11 Best Period Apps for Android in 2023

Best Period Apps for Android

Women sometimes find it challenging to keep track of their periods and cycles due to the craziness of daily living, so we’ve compiled the period apps for Android to help you out.  

But now that technology has advanced, we can track our periods with only our smartphones.

Numerous Android apps enable us to keep track of our dates and compile other pertinent data as the day draws near.

Finding the right app might take a lot of work, given the many options available. 

You can gain control over your hormones and form a better relationship with your period by keeping track of your menstrual cycle, keeping track of your symptoms, and how you feel at each stage 

Here are the period apps for Android compiled for you: 

1. Eve 

Eve is much more than a period tracker, earning the title of the most inventive app on the Play Store in 2016.

The app not only offers reminders and cycle tracks, but it also provides relationship advice that let’s face it, we could all use.

You can accurately predict your menstrual cycle by keeping track of your moods, PMS symptoms, and sex.

The app offers excellent anatomy-related insights, quizzes, and other health-related topics. It is one of the period apps for android.  

The software offers a thorough calendar window that displays information about your next period, ovulation day, and other pertinent bodily events.

The 2016 Webby Award for Health & Fitness is only one of several awards the app has received. 

This app is comprehensive for all your menstruation tracking needs, thanks to the list of tracking options and the advice provided here.

The Play Store offers a free download of Eve that is ad-free. However, there are in-app purchases. Android 4.1 and later-powered devices can use the app. 

2. My Calendar 

One of the most significant period tracking applications is the My Calendar app for Android. The application is sleek, has aesthetically pleasant themes, and has an easy-to-use interface.

The software aids in tracking your periods, forecasts ovulation, and emphasizes fertile days, allowing you to monitor your whole menstrual cycle. 

You can monitor valid data points with the My Calendar period tracking app’s free version, such as your weight and temperature.

Additionally, there is an option to make additional comments and record daily symptoms, moods, sexual activity, and medication.

My Calendar is not a substitute for MyFitnessPal if keeping track of your weight and diet is your priority. However, this software will enable you to track your weight fluctuation over time. 

The app’s forecasts are more precise the more you track your cycling there. Additionally, it will show you the typical signs and emotions you experience at each stage of your menstrual cycle and your regular cycle and period lengths. 

3. Clue 

Next on our list of period apps for Android is Clue. This app, which is highly regarded as one of the most reliable period trackers, collaborates on research with prestigious organizations like Oxford, Stanford, and Columbia.

The longer you use the app, the better it gets because it learns from your usage patterns and evolves. It might remind you of your menstruation, PMS, ovulation, and fertility.

To receive a special reminder every time, you can also track information such as cervical fluid, sex, pain, etc. 

By entering birth control information within the app, you can use it to prepare for your pregnancy. This software ensures you receive accurate information about your cycle with appropriate references to help you understand your body better, unlike some applications that skirt around the science of your period.

After using the app for a while, it starts to remember your previous menstrual cycles and gives you an average date that is typically correct. 

Since everybody is unique, it can be challenging for any app to achieve 100% accuracy, but thanks to contemporary algorithms, apps can learn from user behavior and are constantly improving.

Downloading Clue from the Play Store is free, although in-app charges are available for certain extra features. 

 4. Maya 

If you like a straightforward look, Maya is another of the top period tracker apps. An extensive period monitoring tool with a simple user interface.

If you value your privacy, you may lock the Maya period tracking software within its settings, ensuring that only you can access it. 

Users of Maya can record additional information in addition to their flow, which is quite beneficial if you regularly forget.

This information includes symptoms, mood, temperature, weight, sexual activity, cervical mucus, and contraceptive use. 

The program can offer insights into your cycle, symptoms, and moods as you enter more data into the app. It can also more precisely monitor your ovulation and subsequent period. 

5. Flo Period Tracker 

Flo Period Tracker is also one of the period apps for Android. Every woman needs to have this app on their phone since it makes it easy to track her cycle, pregnancy, and ovulation.

It will identify the days of the week when you are most fertile, assisting you as you plan your pregnancy.

As with any software, the user must manually record their menstrual periods; nevertheless, Flo will gradually learn from your cycles and patterns. 

The software even lets you record your basal temperatures, giving you a clear picture of your periods. Complete software for every woman, the Calendar mentioned above will also break the days ideal for conception.

Add more symptoms if you discover that the dates could be more precise so that the program can get more knowledge and deliver more accurate results.

The software also has a lifestyle tracker that lets you record information about your weight, exercise level, and other indicators.

There are no adverts or in-app purchases in the app, which can be downloaded free from the Google Play Store. 

6. Clover 

I would like to see a cycle tracking software employ more gender-inclusive and gender-neutral vocabulary. Clover features a feminine UI, just like many of the other period tracking applications on this list.

Since all data is saved locally on your smartphone, it is still touted as one of the safest and most secure free apps. 

The free edition of Clover is for people seeking a hassle-free period monitoring tool. There are only basic period tracking, and reminders included without an upgrade.

You must upgrade to the pro edition of the app to track your symptoms and use all of the app’s features. 

7. Period Tracker 

Period Tracker is also one of the period apps for Android. This software is relatively straightforward and lacks the complex terminology in other historical apps.

Here, you receive a calendar view and an area where you can list your symptoms to improve your long-term outcomes.

When your anticipated ovulation date arrives, the app shows flowers on your home screen, a thoughtful touch by the makers. 

It deftly determines your specific period date using information from the previous three months. You can increase accuracy by including your mood and other symptoms in the app. You can pick from many symptoms to improve your chances of success each time. 

Like any other period tracking tool, it learns from your usage, so how often you use it determines the outcome. Results will be.

The period tracker on the Google Play Store is a free app containing advertisements. However, as there are no in-app purchases, there is no way to remove the advertisements. 

8. Ovulation and Period Tracker 

With over 10 million downloads, the Ovulation and Period Tracker app is among the most popular period monitoring apps available on the Play Store. It contains all the essential fundamentals in terms of content.

Users can keep track of their menstrual cycle, sexual activities, lifestyle choices, symptoms, moods, and contraception use. 

The app also offers the opportunity to adopt a virtual pet. You may unlock new pets by watching little promotional movies for those who wish to make period monitoring entertaining. If the pet’s feature irritates you, you may also turn it off completely. 

9. Period Tracker by Simple Design 

Next on our list of period apps for Android is Period Tracker. One of the top period monitoring apps available, this one is complete and has all the tools you need to understand your body better. You can track your pregnancy, ovulation, and other things with its assistance.

You can better understand your ovulation date using a body temperature chart, which enables you to arrange your pregnancy as you see fit. 

The app can help you remember to take your birth control tablets on time if you take them to prevent unintended pregnancies.

This program allows users to keep tabs on their cervical mucus, BMI, sexual activity, weight, temperature, symptoms, and moods. There are adverts included in this free download from the Play Store. 

10. GLOW Ovulation, Period Tracker 

GLOW is a comprehensive period-tracking tool that may also monitor ovulation and conception. Depending on your objectives, your ovulation data can help you get pregnant or prevent pregnancy. 

Although the app’s free edition is somewhat constrained, if you are okay with the continual upgrade reminder, it’s still an excellent alternative for tracking your free period. The software can show you more insights with more data you input.

Pattern recognition, ovulation information, and cycle charts are just a few insights available. With GLOW premium, you can explore your data in even greater detail. 

11. MagicGirl 

Last on our list of period apps for Android is MagicGirl. The program lets users keep track of their periods and forecast when the following ones will be due. 

Young folks can watch videos regarding menstruation on this app. For instance, the app can assist users in selecting the best hygienic item. Users can connect to exchange guidance. 

Users have the option of enabling the pregnancy mode, which educates teenagers. No cost to use. Not intended for adults, but it may disclose information to outside parties, and it is not genderless.  

There are many different types of period tracking apps out there. We have the free ones, while others require payment; some are made for teens, while others are designed for adults. 

Some are simple, while some are complex. Some are fun, while others are serious. But whatever type of period-tracking app you choose, we got you.  

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