land region. It is indeed one of the best Land survey apps for iPhone. 

3.  Planimeter GPS Area Measure

A planimeter is a tool for measuring distance, area, and perimeter on a map. Manual measurement or GPS tracking options are also added to this application.

You may also verify and share your location’s bearing and geo-coordinates. In KML format, points may be tagged, stored, and shared.

This is one of the best Land survey apps for iPhone is useful for outdoor activities and can be used as a land surveyor by amateurs and professionals in a variety of industries, including sport, farming, landscaping, paving and construction, real estate business, hiking and travel, fencing, lot building and planning, solar panel installation, object mapping, lawn design, and many others where land area and distance/length calculations, land surveyor maps are involved.

4. Simple GPS Survey

This is the finest option. The advanced aspect of GPS land survey applications is that they use GPS technology.

You can quickly locate the nicest land in the area. The region, as well as its specific position, may be saved.

You must click the start button to begin the survey. Then, on the map, choose the latitude and longitude numbers.

Then press the save button. Click the edit option if you wish to change the location.

It is also possible to delete points from a map—these best land survey apps for iPhone aid you in locating the greatest place in the area.

The area has been stored on your phone, and all you have to do is to deal with the app in your desired way.

5. ‎Theodolite

Theodolite is a multi-function viewfinder that includes a compass, two-axis inclinometer, rangefinder, GPS, map, navigation calculator, and geo-overlay photo/movie camera in one app.

When it was initially published in 2009, Theodolite was one of the earliest augmented reality (AR) applications, and millions of people have downloaded and used it since then.

The app is used for various tasks, including land measures, outdoor activities, sightseeing, navigation, and navigating.

Surveyors, geologists, architects, engineers, competitive athletes, first responders, military people, and rescue professionals utilize Theodolite, which is professional-grade software and one of the best land survey apps for iPhone

6. Land Surveyor

Land Surveyor for iPhone can also be used to determine the land area. It’s a straightforward program with basic controls.

The GPS land surveying app is a tool that can be used to determine the area of a piece of land. It’s a simple to use tool with a pleasing UI.

This app offers several distinguishing qualities that help it get to the top. It offers you a variety of different alternatives in addition to estimating the land’s acreage and parameters.

The characteristic of GPS land survey apps for iPhone is dividing the area into equal portions.

7. Area Calculator for Land

This app is used to calculate the area using your phone. You can calculate perimeter and estimate distance using this application.

If you wish to do a field land survey in real time, you can rely on this app. It is one of the greatest Land survey apps for iPhone and iPad.

You can utilize features like dragging and dropping a marker or long clicking on a marker to choose land on the map.

8. GLandMeasure

GLandMeasure is a decent field measurement and Land survey app for iPhone and iPad on this list.

You can quickly measure land, farm, home, distance, and length with the aid of this application. It provides two choices for measuring the ground accurately.

You can measure the land by pinning it on a map in the first choice. Secondly, you can walk and receive the entire measurement of the land.

This program calculates the area and length for you automatically.

9. Map Pad GPS land, Surveys, and Measurements

The land surveying application has proven to be the most user-friendly. It allows for computations of area, perimeter, and distance.

This app provides you with the actual numbers. The finest feature of this program is the ability to save and export land data. It employs GPS tracking that is updated in real-time.

For measurements, a variety of units are provided. There are various techniques for measuring.

Tap on the map to see the GPS coordinates and the position of the map pointer. You may also plan building, gardening, agriculture, etc.

10. Surveying Calculator

Surveying Calculator is an open-source program providing a variety of sophisticated GIS and surveying capabilities.

Users can perform a wide range of tasks using this application:

  • Measure the bearing/azimuth distance between two places
  • Convert and generate coordinates
  • Decimal to a degree, minute, and second
  • Determine the coordinates of latitude and longitude. 

When you first use the app, you’ll be asked to allow a few permissions to ensure better results. 


There is no better method to get precise measurements of your property than GPS surveying.

This post has included some of the best Land survey apps for iPhone and iPad that can provide you with these measurements.

One program will compute a property’s size and perimeter, while another will map out all of the spots on its surface.

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