13 Best Period Apps for iPhone 2023

Best Period Apps for iPhone

Monitoring your menstruation has numerous positive effects on your health, so we have compiled a list of period apps for iPhone.

Period trackers are valuable tools for documenting these advantages, such as forecasting ovulation and figuring out whether you might be pregnant.

However, these apps have a few extra features that enhance their appeal and utility.

Additionally, several apps provide visual calendars, in-app communities, weight monitors, and diaries. 

Worrying about receiving your period unexpectedly should be the last thing on your mind during a busy day.

Nothing is worse than discovering that you are in the middle of your monthly cycle when unprepared and without access to feminine hygiene supplies. 

Fortunately, several fantastic apps on the App Store may help you organize and be ready for your upcoming menstrual cycle.

You can avoid stress, learn more about your health, and manage your entire ovulation cycle by using any of these fantastic iPhone period-tracking apps. 

1. Cycles 

Cycles are all about discovering the patterns in your monthly gift. It is one of the period apps for iPhone.

The app’s gorgeous appearance and effective communication of your monthly cycle are achieved through pastel colors.

Additionally, this software has excellent privacy features, such as a password or Face ID verification. 

Cycles have unique companion settings in addition to working well for singles. You can directly share your process with your significant other using partner choices.

This is a terrific alternative if you’re trying to get pregnant or your spouse wants to organize a special occasion or vacation around your requirements. 

2. Period Tracker 

With this helpful Period tracker software for the iPhone, you can monitor your menstrual cycle and get alerts when your period starts, ovulate, or when you begin taking contraceptives.

With a period calendar, you can determine your fertile period, ovulation dates, and next menstrual cycle.

Planning for pregnancy and addressing the issue of contraception will benefit both from knowledge of the menstrual cycle and the ovulation calendar.

This ovulation tracker software works with iCloud synchronization. The app is simple and precise.

It helps you to be aware of your menstrual cycle and make a pregnancy plan with your choice of language. 

3. Apple Health 

Next on our list of period apps for iPhone is Apple Health. Apple Health includes some great basic choices for tracking your menstrual cycle if you want to avoid taking up iPhone storage by downloading another calendar software.

To begin, choose Cycle Tracking from the list of Health Categories at the bottom of the app. 

Your normal cycle will be the subject of some initial start-up inquiries from Apple Health, which will also incorporate into your Apple Health Calendar.

You may check your cycle here and access further resources and information about menstruation.

The app is incredibly adaptable because it primarily offers simple fertility and menstrual monitoring tools. 

4. LADYTIMER Period Tracker and Ovulation Calendar 

Ladytimer monitors and forecasts menstrual cycle days to assist women in conceiving or preventing pregnancy. 

Congratulations, you’ve just found the most excellent and comprehensive period tracker app in the world. Ladytimer precisely determines a woman’s reproductive days using current scientific techniques.

The software supports you while trying to get pregnant and allows you to switch between pregnancy mode and period calendar mode when a baby is born, or pregnancy is lost.

It is one of the period apps for iPhone, and its features include the following: 

  • Utilizable period tracker 
  • Options for ovulation calendars include symptoms, moods, weight, etc. 
  • Reminders for periods, ovulation, and physical exams 
  • Temperature charts along with a fertility calendar 
  • History of menstruation and many other beneficial characteristics 

5. Life 

Life has various unique features in addition to its beautiful design and simple interface. The app is very individualized and programmable because its creators recognize that every person who gets a period feels symptoms differently.

For instance, you may change the cycle length to match your cycle, which is quite helpful and de-stigmatizing. 

Exceptional premium features, including the Fertility & Temperature Tracker, Pregnancy Tracker, birth control reminders, and late-period reminders, are also incredible benefits. 

6. Period Plus & Period Tracker 

Next on our list of period apps for iPhone are Period Plus & Period Tracker. Period Plus & Period Tracker’s creators decided to differentiate themselves from other cycle calendars by creating a fun game and a menstruation calendar covering all the bases.

The game’s little bunny at the bottom of the screen collects tampons and other period necessities that fall from the sky. 

This software offers tracking options, including OB-GYN appointment reminders, cramp intensity, and alcohol usage, in addition to the standard menstrual calendar settings. With Cycle Plus & Period Tracker, understanding your period can be enjoyable! 

7. Paloma 

Paloma functions as your menstrual diary. Every day you can report any changes in symptoms and use it to monitor your fertility schedule.

The serene purple Paloma background contrasts beautifully with the magnificent color-coded fertility calendar. 

In addition to emphasizing gaining more understanding about your period, Paloma also provides often updated articles and debates about women’s health.

These articles demonstrate the breadth of the app by covering everything from first periods through menopause. 

8. Period Tracker 

Period Tracker aims to make your upcoming period less stressful. It has an easy-to-read calendar that makes it simple to recap your complete cycle quickly. 

The app also includes mindfulness meditation music to help you stay calm and relaxed despite how stressed out all the extra estrogen is making you feel.

You may also create regular reminders to assist you in remembering to do things like change your tampon before a crisis occurs. It is one of the period apps for iPhone.  

The Health Report is one of the app’s top features. You get a monthly Health Report to understand your body and your cycle better. This is incredibly beneficial for personal use and sharing with your OB-GYN. 

9. Menstrual Period Tracker 

Next on our list of period apps for iPhone is Menstrual period TrackerMenstrual Period Tracker lets you keep track of your bleeding on all of your Apple devices and serves as a helpful period monitoring software for the iPhone.

Menstrual Period Tracker not only has an Apple Watch app, but it also works with your Apple TV. The app has a straightforward and clutter-free interface.

Within the program, tabs are simple to distinguish from one another. Additionally, it has a terrific Home screen widget that lets you easily view your monthly cycle without opening the app. 

10. Cube Period Tracker 

Look no further than Cube Period Tracker if you’re seeking a fun and unique menstruation calendar. Cube removes the flowers and extra pink while giving you the features you need from other period tracking applications. 

Cube eliminates the extraneous filler and functions as a straightforward countdown app. Only the software logs your period’s start and end dates, displaying those days on an annual calendar.

Although this is a simple menstrual calendar, it nevertheless manages to accomplish the job and offers some cute and amusing Cube character possibilities. 

11. My Period Diary 

My Period Diary is excellent if you want something simple and clean. The application is designed to be used by both men and women, and it is one of the period apps for iPhone. It has a simple layout and a clean design. 

It has a few basic features, such as a daily log, a weekly summary, and a monthly overview. These sections have their pages so you can focus on what you need to see each time. 

12. Period Calendar 

If you prefer a traditional calendar style, then Period Calendar is perfect. The app is designed to look just like a standard calendar. It even has a nice little animation when you swipe left or right to switch between months. 

It has a lot of customization options, including different themes, colors, fonts, and more. There’s also a handy feature where you can set up recurring events. 

13. Periods 

Last on our list of period apps for iPhone is Periods. Periods is a free iOS app that helps users track their periods.

Its user interface is straightforward and uncomplicated, allowing users to enter information about their cycles. Users can add notes to their entries, and they can also download data into Google Sheets. 

We sincerely hope you find this information to be helpful. We’ve listed 13 of the best period apps for iPhone. These apps will help you manage your period and get all the necessary details.  

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