12 Messaging Apps for Android Phones

Messaging Apps for Android Phones

With over 6 billion text messages sent daily, there is no doubt that text messaging is one of the most famous, cost-effective, and easiest ways to communicate.

However, messaging apps for Android phones come by default; they lack features, are poorly designed, and can’t handle basic MMS.

Fortunately, there are hundreds of third-party messaging apps for Android phones that you can use. They are rich in features, easy to use, and come in an elegant design.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the 12 best you can download this year. Let’s see how they compare!

Messaging Apps for Android Phones

Here is our handpicked list for you.

1. Google Messages

Google Messages

First on the list is this Google messaging app, the default messaging app for Android phones.

It comes in a neat and straightforward interface and includes stellar features that allow you to send SMS, MMS, and use RCS.

Smart design allows you to respond faster to text messages and receive notifications quickly.

The dark mode enables you to chat at night without straining your eyes.

And what’s more? With Google Pay, you can send emojis and audio messages and even make payments.

Want to see a specific message? Just punch in a focus keyword in the search bar.

With RCS, you can send & receive notifications over a data network or WiFi, allowing you to chat on the go.

Bring your conversations to life with the Google Messages app.

2. Textra SMS

Textra SMS

The Textra app is rich in customizations and dope messaging apps for Android phones. Whether you want to change color, theme, fonts, etc., the app covers you.

With over 180 themes, dual modes (light & dark), and several application icon colors to choose from, it enables you to customize to your liking.

If you want to call a person or delete a conversation, tap the conversation thread and swipe your finger.

The application offers you other features such as blacklisting, blocking, and mass sending SMS and MMS.

Spice up your text with attached emojis and GIFs. The LED notification color can also be changed to know when a text message is being sent.

3. Mood Messenger

Mood Messenger

The Mood Messenger app is rich in features that come in premium and free plans.

For the free package for messaging apps for Android phones, you will enjoy SMS, MMS, emojis, GIFs, changing themes, and more.

You can also block spam and blacklisted contacts. You can also use the app at night or in low light, thanks to the dark mode.

The premium version introduces you to all the necessary and additional functionalities, such as backing up and restoring messages, encryption, theme customization, etc.

Also, you can stream YouTube videos in the app eliminating the need to switch between apps.

You can also send the location to friends so they can find you easily.

4. Chomp SMS

Chomp SMS

If you want lightweight messaging apps for Android phones, Chomp SMS is right for you.

With more than 10 million downloads & a rating of 4.4, there is no doubt that this app meets users’ needs.

Although lightweight, it comes with several features like group messaging, emojis, GIFs, SMS blockers, blacklists, etc.

You can as well alternate the color of the LED notification, vibration, ringtone, background, theme, etc., to suit your preferences.

The best part? It Consumes 7.7 MB of your storage. As such, it is compliable with any Android phone.

5. Pulse SMS

Pulse SMS

If you’re searching for an application that can synchronize messages from all your devices, get a Pulse SMS. Synchronize messages from your smartphone, tablet, and computer.

As such, you will be able to follow your conversations with ease. And if you want to secure your conversations from curious hands, you can use a password.

The application also supports dual SIM, which allows you to send text messages using different contacts simultaneously.

You can also blacklist spammers, respond faster to smart responses, retrieve and retrieve messages, and more.

However, to use it on all devices, you will need to subscribe to a monthly or annual plan.

6. Signal Private Messenger

Signal Private Messenger

The Signal app enables you to do more than send an SMS. It is functional to make video calls, send messages over WiFi or a data network, etc. But this is not the real thing.

The app uses powerful encryption that protects you from annoying hackers. As such, you can tell what you want without fear of being followed.

The simple interface allows you to send and receive messages quickly despite a poor network connection.

Like other applications, you can switch between light and dark modes, customize themes, and select vibration patterns and ringtones.

The built-in photo editor enables you to edit photos and add text as you like.

7. Handcent Next SMS

Handcent Next SMS

The Handcent app has undergone many transitions over the years, with additional features with each update making the messaging apps for Android phones list.

The latest update is visually appealing and stable, ensuring you are always connected to your family.

With some themes to choose from, you can customize them to your liking. The features that tag with the app allow you to send more than just text messages.

You can use it to send emojis, files, MMS, GIFs, and more. Send mass messages? This app is covered.

You can synchronize the app with your computer to send text messages through your computer.

With cloud backup, you never have to worry about losing messages. The app can function with Android Wear.

As such, you can send and receive text messages through the smartwatch.

8. SMS Organizer

SMS Organizer

Do you want an organized inbox? SMS Organizer keeps your inbox tidy, no matter how many text messages you receive daily.

The commodity of the Microsoft Garage project, it has become a replacement messaging app for most users thanks to its unique but useful features.

The application can set reminders and also track your spending in real time.

With it, you can send locations with your family and receive updates on train schedules, especially if you are in India.

Much like Google Messages, you can finance your bills via the app. And it provides you with offers so you can make informed buying decisions.

Not in the mood to send messages? Well, the text-to-speech feature allows you to send text messages by voice.



This open-source app is an ideal alternative to your default email app. QKSMS comes in a single, simple interface that lets you navigate easily.

With millions of themes to select from, you can customize it however you like.

For example, you can give each conversation thread a different color. In dark mode, you can easily send text messages in bright and nighttime environments.

You can send audio and video messages, emojis, and GIFs and participate in group conversations.

Automatic or manual backups keep your messages safe and accessible on all devices.

It is also compatible with Wear OS so that you can receive notifications on your smartwatch.

10. YAATA: SMS/MMS Messaging


Although new to the market, YAATA SMS/MMS messaging is gradually becoming one of the favorite messaging apps for Android phones.

It is a lightweight application that requires 3.9MB of storage space.

But don’t be fooled by the small size, as it comes with stellar features and is fast and reliable.

It is straightforward to use and adaptable to your wishes. You can use it to send photos, audio, videos, GIFs, and more.

You can choose to receive individual conversation delivery reports. The app also allows you to group chat, convert SMS to MMS, and delay sending a text.

The premium version includes more features like automatic forwarding and answering, night mode, blacklists, etc.

11. Viber Messenger

Viber Messenger

Viber enables you to send messages and video, audio, and files and make calls.

With over a billion users, it gives you a simple and secure alternative to your default app. All you need is stable internet, and you are good to go.

You can synchronize your desktop and tablet app for inclusive messaging, regardless of the device in hand.

It also enables you to make international calls so that you can keep in touch with your friends. You can create groups to talk to friends or colleagues.

12. WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp Messenger

Finally, we have WhatsApp Messenger, which is perhaps the most popular messaging app in the world.

You can send and receive videos, audio, files, photos, and more to have final conversations.

You can also run video and audio calls free with clients, friends, or colleagues.

And what is more? WhatsApp Web allows you to talk to your computer anytime.

Quick notifications ensure nothing is missed in group chats. In night mode, you can chat comfortably regardless of the light settings.


You don’t need to use the standard messaging app on your phone; you can choose from a host of stellar messaging apps for Android phones in the Google App Store.

These alternative programs give you better functionality, look better, and are easy to install and uninstall. So, liven up your conversations with any of the above apps.

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