List of Top IT Scholarships in 2023 in the US

IT Scholarships
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The process of global digitalization is unstoppable. Since the invention of the first computer and after the Internet, a lot of things have started to transform.

The IT field is simultaneously growing and is a massive and powerful field desired to enter by many.

Various areas of informational technologies world are a significant part of the Global economy. The demand for skilled and experienced professionals in the IT field is high and probably will be growing.

Naturally, students often seek opportunities to enter the IT field and get a promising developer or programmer profession.

Unfortunately, some desired positions in colleges and universities could be more easily reachable. The cost of education may be too high for a student.

At the same time, there is a good alternative for talented students who wish to build a thriving IT career.

By applying for one IT scholarship, many students easily earn funds for their studies and open doors to desired education.

What is an IT Scholarship?

If you want to discover the scholarship opportunities offered by universities, foundations, companies, etc., you need to collect information about an IT scholarship first. In simple words, it is partial or complete coverage of the expenses for studies.

So, scholarship programs cover all years of studies for a student, and some are renewable each year.

The main thing to consider when applying for an IT scholarship is the obligatory requirements for an applicant.

Depending on a specific scholarship and its sponsor, these requirements could differ.

Here are the standard points to consider if you wish to increase your chances of getting a scholarship in IT:

  1. Following all instructions for getting a scholarship is obligatory. One should fit the requirements of a particular scholarship program and complete all steps listed in an instruction.
  2. Writing a personal statement or an essay. Many scholarship programs provide obligatory requirements to complete a written assignment. If your skills could be better than you wish, choose effective professional help. By asking an experienced author to write your college essays, you can sufficiently increase your chances of getting the desired scholarship in the IT field.
  3. It is crucial to apply for a scholarship till the end of a stated deadline. For example, some programs must be considered several months before applying.
  4. Approving your actual financial condition and an inability to cover expenses for studies by yourself.
  5. Showing a certain level of GPA.
  6. Providing research projects in the IT field is always a plus. Some programs require presenting obligatory research.
  7. Present your commitment to social and volunteer projects.
  8. Provide a recommendation letter from your tutors.

IT Scholarships in 2023 in the US

Below we collected some of the top IT scholarships in 2023 in the US for you to consider.

1. Full Sail University STEM funding for International Students in the USA

This scholarship is a perfect choice for international students entering a university in the USA. A successful applicant can count on getting an amount of USD 5,000.

Minimum eligibility requirements for an applicant are the following: to be a non-US citizen, to write a 250-word essay on a topic stated by a Full Sail University.

Most essay topics explain how getting an IT degree will prepare you for a successful STEM career. If you are a non-English speaking applicant, prepare to represent a TOEFL score of non less than 79.

2. 2023 Iowa State University International Freshman Merit Scholarship (US Based)

This renewable scholarship program allows students who enroll in 2023 to get a sum from USD 5,000 to USD 10,000 to cover their studies (Award of Achievement).

The scholarship is oriented toward international freshmen students. The program’s main aim is to diversify the talented student population.

Applying for a scholarship requires filling in several specific application forms. The priority is given to students with high skills in math, entrepreneurship, innovation, etc.

3. Clark Global Scholars Program

This annual scholarship is for talented students starting their first year of studies at Clark University.

An applicant gets an opportunity to get full coverage of his or her studies in an amount from USD 25,000 to USD 45,000 (per year of studies).

The main requirement for applicants is to represent a high level of educational success and achievements.

The required language for applicants is English. Students from all countries can apply.

4. The Aysen Tunca Memorial Award

This merit-based scholarship is oriented toward female students studying It and STEM disciplines. The program is for undergraduates.

It is crucial for an applicant to be a US citizen. Hence the program does not fit international students.

Also, an applicant should be a member of the Society of Physics Students. A student who is applying for this scholarship should confirm her financial need and low income. The yearly amount awarded is USD 2,000.

5. Western Digital – scholarships 2023

Western Digital is a company that established this scholarship program in 2023, striving to make an impact on diversity in the IT field, giving opportunities to future scientists and math specialists.

Applicants should be international students from specific countries listed in the program. The amount to pay a successful applicant is USD 5,000.

The company provides 500 scholarships as a one-time award. Conditions assume to pursue a degree in a STEM or IT field.

Note that applicants should be the legal dependents of a Western Digital employee. A successful applicant must have a GPA of non less than 3.0.


If you are a talented student who strives to study IT, do not hesitate to seek an opportunity to get a scholarship.

Getting funds for studies by applying to a scholarship program means meeting several requirements, which are different depending on the institution that gives funds.

Among the requirements are meeting a deadline to apply, writing a personal statement or a short essay, providing approvals of financial need, issuing letters of recommendation, etc.

We hope you found our list of top IT scholarships in 2023 in the US helpful. We wish you good luck!

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