MTN Lumos: Performance, Subscription, Plans, and Pricing

MTN Lumos

If you want to explore other (renewable) energy sources, MTN Lumos Mobile Electricity is a good start. As the name suggests, Lumos has partnered with telecommunications giant MTN to improve access to energy on the continent.

This article attempts to look at all the parts and needs of a mobile power device. And determine if it is worth buying. Or if it will cover specific electrical requirements.

The actual user of the device provides the performance overview. It, therefore, offers a realistic view of performance.

What is MTN Lumos Mobile Electricity?

Lumos Mobile Electricity is a clean, affordable and portable solar device. It is a portable replacement for expensive and dangerous kerosene and lantern generators.

This solution can power a variety of DC devices, including lights, cell phones, fans, computers, TVs, and other compatible small electronics.

Lumos provides its customers with safe, quiet and non-smoking energy, which is a clear benefit of renewables. They also use the solar service model as a service which makes paying for products quite flexible and straightforward.

Lumos has a subscriber model for this product.

How to Get Solar Electricity from MTN Lumos?

The company proffers its products available to end-users through a walk-in model. To buy Lumos Mobile Electricity, you can visit their stores available across the country and the continent.

Explore this store locator page to recognise MTN Lumos Solar Electricity stores and their contact details.

How much does the MTN Lumos Solar System Cost?

MTN Mobile Electricity costs a down payment of 25,000 Nigerian naira. This comprises the device itself and its installation. Also, keep in mind that this price may vary slightly depending on the area of purchase and location of installation.

The next critical piece of information to keep in mind is the actual price of the device. The MTN Lumos mobile solar device costs a minimum of N224,215 or a maximum of N424,800.

It’s relatively expensive for some customers, so there is a flexible subscription plan for payment. The whole amount you end up paying depends on the subscription plan you follow during the checkout process.

Think of it as a hire-purchase model. After 1800 paid days, the arrangement automatically unlocks, and you no longer have to pay for the use.

Find below the elements you get when you buy this mobile electricity. It is called “Lumos Kit.”

  • Large 80W solar unit and solar cable.
  • Solar control unit with 8 DC 12V max.
  • USB cell phone adapter.
  • Two powerful LED bulbs.
  • Simple self-installing prefab kit

How to Subscribe to MTN Lumos?

Thanks to the partnership with MTN, subscribing to Lumos Mobile Electricity is much easier. Quite simply, when you pass the plan you want in a short code, get the value almost immediately and pay off with your time.

To subscribe to MTN Lumos, send the selected plan to number 317. Example: For a 180-day plan, send “180” to number 317.

Also, keep in thought that any amount you pay will take into account the days remaining until the balance is reached.

MTN Lumos Mobile Tariffs and Electricity Payment Plans

The following table describes the plans available on the MTN Lumos Mobile Electricity device.

1 DAYN236N236
7 DAYSN220N1,536
20 DAYSN195N3,891
30 DAYSN166N4,966
60 DAYSN154N9,215
90 DAYSN144N12,900
180 DAYSN134N23,958
365 DAYSN132N47,833
1800 DAYSN125N224,215

What does the performance look like?

All in all, for its intended use, MTN Lumos Electricity is a great thing.

The device can endure up to 24 hours without sunlight. For a place like Africa (Nigeria to be exact) this will work the best it can. Due to the sufficient sunlight in the area.

Although there is sufficient sunlight, users can use the product while charging. And it does not drop below 100% even if it is in use and the sun. Charging only stops when the sunlight is drastically reduced.

This usually happens around 6 p.m. and lasts until the morning until the sun rises again.

Is it worth buying?

Yes, if your electricity needs are minimal.

However, if you want to power much larger appliances like refrigerators, washing machines, ironing boards, etc., this appliance will not meet your needs.

Tell us, what do you think or what you experience with Lumos Mobile Electricity?

  1. Pls I want to know the format for monthly subscription using 3rd party or ATM if applicable

  2. I’m not well treated.i’m been trying to subscribe temporarily with another line but got denied.i called customer representative they promised to do it for more than 24 hours now,nothing has been done.i’m disappointed.

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