List of Android Auto Apps for Your Car

List of Android Auto Apps

While it’s never a good idea to use your smartphone while driving, there’s no denying that they’re incredibly useful for things like playing music, obtaining turn-by-turn directions, and making crucial calls.

This is why we compiled this list of Android auto apps. One of the best improvements to a car’s center console is Android Auto.

It provides easy access to phone calls, texts, and smaller items like the weather. Additionally, you can browse anywhere, listen to audio content, and ask Google many different questions.

It is accessible on all Android devices and quite simple to use. To set up and use the phone, you must plug it into your car’s USB port. 

Google Assistant should be featured here because it uses your car’s microphones to deliver content while driving, but you’ll need it to use Android Auto anyway. 

It enables users to carry out each of these tasks hands-free. You can always stay connected while driving safely, thanks to Android Auto.

With the aid of applications, Android Auto can assist you in carrying out all of these tasks. A lot of Android Auto apps are available, but not all of them are helpful.

The list of Android auto apps can be found below: 

1. Google Maps 

The first on our list of Android auto apps is Google Maps. Navigation is one of the most common uses of Android Auto. Since the introduction of Google Maps, nowhere has been out of your reach.

When you ask Google for directions, the Google Maps app will open and provide turn-by-turn directions on your screen.

The best aspect is that Google Maps now provides voice directions, so you don’t even need to glance at the navigation panel. Google Maps is the one app you absolutely must have on Android Auto. 

2. Audible 

Two of the most well-known audiobook services are Audible and OverDrive. They both support Android Auto as well. They both function the same.

You can buy audiobooks to listen to while driving. It’s a fun alternative to music for those who want something less intense and works well for commuting or road trips.

Those who would rather subscribe to Audible than buy individual books, they can do so. If you don’t want Audible, OverDrive is a suitable substitute. 

3. Waze 

Next on our list of Android auto apps is Waze. The finest navigation program is Google Maps, although Waze offers better real-time traffic information, particularly in the US.

In addition to providing turn-by-turn navigation, Waze can warn you if a route has been closed for any reason, including accidents.

It was so excellent that Google ultimately purchased it. But happily, the app continues to function on its own. Waze is the app to use if you want to spend less time driving. 

4. iHeartRadio 

One of the best Internet radio apps is iHeartRadio, and Android Auto works flawlessly. Along with actual radio stations, there are many other regular music stations.

You can always use your car radio to listen to traditional radio stations, but for those who want to do it that way, iHeartRadio keeps everything inside Android Auto.

The service is free with advertisements; for those who want more content, there is an optional subscription.

Due to the amazing Christmas station on iHeartRadio, we hugely support the service over the holiday season. The remaining 11 months of the year are also fantastic. 

5. Spotify 

Spotify is also on our list of Android auto apps. While Google Play Music is fantastic, nothing beats Spotify for song streaming.

The best discovery tool of any streaming service, Spotify has led me to discover dozens of new musicians.

Using Spotify’s capabilities with Android Auto is okay if you already subscribe to its subscription service. 

6. Pandora 

One of the top Android Auto music apps, Pandora, has been installed in automobiles since before Android Auto even existed.

It has a lot of music stations, and you may make your own with your favorite tunes. In addition, Pandora offers a $9.99 monthly music-on-demand subscription that rivals Google Play Music and Spotify. It’s a great all-in-one option for listening to Internet radio and your favorite songs.

If you don’t want the on-demand content, the $4.99 monthly subscription adds certain features for the radio side. 

7. Whatsapp 

Next on our list of Android auto apps for messaging is Whatsapp. If you use WhatsApp, you’ll be glad to know that Android Auto now supports the service and the other 1.5 billion monthly active users.

So, on Android Auto, you can hear your messages and respond to them using voice. VoIP calling is not yet supported by Android Auto, so you cannot use the service to place calls. 

8. Telegram 

Telegram is also on our list of Android auto apps. You’ll be glad that Telegram is available on Android Auto if you want a secure texting experience but don’t trust WhatsApp.

As a result, you may dictate responses to your Telegram conversations and have the built-in voice assistant in Android Auto read them aloud. 

9. Podcast Addict 

One of the top podcast apps for Android is Podcast Addict. It fulfills every requirement. Nearly all podcasts are available, can be found, downloaded automatically, and have good playback options.

The UI is respectable and can manage a large number of podcasts. Support for SONOS and Chromecast is also included.

In our testing with Android Auto, the software performed well without any issues or hiccups.

It’s not essential to subscribe to get the $2.99 premium version, which removes advertisements and provides some extras to enjoy your podcasts.

Doggcatcher is also really impressive, but it needs to be updated, and we believe the developers stopped working on it. 

10. Google Playbooks 

Next on our list of Android auto apps is Google Playbooks. One of the finest ways to enjoy audiobooks and ebooks purchased through Google Play is by using Google Play Books, one of the most well-known audiobook apps for Android.

You may read or listen to millions of best-selling ebooks, comics, textbooks, and audiobooks using this service on your tablet or while on the go.

You may access Google Play Books on your computer using a web browser because it is accessible on both Android and iOS as well as on the web.

Please be aware that while the app is free, the ebooks and audiobooks offered on the Play Store need payment. 

11. Pulsar 

On Android, Pulsar and Poweramp are two of the top music players. Both of them play your local music files and support Android Auto.

The less complicated of the two apps is Pulsar. It locates your collection, enables playlist creation, and plays your music.

In comparison, Poweramp is among the more complicated choices for music players with many functions.

We include both since there are times when you want something straightforward and other times when you want to be in complete control.

Choose your favorite from these two apps if you want to do it. They are both decently priced as well. It’s important to keep in mind that Poweramp only has a free trial and no free version. 

12. Textra 

Also on our list of Android auto apps for messaging is Textra. One of the best and most universal SMS apps for Android is Textra SMS.

You may adjust the theme, it supports SMS and MMS, and you can even change things like the emoji in the app.

Additionally, Android Auto supports it well. Messages can be sent and received. The texts are read aloud perfectly by Google Assistant. Everything operates smoothly. 

Turn off the SMS permissions for Android Auto in your Settings menu if you received the double SMS notification while connected to the car.

Afterward, Google Assistant will no longer read or reply to your messages; instead, you will only receive notifications from Textra. 

13. TuneIn 

One of the most downloaded internet radio apps on Google Play is called TuneIn, and fortunately, it also works with Android Auto.

You can access 100,000+ AM & FM online radio stations streaming music, news, sports, and more through TuneIn for Android Auto.

In addition, TuneIN supports podcasts, enabling effortless switching between your preferred podcasts and radio stations. TuneIn is essential software for anyone who uses Android Auto. 

14. NY Times 

While driving to work, NY Times for Android Auto will provide you with the news you need to start your day off well.

Receive breaking news alerts, top daily stories, and analysis on everything significant happening worldwide.

Thanks to its compatibility with Android Auto, you can stay up to date on everything occurring in the world before getting out of your car. 

15. MLB at Bat 

Last on our list of Android auto apps is MLB. Are you a devoted Major League Baseball fan who, wherever you are, never wants to miss a story? In that scenario, MLB At Bat is the ideal app for you.

It is the official app of Major League Baseball and provides coverage of all MLB game-related events, including Opening Day and the World Series.

Because the app supports Android Auto, you won’t have to miss a game while you’re driving. Anyone who loves baseball should have this app on their phone. 

This list of Android auto apps may not seem like a big deal to those who do not drive daily for two hours and spend even longer in traffic, but it is a game-changer.

These apps allow Android Auto the ability to go from being merely functional to something that is also enjoyable. 

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